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BukuChildren's worlds and children's language
Author: Cook-Gumperz, Jenny (Editor); Corsaro, William A. (Editor); Streeck, Jurgen (Editor)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISBN: 0-89925-089-0(Hb)    
Penerbit: Mouton de Gruytter     Tempat Terbit: Berlin    Tahun Terbit: 1986    
Jenis: Books
Fulltext: Children’s Worlds and Children’s Language.pdf (12.58MB; 0 download)
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Studying Children's Worlds: Methodological Issues, halaman 13-36
  2. Caught in a Web of Words: Some Considerations on Language Socialization and Language Acquisition, halaman 37-64
  3. From Early Interaction Patterns to Language Acquisition: Which Continuity?, halaman 69-82
  4. The Construcion of Joint Activities with an Age-Mate: The Transition from Caregiver-Child to Peer Play, halaman 83-108
  5. The Social World of Kwara'ae Children: Acquisition of Language and Values, halaman 109-128
  6. The Social Construction of the Sibling Relationship, halaman 129-146
  7. Rules in Action: Orderly Features of Actions that Formulate Rules, halaman 147-168
  8. The Young Child's Image of the Person and the Social World: Some Aspects of the Child's Representation of Persons, halaman 173-204
  9. Development of Communicative Skills: The Construction of Fictional Reality in Children's Play, halaman 205-230
  10. Routines in Peer Culture, halaman 231-252
  11. A Silent World of Movements Interactional Processes among Deaf Children, halaman 253-288
  12. Towards Reciprocity: Politics, Rank and Gender in the Interaction of a Group of Schoolchildren, halaman 295-326
  13. Activity Structure as Scaffolding for Children's Second Language Learning, halaman 327-358
  14. Adult Elicited Child Behavior: The Paradox of Measuring Social Competence Through Interviewing, halaman 359-376
  15. Learning How to Become and Interlocutor the Verbal Negotiation of Common Frames of Reference and Actions in Dyads of 7-14 Year Old Children, halaman 377-404
  16. The Social Organization of Adolescent Gossip: The Rhetoric of Moral Evaluation, halaman 405-424
  17. Learning How to Contradict and Still Pursue a Common End - The Ontogenesis of Moral Argumentation, halaman 425-478

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