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JurnalIEEE Transactions on Neural Networks vol. 8 no. 6 (1997)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 1045-9227    Year:: 1997    
Penerbit: IEEE Computational Intelligence Society
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Neural Networks in Financial Engineering : A Study in Methodology (Invited Paper), halaman 1222-1267
  2. Recurrent Neural Nets as Dynamical Boolean Systems With Application to Associative Memory, halaman 1268-1280
  3. Learning Convergence of CMAC Technique, halaman 1281-1292
  4. Time-Varying Two-Phase Optimization and Its Application to Neural-Network Learning, halaman 1293-1300
  5. A Neural-Network Learning Theory and A Polynomial Time RBF Algorithm, halaman 1301-1313
  6. Fast Training of Multilayer Perceptrons, halaman 1314-1320
  7. Nonlinear Backpropagation : Doing Backpropagation Without Derivatives of The Activation Function, halaman 1321-1327
  8. Development and Application of An Integrated Neural System for An HDCL, halaman 1328-1337
  9. Knowledge-Based Fuzzy MLP for Classification and Rule Generation, halaman 1338-1350
  10. Structure of The High-Order Boltzmann Machine From Independence Maps, halaman 1351-1358
  11. A Gradual Neural-Network Approach for Frequency Assignment in Satelite Communication Systems, halaman 1359-1370
  12. Stable On-Line Evolutionary Learning on NN-MLP, halaman 1371-1378
  13. Responses to Transients in Living and Simulated Neurons, halaman 1379-1385
  14. Reduction of Breast Biopies With A Modified Self-Organizing Map, halaman 1386-1396
  15. Complete Memory Stucture for Approximating Nonlinear Discrete-Time Mappings, halaman 1397-1409
  16. Neural-Network-Based Robust Fault Diagnosis in Robotic Systems, halaman 1410-1420
  17. Volterra Models and Three-Layer Perceptrons, halaman 1421-1433
  18. Structure Optimization of Neural Networks With The A*-Algorithm, halaman 1434-1445
  19. Power Prediction in Mobile Communication Systems Using An Optimal Neural-Network Structure, halaman 1446-1455
  20. Mine Detection Using Scattering Parameters, halaman 1456-1467
  21. A New Synthesis Approach for Feedback Neural Networks Based on The Perceptron Training Algorithm, halaman 1468-1482
  22. On The Problem of Spurious Patterns in Neural Associative Memory Models, halaman 1483-1491
  23. Growing Radial Basis Neural Networks : Merging Supervised and Unsupervised Learning With Network Growth Techniques, halaman 1492-1506
  24. On The Distribution of Performance From Multiple Neural-Network Trials, halaman 1507-1517
  25. Self-Organizing Algorithms for Generalized Eigen-Decomposition, halaman 1518-1530
  26. A Knowledge-Base Generating Hierarchical Fuzzy-Neural Controller, halaman 1531-1541
  27. A Partial Order for the M-of-N Rule-Extraction Algorithm, halaman 1542-1544
  28. Hardware Implementation of CMAC Neural Network With Reduced Storage Requirement, halaman 1545-1556
  29. K-Winners-Rake-All Neural Net With T(1) Time Complexity, halaman 1557-1560
  30. Comments on “A Self-Organizing Network for Hyper Ellipsoidal Clustering (HEC)” [And Reply], halaman 1561-1563

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