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JurnalIEEE Transactions on Neural Networks vol. 9 no. 3 (1998)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 1045-9227    Year:: 1998    
Penerbit: IEEE Computational Intelligence Society
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Deterministic Annealing Techniques for A Discrete-Time Neural-Network Updating in A Block-Sequential Mode, halaman 345-353
  2. Recurrent Neural-Network Training By A Learning Automation Approach for Trajectory Learning and Control System Design, halaman 354-368
  3. A Self-Organizing Neural Tree for Large-Set Pattern Classification, halaman 369-380
  4. A Successive Overrelaxation Backpropagation Algorithm for Neural-Network Training, halaman 381-388
  5. Characteristics of Multidimensional Holographic Associative Memory in Retrieval With Dynamically Localizable Attention, halaman 389-406
  6. Robust Nonlinear System Identification Using Neural-Network Models, halaman 407-429
  7. Comparative Nonlinear Modeling of Renal Autoregulation in Rats : Volterra Approach Versus Artificial Neural Networks, halaman 430-435
  8. Neural Classifiers Using One-Time Updating, halaman 436-447
  9. Advanced Neural-Network Training Algorithm With Reduced Complexity Based on Jacobian Deficiency, halaman 448-453
  10. Detection of Mines and Minelike Targets Using Principal Component and Neural-Network Methods, halaman 454-463
  11. Multimodality Exploration by An Unsupervised Projection Pursuit Neural Network, halaman 464-472
  12. An Analytical Framework for Local Feedforward Networks, halaman 473-482
  13. Topology Constraint Free Fuzzy Gated Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition, halaman 483-502
  14. Image Compression By Self-Organized Kohonen Map, halaman 503-507
  15. A Dynamical System Perspective of Structural Learning With Forgetting, halaman 508-515
  16. Supervised Textured Classigication Using A Probabilistic Neural Network and Constraint Satisfaction Model, halaman 516-522
  17. Fast Numerical Integration of Relaxation Oscillator Networks Based on Singular Limit Solutions, halaman 523-532
  18. Two Algorithms for Neural-Network Design and Training With Application to Channel Equalization, halaman 533-543
  19. Comparative Analysis of Fuzzy ART and ART-2A Network Clustering Performance, halaman 544-559
  20. Using Self-Organizing Maps to Learn Geometric Hash Function for Model-Based Object Recognition, halaman 560-570
  21. Inductive Inference From Noisy Examples Using The Hybrid Finite State Filter, halaman 571-574
  22. Self-Organization of Spiking Neurons Using Action Potential Timing, halaman 575-578

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