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BukuThe Social Behaviors in Conducive Production and Exchange
Author: Karasek, Robert A.
Topik: conducive production; skill development; jazz improvization; economic man; exchange theory
Bahasa: (EN )    
Penerbit: Unika Atma Jaya     Tahun Terbit: 2006    
Jenis: Article
Fulltext: 457BSTS245.pdf (141.0KB; 0 download)
Conducive production (the concept developed in the first article of this issue) is a process of creative coordination in production, which also contributes to the development of the social fabric. To understand how, this article looks inside the conducive production process and examines how producer and consumer activities link together in collaborative dialogues. The conventional views of economic man are contrasted with this new view of productive human beings in the jazz economy. Jazz is used as a metaphor for the interactive processes of creation and coordination in the conducive economy.
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