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BukuContrastive sociolinguistics
Author: Hellinger, Marlis (Editor); Ammon, Ulrich (Editor)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISBN: 3-11-014966-4    
Penerbit: Mouton de Gruytter     Tempat Terbit: Berlin    Tahun Terbit: 1996    
Jenis: Books
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. On comparing the centers of plurinational languagesThe example of German, halaman 17-36
  2. Sociolinguistic characters On comparing linguistic minorities, halaman 37-56
  3. Bilingualism-multilingualismIts characteristics and properties, halaman 57-76
  4. In search of the deeper message Codeswitching rationales of Mexican-Americans and Malaysians, halaman 77-102
  5. Multilingualism through migration A comparison of internal and external migrant communities in Switzerland, halaman 103-134
  6. A contrastive analysis of language use and contact in the Alemannic area Colmar and Freiburg, halaman 135-156
  7. Language attitudes on either side of the linguistics frontier A sociolinguistic survey in the Voeren/Fouron-area and in old Belgium North, halaman 157-174
  8. Educational language chioce-multilingual diversity or monolingual reductionism?, halaman 175-204
  9. Ecological and non-ecological approaches to language planning, halaman 205-212
  10. The inequality of languages Economic aspects of language estimation, halaman 213-228
  11. Language borders in northern France and in Belgium A constrastive analysis, halaman 229-250
  12. Feminist language planning and titles for women Some crosslinguistics perspectives, halaman 251-270
  13. Pidgins and creoles as literary languages Ausbau and Abstand, halaman 271-290
  14. The typology of dictionaries of English-based pidgins and creoles , halaman 291-312
  15. Contrastive sociolinguistics and the theory of "cultural scripts" Chinese vs English, halaman 313-344
  16. Contrastive discourse analysis and misunderstanding The case of German and English, halaman 345-362
  17. Two polite speech acts in contrastive view Aspects of the realization of requesting and thanking in French and Italian, halaman 363-384
  18. Concepts of communicative virtues (CCV) in Japanese and German, halaman 385-410
  19. Referential perspective in speech acts A comparisons between, halaman 411-446
  20. Male-female speaking practices across cultures, halaman 447-474
  21. Narrative universals? Some considerations and perspectives, halaman 475-496

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