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BukuBerita BKGAI Tahun 7. Januari-Pebruari 1982 No. 36
Author: [s.n]
Bahasa: (EN )    
Penerbit: Sekretariat BKGAI     Tempat Terbit: Jakarta    Tahun Terbit: 1982    
Jenis: Journal
  • Ben & Nafsiah Mboi Collection
    • Nomor Panggil: R 610 BER
    • Non-tandon: tidak ada
    • Tandon: 1
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  1. General condition of children in the Indo-China peninsula and type of unicef programmes, halaman 7
  2. Diarrhoeal problem in Southeast Asia, halaman 7
  3. Diarrheal disease related to sanitation and water supply, halaman 7
  4. Diarrheal diseases children in the context of primary health care: environmental factors: personal hygiene, food handling and changing patterns of feeding practices, halaman 8
  5. Diarrheal disease among refugees in Indonesia, halaman 8
  6. Diarhea among Vietnamese refugees in the Philippines, halaman 9
  7. Cholera in Rangsit, halaman 9
  8. Anti Diarrhoeal drugs, halaman 9
  9. The role of parents and medical auxiliaries in diarrheal diseases control for children in Indonesia, halaman 10
  10. The role of the community and medical auxiliaries in the prevention of diarrhoeal diseases of children in Serawak, Malaysia, halaman 10
  11. Diarrheal diseases in the context of primary health care: the role of parents and auxiliary agencies in the Philippines, halaman 11
  12. Child to child activities in Malaysia, halaman 11
  13. Child-to-child program in the Philippine setting, halaman 12
  14. A long term study of rotavirus infection in Thai infants and children with diarrhoea, halaman 12
  15. Bactericidal assay studies for campylobacter jejuni, halaman 13
  16. Occurance of campylobacter enteritis in Thai children, halaman 13
  17. Campylobacter jejuni in an orphanage, halaman 13
  18. Rapid detection of vibrio cholerae from feces enrichment culture by a coagglutination test, halaman 14
  19. Protection against vibrio cholerae infection afforded by iragments of anti-haegglutinin, halaman 14
  20. Salmonella and shigella carrier rate and the environmental sanitation in rural district (central Thailand), halaman 15
  21. Breast feeding in the Philippines today, halaman 15
  22. New strategy in oral therapy, halaman 16
  23. The influences of environmental factors and nutritional status of the underfives to diarrhoeal diseases in Bogor, West Java Indonesia, halaman 16
  24. Cross-selectional study on the epidemiology of vibrio parahaemolyticus at Tambon Bang Yahpra, Amphoe Muang, Changwat Samut Sakhon, halaman 17
  25. Diarrhoea in measels, halaman 17
  26. Morbidity and mortality study on diarrhoeal diseases in North jakarta-anurban area 1981, halaman 18
  27. Necrotizing enterocolitis in children's hospital, Bangkok: clinical aspects, halaman 18
  28. Oral rehydration salt therapy in children under six months of age, halaman 19
  29. Carbo-adsorbent (norit) in the treatment of children with diarrhoea, halaman 19
  30. Use of citrate as a substitute of bicarbonate in oral rehydration solution, halaman 19
  31. Initial fluid therapy with five percent glucose in normal saline in children with diarrhoea, halaman 20
  32. Electrolyte composition in home made salt-sugar solution, halaman 20
  33. Electrolyte composition in home made salt-sugar solution, halaman 20
  34. Sodium content in home made oral rehydration solution collected from different projrcts in Bangladesh , halaman 21
  35. Bacterial contamination in home made electrolyte solution, halaman 21
  36. Changes in serum vit A level after an oral loading dose in children with acute diarrhoea, halaman 22
  37. Changes in serum vit A level after an oral loading dose in children with acute diarrhoea, halaman 22
  38. Chronic diarrhoea, halaman 22
  39. Symptomatic giardiasis in children: excretion of cysts in stools, halaman 23
  40. The efficacy of metronidazole in the treatment of giardiasis, halaman 23
  41. The efficacy of metronidazole in the treatment of giardiasis, halaman 23
  42. Effect of a mixture of wheat extract and milk on diarrhoea in malnourished children, halaman 23
  43. Treatment of chronic diarrhoea with galantase, halaman 24
  44. Analysis of resistant phatogenic organisms isolated from Bangladesh patients suffering from diarrhoeal diseases, halaman 24
  45. Rotavirus diarrhoea in children in urban and rural Bangladesh , halaman 24
  46. Suveillance of patients with diarrhoeal disease coming to the ICDDR, B. hospital, Dacca, Bangladesh, halaman 25
  47. Age of aquiring diarrhoeal diseases by rural children, halaman 26
  48. Causes and cures of diarrhoea in Bangladesh anemic perspective, halaman 26
  49. Bari Mothers: home based "experts" for home-prepared oral rehydration solution, halaman 27
  50. Electrolytes, osmolarity, pH, and sugar of beverages and coconut water, halaman 27
  51. Single dose ampicilin therapy for the treatment of severe shigellosis in Bangladesh, halaman 28
  52. Modified coconut water for oral rehydration, halaman 29
  53. Seasonal variation of enterotoxigenic escherichia coli among children with diarrhoea in Bangkok: the co-transfer of plasmids coding for enterotoxin and drug resistance, halaman 29
  54. Enteropathogenicity of aeromonas hydrophila and plasiomonas shigelloides: prevalence among individuals with and without diarrhoea in Thailand, halaman 30
  55. Campylobacter enteritis , halaman 283

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