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BukuEvaluating user experience of english learning interface using User Experience Questionnaire and System Usability Scale (presented at 2017 1st International Conference on Informatics and Computational Sciences (ICICoS) Semarang, Indonesia, 15-16 Nov. 2017)
Author: Devy, Ni Putu Indah Rosita ; Wibirama, Sunu ; Santosa, Paulus Insap
Topik: multimedia learning; cueing; UEQ; SUS; user experience; HCI
Bahasa: (EN )    
Penerbit: IEEE Publications     Tempat Terbit: Semarang    Tahun Terbit: 2017    
Jenis: Papers/Makalah - pada seminar internasional
Fulltext: 08276345.pdf (346.31KB; 8 download)
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Nowadays, a lot of learning references use English language to support learning activities. Consequently, students are required to have good ability in English. Multimedia learning to facilitate communication between sources of information and recipients of information. There is no particularly research that focuses on examining the issues related to evaluating a learning media based on content such as multimedia with only text, multimedia without cue and multimedia with the cue in multimedia learning. This study aims to evaluate and to compare user experience of English learning interface of a learning multimedia. We compared three contents of English learning interfaces namely, multimedia with only text, multimedia without cueing, and multimedia with cueing. Thirthy eight participants were asked to learn about present perfect tense with various content. This research is also conducted to find out which designs are more preferred by user based on user experience and usability. User Experience Questionnaire(UEQ) and System Usability Scale (SUS) shows that multimedia without cueing is better than multimedia with cueing and multimedia with only text in term of user experience and usability.
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