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JurnalIEEE Transactions on Neural Networks vol. 7 no. 4 (1996)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 1045-9227    Year:: 1996    
Penerbit: IEEE Computational Intelligence Society
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Auto-Associative Memory With Two-Stage Dynamics of Nonmonotonic Neurons, halaman 803-815
  2. Neural-Net Computing for Interpretation of Semiconductor Film Optical Ellipsometry Parameters, halaman 816-829
  3. ANASA-A Stochastic Reinforcement Algorithm for Real-Valued Neural Computation, halaman 830-842
  4. Image Recovery and Segmentation Using Competitive Learning in A Layered Network, halaman 843-856
  5. Structure and Properties of Generalized Adaptive Neural Filters for Signal Enhancement, halaman 857-868
  6. Cooperative-Competitive Genetic Evolution of Radial Basis Function Centers and Widths for Time Series Prediction, halaman 869-880
  7. Fast Probabilistic Self-Structuring of Generalized Single-Layer Networks, halaman 881-888
  8. Infinite-Dimensional Multilayer Perceptrons, halaman 889-896
  9. Recognition and Pose Estimation of Unoccluded Three-Dimensional Objects From A Two-Dimensional Perspective View By Banks of Neural Networks, halaman 897-906
  10. &thetas ; -Adaptive Neural Networks : A New Approach to Parameter Estimation, halaman 907-918
  11. A Theoretical Comparison of Batch-Mode, On-Line, Cyclic, and Almost-Cyclic Learning, halaman 919-925
  12. Learning Algorithms for Feedforward Networks Based on Finite Samples, halaman 926-940
  13. Progressive Learning and Its Application to Robot Impedance Learning, halaman 941-952
  14. Towards More Practical Average Bounds on Supervised Learning, halaman 953-968
  15. Comparison of Adaptive Methods for Function Estimation From Samples, halaman 969-984
  16. Learning Shape From Shading By A Multilayer Network, halaman 985-995
  17. Stability Analysis of Dynamical Neural Networks, halaman 996-1006
  18. Integrated Feature and Architecture Selection, halaman 1007-1014
  19. Indirect Control of A Class of Nonlinear Dynanic Systems, halaman 1015-1023
  20. Globally Asymptotical Stability of Discrete-Time Analog Neural Networks, halaman 1024-1031

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