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BukuPerspectives on the Bird's Head of Irian Jaya, Indonesia: proceedings of the conference Leiden, 13-17 October 1997
Author: Miedema, Jelle ; Ode, Cecilia ; Baak, Connie
Bahasa: (EN )    ISBN: 90-420-0644-7 (hbk)    
Penerbit: Rodopi     Tempat Terbit: Amsterdam    Tahun Terbit: 1998    
Jenis: Books
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Comparisons past and present pathways and projections for Irian Jaya studies, halaman 3-14
  2. Strengthening partnership through cooperative research, halaman 15-26
  3. Anthropological fieldwork and international cooperation, halaman 27-32
  4. "As one woman to the other". Female ritual healers in Northwest Ayfat, halaman 33-50
  5. "We have accepted the father first". The arrival of the Catholic Church in Northwest Ayfat, halaman 51-78
  6. Lost power, concealed knowledge, and the return of the Kingdom among the Imyan of the Bird's Head of Irian Jaya, halaman 79-116
  7. Demographic survey research data gathering (problems) on the subject of fertility in the Bird's Head Peninsula of Irian Jaya, halaman 117-126
  8. Fertility and the mediating body in Inanwatan, south coastal Bird's Head of Irian Jaya, halaman 127-162
  9. The enigma of the unfinished male an entry to East Bird's Head mytho-logics, Irian Jaya, halaman 163-192
  10. Culture hero stories and tales of tricksters. The Bird's Head Peninsula of Irian Jaya in a comparative perspective (II), halaman 193-234
  11. History, exchange, and myth in the southeastern Bird's Head of Irian Jaya, halaman 235-258
  12. Connubia in the making a comparative view on the "kain timur" complex, halaman 259-274
  13. Ritual trackways and sacred paths of fertility, halaman 275-290
  14. New Guinea myths and fairy tales seen from the Irian Jaya mountains, halaman 291-312
  15. Pathways of power, rumors of fear the imagination of space in montane New Guinea, halaman 313-320
  16. Urban social forms in Eastern Indonesia multiple logics and lived experience, halaman 321-336
  17. Political economy in the Kepala Burung region of Old Western New Guinea, halaman 337-350
  18. The Amungme and the Kamoro in Mimika Timur a psychological analysis, halaman 351-364
  19. Youth, education and employment in Irian Jaya, halaman 365-384
  20. Relations between Tidore and the north coast of New Guinea in the nineteenth century, halaman 385-420
  21. The "sosolot" exchange network in Eastern Indonesia during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, halaman 421-454
  22. "A systematic activity". Military exploration in Western New Guinea, 1907-1915, halaman 455-478
  23. Documents on the contest for Western New Guinea/Irian Barat, 1945-1963, halaman 479-486
  24. Commemorating N.N. Miklukho-Maclay (recent Russian publications), halaman 487-502
  25. Toward understanding Papuan languages, halaman 503-518
  26. The art of the storyteller in Abun society, halaman 519-534
  27. Form and function of demonstratives in Maybrat, halaman 535-554
  28. Syntactic constructions and the Meyah lexicon, halaman 555-574
  29. The bird said 'I am here' a prosodic study of the "waimon" story in Mpur, halaman 575-602
  30. The Bird's Head as Sprachbund, halaman 603-642
  31. Some remarks on the linguistic position of the Inanwatan language, halaman 643-654
  32. The Trans New Guinea Phylum hypothesis a reassessment, halaman 655-690
  33. Where does Malay end and Tidore begin?, halaman 691-718
  34. Geology of the Bird's Head, Irian Jaya, Indonesia, halaman 719-756
  35. Cenozoic geological development and environmental settings of the Bird's Head of Irian Jaya, halaman 757-782
  36. Yapen island a right-lateral paradox in the left-lateral 'North New Guinea Megashear'. Implications for the biogeography and geological development of the Bird's Head, Irian Jaya, halaman 783-796
  37. Flora of the northeast Vogelkop, halaman 797-802
  38. Vertebrate Zoogeography of the Bird's Head of Irian Jaya, Indonesia, halaman 803-890
  39. Late Pleistocene to modern vertebrate faunal succession and environmental change in lowland New Guinea evidence from the Bird's Head of Irian Jaya, Indonesia, halaman 891-930
  40. The archaeology of the Bird's Head in its Pacific and Southeast Asian context, halaman 931-940
  41. Review of the prehistory of Irian Jaya, halaman 941-950
  42. From Bird's Head to bird's eye view; long term structures and trends in Indo-Pacific prehistory, halaman 951-978

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