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BukuHandbook and abstracts on International Conference on Infant Nutrition and Diarrhoeal Disease and Workshop on Postgraduate Paediatric Education, held on 9th-16th November 1979, Kuala Lumpur
Author: [s.n]
Topik: Diarrhea in children; Infants--Nutrition
Bahasa: (EN )    
Penerbit: University of Malaysia     Tempat Terbit: Kuala Lumpur    Tahun Terbit: 1979    
Jenis: Books
  • Ben & Nafsiah Mboi Collection
    • Nomor Panggil: R 618 INT
    • Non-tandon: tidak ada
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  1. Breast Milk: A Neglected Asset, halaman 18
  2. Perspectives of Infant Nutrition, halaman 42
  3. Malnutrition and development: Intestinal Structure and Function, halaman 44
  4. Malnutrition and development: Immune response in malnutrition, halaman 44
  5. Malnutrition and development: Role of iron in immunity, halaman 45
  6. Malnutrition and development: Brain development, halaman 45
  7. Malnutrition and development: Intestinal Microflora in malnutrition, halaman 46
  8. Developmental physiology of the gut: Development of the digestive functions of the gut, halaman 47
  9. Developmental physiology of the gut: Development of the systemic and local gut immune responses, halaman 47
  10. Developmental physiology of the gut: Intestinal Development: Post-natal changes in na+ transport and the epithelium in rabbit small intestine, halaman 48
  11. Developmental physiology of the gut: Delayed maturation of secretory IgA- A cause of Marasmus?, halaman 49
  12. Malnutrition (1): Nutritional Marasmus, halaman 50
  13. Malnutrition (1): Electronic skin fold caliper measurement, halaman 50
  14. Malnutrition (1): Dynamics of development of malnourished infants, halaman 51
  15. Malnutrition (1): Integrated approach for erradicating malnutrition in rural children, halaman 52
  16. Malnutrition (1): Some aspects of protein-energy malnutrition and its classification in Iraq, halaman 53
  17. Malnutrition (1): Anthropometric measurements in protein energy malnutrition in egypt, halaman 54
  18. Malnutrition (2): The effect of malnutrition on immunity in malaysia, halaman 55
  19. Malnutrition (2): Immune response of malnourished children to measles vaccine, halaman 55
  20. Malnutrition (2): Profile of gastroenteritis in malnourished children clinical, epidemiological and biochemical aspects, halaman 56
  21. Malnutrition (2): Salivary amylase in P.E.M among egyptian infants and children , halaman 57
  22. Malnutrition (2): Anemia of protein calorie malnutrition, halaman 57
  23. Malnutrition (2): Common problems associated with malnutrition in port moresby, halaman 58
  24. Malnutrition (2): Stronglyoidiasis causing persistent diarrhoea anaerobic bacterial septicemia and paralytic ileus, halaman 58
  25. Digestibility of starches in malnutrition and diarrhea in infancy, halaman 59
  26. Malnutrition (3): A comparison of weight-gains in children with severe protein-calorie malnutrition receiving normal or pre-hydrolysed low-lactose milk, halaman 61
  27. Malnutrition (3): Refeeding-trials rehabilitation of well-nourished infants with acute diarrhoea, halaman 61
  28. Malnutrition (3): Soya or Cow's milk for diarrhoea associated with malnutrition, halaman 62
  29. Malnutrition (3): Lactose tolerance in egyptian undernourished children , halaman 63
  30. Malnutrition (3): Transient sugar intolerance in infants and children , halaman 63
  31. Malnutrition (3): Lactose tolerance in normal infants and children and in cases of protein calorie malnutrition, halaman 64
  32. Breast milk symposium: Transport of immunoglobulins and immunocompetent cells to breast milk, halaman 65
  33. Distribution and role of immunocompetent cells in human milk , halaman 65
  34. Breast milk symposium: Effect of colostrum on the development of the gut, halaman 66
  35. Breast milk symposium: Role of specific and non-specific immune factors in breast milk, halaman 66
  36. Breast milk symposium: Dynamic of cells in breast milk, halaman 67
  37. Breast milk symposium: Lymphocyte responsiveness and serum-IfE in infants fed on berast-milk or cow's milk, halaman 68
  38. Breast Milk: Impact of breast feeding failure on growth and morbidity of children, halaman 69
  39. Breast Milk: Antirotavirus and antienterotoxin activity in human milk, halaman 69
