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BukuA Study on the Attitude of English Student Teachers towards the English Teaching Profession
Author: Kusuma, Paulina Chandrasari (Advisor); Syahputri, Arianne
Topik: Attitude; English student teacher; English teaching profession
Bahasa: (EN )    
Penerbit: The English Department Faculty of Education Atma Jaya Catholic University     Tempat Terbit: Jakarta    Tahun Terbit: 2020    
Jenis: Theses - Undergraduate Thesis
Fulltext: Arianne Syahputri_Undergraduated Theses_2020.pdf (708.59KB; 41 download)
As attitude towards a profession determines one's success, it is extremely important for teachers to have a positive attitude in order to have good performance. Therefore, this study aims to investigate the attitude of 44 English student teachers from the English Language Education Department at Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia towards the English teaching profession. The participants are classified into two groups: first-year and senior English student teachers. The online survey research method was used to collect the data. Data were collected through a 4-point Likert scale questionnaire in a form of Google Form and interviews. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and One-Way ANOVA test to find out if there is a statistically significant difference between the attitudes of both groups. The result shows that both groups have a positive attitude towards the English teaching profession. Nevertheless, there is a statistically significant difference between the attitudes of them as the first-year English student teachers have a more positive attitude. Moreover, 11 senior English student teachers demonstrate an attitude change towards the English teaching profession. It was found out that there are internal and external factors causing their attitude change. The internal factor constitutes their personal reasons that affect their thoughts on English teaching which results in a change of their attitude. The external factor constitutes the teaching internship, including lesson plans and teaching materials preparation. Despite the change in attitude, most of the senior English student teachers manage to maintain their positive attitude towards the English teaching profession.
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