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BukuA Commentary and an Overview of Key Questions on Corporate Social Performance Measurement
Author: Carroll, Archie B.
Bahasa: (EN )    
Penerbit: SAGE Publications     Tempat Terbit: London    Tahun Terbit: 2000    
Jenis: Article - untuk jurnal ilmiah
Fulltext: 466BdS394.pdf (57.0KB; 7 download)
This article has two purposes. First, the author will provide a commentary on Donna Wood?s article on theory, research, passion, and integrity in business and
society. This is in response to an invitation to serve as a raconteur onWood?s article. In fulfilling this role, the author will provide summary comments and then remark on each major section of her article. She provides a helpful and engaging overview of the business and society field that provides a backdrop for a consideration of Corporate Social Performance (CSP) theory and measurement. Second, the author will present what he considers to be a few key questions or issues that need to be addressed as we seek to advance CSP measurement.
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