  40. Breast Milk: Assay of neutralising substances for rotavirus in breast milk, halaman 70
  41. Breast Milk: A Study of Cholesterol in Breast Milk in twi dietary groups, halaman 70
  42. Breast Milk: Breast feeding, weanling nutrition and diarrhoea, halaman 71
  43. Breast Milk: A Study of Human Lactation, halaman 72
  44. Breast Milk: Parental cholera vaccination may increase and oral polio vaccination decrease mucosal immunity. Differences in secretory IgA antibody response in enterally exposed and unexposed individuals, halaman 72
  45. Breast Milk: Breast Milk, it's composition and vitamin a content in lactating Indonesian mothers, halaman 73
  46. Vitamins' minerals and trace elements in infant nutrition, halaman 74
  47. Breast and artificial feeding: Nutritional efficiency of breast milk, halaman 75
  48. Breast and artificial feeding: Study of trace elements in human colostrum, halaman 75
  49. Breast and artificial feeding: Fluid and electrolyte and osmolar values in relation to breast and artificial feeds, halaman 76
  50. Breast and artificial feeding: Suitable alternatives to breast feeding, halaman 76
  51. Breast and artificial feeding: Intestinal microflora in relation to breast and artificial feeds, halaman 77
  52. Breast and artificial feeding: Stool culture of breast and bottle fed babies with diarrhoea, halaman 78
  53. Acute Infective Gastroenteritis (1) Etiology: Viral Diarrhoea, halaman 79
  54. Acute Infective Gastroenteritis (1) Etiology: Toxins, adherence and invasion in bacterial diarrhoeas, halaman 79
  55. Acute Infective Gastroenteritis (1) Etiology: Research into virus-associated diarrhoea in tropical and temperate regions: Are differenet approaches needed?, halaman 79
  56. Acute Infective Gastroenteritis (1) Etiology: Problems in studying the epidemiology of virus associated diarrhoea, halaman 80
  57. Acute Infective Gastroenteritis (1) Etiology: Campylobacter enteritis in children: A 9-year experience, halaman 80
  58. Acute Infective Gastroenteritis (2) Pathology and Pathophysiology: Mucosal changes in acute infectious gastroenteritis, halaman 81
  59. Acute Infective Gastroenteritis (2) Pathology and Pathophysiology: Antigen Penetration as an important factor in local intestinal immunity, halaman 81
  60. Acute Infective Gastroenteritis (2) Pathology and Pathophysiology: Mechanisms of fluid and electrolyte losses and their relation to the etiology of infective enteritis, halaman 82
  61. Acute Infective Gastroenteritis (2) Pathology and Pathophysiology: A pathological study of fatal cases in epidemic of blood and mucus diarrhoea in Sri Lanka, halaman 83
  62. Small intestinal morphology and epithelial cell kinetics in lamb rotavirus infection, halaman 83
  63. Acute infective gastroenteritis (2): Incidence of faecal contamination of human finger nails, halaman 84
  64. Acute Infective Gastroenteritis (2): K.A.P. Study of parents/guardians of children hospitalised for gastro-enteritis, halaman 84
  65. Acute Infective Gastroenteritis (2): Serum and intestinal fluid immunoglobulin levels in iraqi children with giardiasis, halaman 85
  66. Acute Infective Gastroenteritis (2): Management of acute diarrhoea in infancy and childhood-role antibiotics, halaman 86
  67. Acute Infective Gastroenteritis (2): Psychosocial aspects of gastro-enteritis, halaman 86
  68. Acute Infective Gastroenteritis (2): Etiology of acute diarrhea in a day nursery of brussel's aera, halaman 87
  69. Malnutrition (4): Nutritional status of children in Pakistan, halaman 88
  70. Malnutrition (4): Morbidity and growth pattern of children (1-4 years) in an underprivileged community , halaman 88
  71. Malnutrition (4): Intestinal bypass in the rat: A model for growth falure, liver disease and jejunal bacterial overgrowth in kwashiorkor, halaman 89
  72. Response to glucagon in hypoglycaemic children , halaman 90
  73. Malnutrition (4): "Proctracted diarrhoea in infants and children", halaman 91
  74. Acute Infective Gastroenteritis (3): Hypernatremic dehydration, halaman 93
  75. Acute Infective Gastroenteritis (3): Electrolyte disturbances in infantile diarrhoea in relation to feeding practices, halaman 93
  76. Acute Infective Gastroenteritis (3): Hypernataemic dehydration in Bangladesh, halaman 93
