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BukuScientific and humanistic dimensions of language: Festschrift for Robert Lado on the occasion of his 70th birthday on May 31 1985
Author: Jankowsky, Kurt R. (Editor)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISBN: 90-272-2013-1    
Penerbit: John Benjamins     Tempat Terbit: Amterdam    Tahun Terbit: 1985    
Jenis: Books
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    • Nomor Panggil: 407 JAN s
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. 'Errors' and the teaching of English, halaman 3-14
  2. Educated spoken Arabic: A problem in teaching Arabic as a foreign language, halaman 15-22
  3. Case grammar applied to the teaching of English, halaman 23-32
  4. The lado legacy: Empathy in applying linguistics, halaman 33-42
  5. The teacher's role as organizer of classroom activities: throughts in appreciation of Robert Lado, halaman 43-54
  6. Lado's influence in Brazil, halaman 55-62
  7. On the use of 'valence' in foreign language teaching, halaman 63-72
  8. The teaching of French in India: Past and present, halaman 73-84
  9. Teaching language for communication in Taiwan, halaman 85-94
  10. Patterns in the organization of teacher training, halaman 95-104
  11. Memory and the language laboratory, halaman 105-114
  12. Linguistics and bilingual education, halaman 115-122
  13. The uses of adversity are sweet: The Cubans and the rebirth of bilingual education in the United States, halaman 123-136
  14. In the beginning was Lado, the European certificate program: Origins and development of language tests in adult education 1965-1985, halaman 137-148
  15. Testing, standards, and the curriculum: Through the backdoor, halaman 149-158
  16. Translation across cultures: Some problems with terminologies, halaman 159-164
  17. Language teaching for intercultural communication: What goals for whom?, halaman 165-174
  18. Comparing apologies across languages, halaman 175-184
  19. Contrastive analysis, modistae, and case grammar, halaman 185-198
  20. Contrastive analysis: Linguistic hypothesis, halaman 199-208
  21. Robert Lado and contrastive linguistics, halaman 209-214
  22. From the sapir-whorf hypothesis to cultural semiotics--some considerations on the 'language-culture problem', halaman 215-222
  23. Application of contrastive procedures to gothic, halaman 223-230
  24. Translation across languages or across cultures?, halaman 231-240
  25. A comparison of the phonemic systems of Spanish and Tagalog, halaman 241-252
  26. Language processes in contrast: Contrastive analysis revisited, halaman 253-262
  27. Several languages-one competence?, halaman 263-276
  28. Learning from learners: Second language acquisition processes, halaman 277-290
  29. Linguistic and communicative competence and conversational performance in English as a second language, halaman 291-302
  30. The fifth skill, halaman 303-314
  31. Visual and auditory orientations to language learning, halaman 315-320
  32. The four basic language skills myth or reality?, halaman 321-328
  33. Relevance of the concept of linguistic competence to foreign language learning and acquisition, halaman 329-344
  34. Some aspects of referential clustering and lexical meaning, halaman 345-352
  35. Meaning and the idiolect: The idioseme, halaman 353-360
  36. On the interrelation of language and thought, halaman 361-374
  37. Leibniz as a linguist, halaman 375-386
  38. Thought without language, halaman 387-398
  39. The language of the age, halaman 399-408
  40. Phonemics thirty years after, halaman 409-414
  41. Notes on the treatment of syntax in the grammatical tradition, halaman 415-420
  42. The rhythm of English sentences, halaman 421-432
  43. The influence of the lexicon and semantic content in the perception of English phonemes, halaman 433-446
  44. Static, dynamic and relational perspectives suggested in words and phrases, halaman 447-452
  45. Intonation and topic in Portuguese, halaman 453-464
  46. A linguistic appreciation of a poem by A. E. Housman, halaman 465-470
  47. A comparison of oral and written language functions, halaman 471-482
  48. Lexical patterns in a text and interpretation, halaman 483-490
  49. Nahuatlisms in Mexican Spanish, halaman 491-496
  50. A sociosemiotic approach to lexicography, halaman 497-504
  51. On the origin of the term 'psycholinguistics', halaman 505-514
  52. Semantic periodicity, halaman 515-530
  53. The Australian experience, halaman 531-538
  54. Second language teaching and learning in Cameroon today and tomorrow, halaman 539-550
  55. The societal basis of the intergenerational continuity of additional languages, halaman 551-558
  56. Language and development, halaman 559-570
  57. Lexicography and language planning, halaman 571-580
  58. The Filipino people and English, halaman 581-594
  59. A research agenda for the profession: Issues and priorities, halaman 595-604
  60. The role of New Guinea Pidgin (tok pisin) in the changing culture of Papua New Guinea, halaman 605

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