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BukuLanguage topics essays in honour of Michael Halliday: Volume 1
Author: Steele, Ross (Editor); Threadgold, Terry (Editor); Halliday, Michael (Editor)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISBN: V.1:90-272-2043-3(Hb);V.2:90-272-2044-1    
Penerbit: Benjamins     Tempat Terbit: Amsterdam    Tahun Terbit: 1987    
Jenis: Books
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    • Nomor Panggil: 400 STE l
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Sentence patterns and predicate classes, halaman 3-21
  2. On two starting points of communication, halaman 23-46
  3. The Position of crech linguistics in theme-focus research, halaman 47-55
  4. J. R. Firth in retrospect: A view from the eighties, halaman 57-68
  5. Daniel Jones "clssical" model of pronunciation training: an applied linguistic revaluation, halaman 69-78
  6. The Linguistic sciences and language teaching revisited, halaman 79-82
  7. "Don't you get bored speaking only English?" - Expressions of metalinguistic awareness in a bilingual child, halaman 85-103
  8. Toward practical theory: Halliday applied, halaman 105-117
  9. Development of referential cohesion in child's monologues, halaman 119-136
  10. Exploring the textual properties of "proto-reading", halaman 137-162
  11. Before speaking: Across cultures, halaman 163-175
  12. Sharing makes sense: Intersubjectivity and the making of an infant's meaning, halaman 177-199
  13. The Development of conversation, halaman 201-225
  14. George Herbert's Love III and its many mansions, halaman 233-242
  15. The Past and prejudice: Toward de-mythologizing the English canon, halaman 245-256
  16. Writing systems and language change in english, halaman 257-267
  17. On the major diseases of linguistics with some suggested cures and antidotes, halaman 269-280
  18. "Breaking the seal of time": The pragmatics of poetics, halaman 281-291
  19. The Use of systemic linguistics in translation analysis and criticism, halaman 293-303
  20. Le graphemique et l'iconique dans le message, halaman 305-313
  21. Order and entropy in natural language, halaman 315-331
  22. Sign and signifex, halaman 333-345
  23. The Practice and theory of translation, halaman 347-351
  24. Grammatical relations, semantic roles and topic-comment structure in a new guinea highland language: Harway, halaman 355-366
  25. Toward a bilingual dictionary of idioms: Hindi-English, halaman 367-378
  26. Mind your language: Conscious and unconscious structuring in Swahili, halaman 379-390
  27. Communicative functions of particles in Singapore english, halaman 391-401
  28. Place-name study in Japan, halaman 403-416
  29. Teaching english as a second languagein India: Focus on objectives, halaman 417-423
  30. The impersonal verb construction in Australian languages, halaman 425-438
  31. Semantics and world view in language of the Santa Cruz Archipelago, Solomon Islands, halaman 439-451
  32. Today, halaman 229
  33. For Michael Halliday: In hoc sogno vinces: Sign design, halaman 231

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