  77. Acute Infective Gastroenteritis (3): Hypoglycemia, A complication of diarrhoea in children, halaman 94
  78. Acute Infective Gastroenteritis (3): Nitrogen balance during recovery from secretory diarrhea of cholera in children, halaman 94
  79. Potential interactions between malnutrition and infective diarrhea in the young infant, halaman 95
  80. Acute Infective Gastroenteritis (3): Oral rehydration in infantile diarrhea, halaman 96
  81. Acute Infective Gastroenteritis (3): Comparison of 6 different rehydrating solutions in acute infantile diarrhoea, halaman 97
  82. Acute Infective Gastroenteritis (3): Oral rehydration: the phillipine experience, halaman 98
  83. Acute Infective Gastroenteritis (3): Management of childhood diarrhea in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, halaman 99
  84. Acute Infective Gastroenteritis (3): The optimal sodium and potassium content of oral rehydration fluid in the treatment of dehydration, halaman 100
  85. Antigen exclusion by the gut, halaman 101
  86. Persistent diarrhoea (1): Small bowel mucosal changes in persistent diarrhoea, halaman 102
  87. Persistent diarrhoea (1): Primary sugar intolerance, halaman 102
  88. Persistent diarrhoea (1): Physiological hypolactesia, halaman 102
  89. Persistent diarrhoea (1): Acquired carbohydrate intolerance, halaman 103
  90. Persistent diarrhoea (2): Cow's milk protein-sensitive enteropathy. Epidemiology. , halaman 104
  91. Persistent diarrhoea (2): Diagnosis of CMPSE, halaman 104
  92. Persistent diarrhoea (2): The rol of humoral milk antibodies in cow's milk-protein-sensitive enteropathy, halaman 105
  93. Persistent diarrhoea (2): The effects of local cell mediated immune reactions in the small intestine, halaman 106
  94. Persistent diarrhoea (3): Factors determining outcome in protracted diarrhoea in children, halaman 107
  95. Persistent diarrhoea (3): The spectrum of cow's milk allergy in childhood: Clinical, gastroenterological and immunological studies, halaman 108
  96. Persistent diarrhoea (3): Cow's milk protein allergy: Clinical, Biological and histological features in 61 infants, halaman 108
  97. Persistent diarrhoea (3): Adverse reaction to foods eaten by the mother in totally breast-fed babies, halaman 109
  98. Persistent diarrhoea (3): Inflammatory bowel disease in early infancy associated with the passage of antigenic substaces in breast milk, halaman 110
  99. Acute Infective Gastroenteritis: Epidemiological and pathological aspects of weanling diarrhoea in gambian village children, halaman 111
  100. Acute Infective Gastroenteritis: Diarrhoeal diseases and attendance to rural treatment centre in Bangladesh according to distance age and sex, halaman 111
  101. Acute Infective Gastroenteritis: Aetiology of acute diarrhoeal disease in southern India, halaman 112
  102. Acute Infective Gastroenteritis: Seroepidemiology of rotaviruses in Southern India, halaman 113
  103. Acute Infective Gastroenteritis: An outbreak of gastroenteritis associated with calicivirus, halaman 113
  104. Acute Infective Gastroenteritis: The world health organization diseases research programme, halaman 114
  105. Acute Infective Gastroenteritis: Rotaviruses in the nursery population in the honolulu and the hebrides, halaman 114
  106. Acute Infective Gastroenteritis: Isolation of enteroviruses from egyptian children with respiratory tract infections, halaman 114
  107. Necrotizing Entercolitis (NEC)- Pneumatosis Intestinalis (PI), halaman 115
  108. Persistent diarrhoea (4): Effect of Cow's milk protein on the small bowel mucosa of young infants recovering from acute infective enteritis, halaman 116
  109. Persistent diarrhoea (4): Postenteritis complications, halaman 116
  110. Persistent diarrhoea (4): Acquired carbohydrate intolerance and cow milk protein-sensitive enteropathy in young infants, halaman 117
  111. Persistent diarrhoea (4): The use of hypoallergenic milk formula in the prevention of cow's milk intolerance following infantile gastroenteritis, halaman 117
  112. Persistent diarrhoea (5): Clinical significance of giardia lamblia in protracted diarrhoea in children, halaman 119
  113. Persistent diarrhoea (5): Coeliac Disease, halaman 119
  114. Persistent diarrhoea (5): Cystic fibrosis , halaman 119
  115. Persistent diarrhoea (5): Immunodeficiency and persistent diarrhoea, halaman 120
