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BukuTeflin International conference 2005
Author: [s.n]
Bahasa: (EN )    
Penerbit: Ahmad Dahlan University     Tempat Terbit: Yogyakarta    Tahun Terbit: 2005    
Jenis: Proceeding
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Linguistic Theories in EFL Teaching in a Multilingual Setting, halaman
  2. Implementation of Standards for English Teachers in Indonesia
  3. The Influence of Bahasa Indonesia (L1) Semantic Constraints on the Acquisition of English (L2) Syntax
  4. Squaring the Circle : linguistic rights and educational realities, halaman
  5. “Shared Materials” in a Speaking Class
  6. Should English Teachers Employ English Exclusively in EFL Teaching and Learning at Vocational Schools?
  7. Language attitude, learning strategies, motivation
  8. Some Common Problems Involving Prepositions in Writing English in a Multilingual Context
  9. Breaking the Silence of the Students in an English Language Class
  10. Individual factors affecting language achievement in Indonesian EFL setting: a causal model
  11. Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices Towards the use of the Mother Tongue as opposed to the English-Only Approach in the EFL Classroom
  12. Breaking the Silence: Promoting Critical and Creative Thinking Skills Through the Traditionally Passive English Subjects
  13. Teaching-learning processes in multilingual context (a detailed picture of two different English classrooms in urban elementary schools)
  14. Assessing Pragmatic Competence through DCT: a response to an everlasting issue
  15. Why does the next generation TOEFL seem to be very threatening for English teachers?
  16. Early lessons from competency-based classrooms (in-depth analysis of English teaching-learning processes)
  17. Introducing English to bilingual children : a case study at TK. Negeri Pembina Surakarta
  18. Students’ intrinsic motivation: the forgotten treasure
  19. Several considerations in teaching English to children in Indonesian society
  20. Supervision for EFL teachers in Indonesian schools : does it work ?
  21. Incorporating local pragmatic norms into TEFL as a way both to put more meaning to it and to respect local cultures : how feasible?
  22. Teaching EFL in a multilingual situation : exploring the role of action research
  23. Implementing the competence-based curriculum : making students write different genres
  24. The Implication of translation strategy by young learners on English sentences : a study on descriptive writing
  25. Mother tongue based teaching (an English teaching model for the 1st grade of Elementary School Students)
  26. The Implementation of information technology in language teaching
  27. Si Kancil learns English : the role of local literary works in the EFL teaching and learning
  28. The Process of writing : how students write an academic writing task (a case study of first year students of graduate studies in English of UPI)
  29. English for Islamic Studies (EIS) : searching for an appropriate syllabus design and material development
  30. Locally developed trilingual instructional materials (LDTIM) for primary school students (muatan lokal 3-bahasa bagi murid SD)
  31. Optimizing the form-focused instruction
  32. The Status of ruler, media and public in pre-reform and post reform era (a discourse analysis on editorial)
  33. Language learning strategy instruction and individual difference in a self-access centre EFL learning mode in Indonesian context
  34. Improving ESP course design at Indonesian Universities: a collective collaboration model
  35. Using Short Stories in EFL Teaching and Learning
  36. Teaching reading to get specific information to the first year students of SLTP N 72 Jakarta : action research
  37. Literary works in the EFL teaching and learning : the application of Multi Channel Learning (MCL) in the English department, faculty of letters Bina Nusantara University, Jakarta
  38. Developing learner oral communication in Indonesian multicultural context, halaman
  39. The Practices of English foreign language teaching at international classes at SMU Kotamadya Padang
  40. Understanding students’ beliefs about EFL and strategies for learning the language : some implications for bilingual pedagogy
  41. Teacher’s feedback to improve students’ listening-response skill : action research
  42. The Implementation of English immersion program in senior high schools
  43. Lexically-based materials for bilingual students : a developmental study for vocabulary course
  44. On Integrating the internet pop-culture in English education
  45. The Bilingual education at SMPN 1 Jambi : teachers’ problems and their initiative solutions
  46. Promoting critical thinking in EFL classrooms
  47. Teacher’s feedback to improve students’ listening-response skill : action research
  48. Enhancing technology transfer through literature-based approach
  49. Integrating literary work and English language teaching: in search for a model to promote cultural understanding
  50. Processing model for teacher training
  51. Contextual teaching and learning in argumentative writing classroom
  52. What influences does a mother tongue have upon the second language vocabulary acquisition in multilingual context?
  53. Computer assisted language learning
  54. Building a sense of multicultural understanding and literary appreciation through writing portfolio
  55. The Usage of CLL (Community Language Learning) in mastering a foreign language
  56. Playing, thinking and creating with parody
  57. Translating in multicultural context : an experience
  58. The Bilingual/ multilingual levels of the students of English education department in Yogyakarta State University (UNY)
  59. Multimedia in genre based teaching
  60. “Developing students’ speaking ability through puppet shows at SMP Negeri 17 Pekanbaru”
  61. Preparing Indonesian students to survive in multilingual and multicultural academic settings
  62. The Role of students’ multilingual and multicultural background in an EFL clasroom
  63. A Concise history of TEFL in Indonesia
  64. New directions in contrastive rhetoric: some implications for teachers of writing in multilingual contexts
  65. Informal Indonesian and the spirit of pluralism
  66. Meaningful activities in translation class
  67. Using bilingual learning experiences for English teaching and learning process in Indonesian schools
  68. Linguistic competences
  69. An Investigation of reading strategies : think aloud protocol analysis
  70. Teaching subject-verb agreement from theory to practice: a functional view
  71. Integrating tutorial program and performance class to maximize the target language use in the intensive course program for the freshmen
  72. Improving the student’s motivation in speaking through‘tase’ technique or talking about something in English
  73. Language choice in a multilingual society : a case study of English department students at Ahmad Dahlan University, halaman
  74. An Investigation of reading strategies : think aloud protocol analysis
  75. ICT in EFL teaching and learning
  76. Improving students’ English interaction through Jazz Chants model
  77. Identities matter : issues of representations in bilingual education
  78. Translation : a negotiation between academe and business
  79. From text to stage : improvring students’ English trough drama education
  80. Applying a genre-based approach in Indonesian high schools
  81. Gender sensitivity and bias in EFL textbook
  82. English literature research and instruction : recent past and future
  83. Drama performance as a media in developing the students’ language skills
  84. Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) in Indonesia and the Region (theme : multilingual education in Indonesia issues and concerns)
  85. What influences does a mother tongue have upon the second language vocabulary acquisition in multilingual context?
  86. Bilingual programmes in Indonesia : what do the projects tell us?
  87. What do the teachers of EFL say?

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