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BukuThe English reference grammar: language and linguistics, writers and readers
Author: Leitner, Gerhard (Editor)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISBN: 3-484-30172-4    
Penerbit: Max Niemeyer Verlag     Tempat Terbit: Tubingen    Tahun Terbit: 1986    
Jenis: Books
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. The grammar of contemporary English and the comprehensive grammar of the English language, halaman 6-14
  2. A communicative grammar of English, halaman 15-24
  3. English grammar - A scholarly handbook in teacher-training in the GDR, halaman 25-44
  4. The end of the alphabet: last exit to grammar, halaman 45-55
  5. First throw away your evidence, halaman 56-64
  6. The relevance of a text (type) grammar to foreign language teaching - with a note on text type switches, halaman 65-88
  7. Toward a pedagogical English grammar, halaman 89-102
  8. Guidelines for a multi-purpose teaching grammar, halaman 103-124
  9. Corpus, grammar, and teaching English as a foreign language, halaman 125-139
  10. Grammatical categories and their text functions - some implications for the content of reference grammars, halaman 140-155
  11. Where English cannot put a preposision before a relative or interrogative pronoun, halaman 156-178
  12. Implications of the emergence of new standards of English for the writing of English grammar, halaman 178-189
  13. Teachers, grammar teaching, and grammar books - some desiderata, halaman 190-203
  14. Is it the school's fault if students don't use grammars?, halaman 204-208
  15. The role of scholarly grammars in course design at university level, halaman 209-222
  16. Grammars of English versus students of English, halaman 223-291
  17. The evolution of English grammar books since the renaissance, halaman 292-306
  18. A grammatical dialectic, halaman 307-333
  19. The constants and variables which guided the development of American grammar writing in the 18th and 19th centuries, halaman 334-350
  20. Goold Brown - the American grammarian of grammarians in the nineteenth century, halaman 351-362
  21. English grammars and the Dutch contribution: 1891-1985, halaman 363-386
  22. Polish grammar of English, halaman 387-396
  23. Parallelism and sequence in early English prescriptive grammar, halaman 397-408
  24. English grammars - past, present and future, halaman 409-431

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