  116. Persistent diarrhoea (5): Protracted diarrhoea of unknown aetiology, halaman 120
  117. Principles of total parenteral nutrition in infancy complete parenteral nutrition in pediatric surgery, halaman 121
  118. Persistent diarrhoea (6): Persistent diarrhoea- An approach to diagnosis, halaman 121
  119. Persistent diarrhoea (6): Intestinal changes and micronutrient imbalances resulting in protracted diarrhea, halaman 122
  120. Persistent diarrhoea (6): Total parenteral nutrition in intractable diarrhea, halaman 122
  121. Persistent diarrhoea (6): Nutritional rehabilitation of protracted diarrhoea in infancy with prehydrolysed breast milk, halaman 123
  122. Persistent diarrhoea (6): An aggressive approach to intractable diarrhea of infancy, halaman 124
  123. Nutritional Rehabilitation: Milk dilution to overcome lactose intolerance, halaman 126
  124. Nutritional Rehabilitation: A hydrolyzed formula for feeding infants less than 1250 GMS: A controlled clinical trial, halaman 126
  125. Nutritional Rehabilitation: An elemental diet in the management of severe intractable diarrhoea in children, halaman 127
  126. Nutritional Rehabilitation: Trace element studies in healthy newborns and sick newborns receiving complete parenteral nutrition, halaman 127
  127. Nutritional Rehabilitation: Modular milk formulation in the treatment of the "sick gut" , halaman 128
  128. Nutritional Rehabilitation: Paediatric parenteral nutrition- eleven years experience, halaman 129
  129. Prevention of diarrhoeal diseases and malnutrition: Promotion of breast feeding, halaman 130
  130. Prevention of diarrhoeal diseases and malnutrition: minimum duration of breast feeding, halaman 130
  131. The use of breast milk in the prevention of infection in the high risk newborn infant, halaman 130
  132. Prevention of diarrhoeal diseases and malnutrition: Improvement of environmental factors and diarrhoeal diseases, halaman 131
  133. Prevention of diarrhoeal diseases and malnutrition: Rotavirus vaccines, halaman 132
  134. Promotion of breastfeeding: Promotion of breast feeding- experience in Papua New Guinea, halaman 132
  135. Promotion of breastfeeding: Encouragement toward breast feeding in the community, halaman 133
  136. Promotion of breastfeeding: Current trend of infant feedings in two health centres in Kuala Lumpur, halaman 133
  137. Promotion of breastfeeding: Infant feeding practices among nursing personnel in Malaysia, halaman 134
  138. Promotion of breastfeeding: Factors affecting breastfeeding practice, halaman 135
  139. Promotion of breastfeeding: Promotion of breastfeeding, halaman 135
  140. Promotion of breastfeeding: Breastfeeding in western Samoa, halaman 135
  141. Promotion of breastfeeding: Appraisal of the rooming-in technique, halaman 136
  142. Promotion of breastfeeding: Social and medical factors affecting the duration of breast feeding in Egypt, halaman 136
  143. Promotion of breastfeeding: Breast feeding habits in south India- Review of thousand mothers, halaman 137
  144. Future research in infant nutrition and diarrhoeal disease: In vitro models of milk and food sensitive enteropathies, halaman 138
  145. Future research in infant nutrition and diarrhoeal disease: Immunodiagnostic methods, halaman 139
  146. Future research in infant nutrition and diarrhoeal disease: Long term effects of feeding infants exclusively with artificial feeds, halaman 139
  147. Future research in infant nutrition and diarrhoeal disease: Bovine milk-Ig with specific antibody activity in infant milk formulae, halaman 140
  148. Future research in infant nutrition and diarrhoeal disease: Detection and titration of rotavirus in tissue culture stability studies, halaman 141
  149. Nutrition in early infancy: Motivation of mothers to breastfeed, halaman 142
  150. Nutrition in early infancy: The role of the employer and the use of mass media in promoting breast feeding, halaman 142
  151. Nutrition in early infancy: Future research in infant nutrition and diarrhoeal disease: Role of the industry in infant nutrition, halaman 142
  152. Nutrition in early infancy: Legislation to promote breast feeding, halaman 143
  153. Nutrition in early infancy: The breast feeding of working mother, halaman 146

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