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BukuStrategies, accuracy and naturalness of live metaphor translations: a case study of Anderson's novel speak
Author: HADIATI, KARDINA ; Nasanius, Yassir (Advisor)
Topik: Live metaphors; Metaphor translations strategies; Translation equivalence; Accuracy; Naturalness in translations
Bahasa: (EN )    
Penerbit: Applied English Linguistics Program Faculty of Education and Language Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia     Tempat Terbit: Jakarta    Tahun Terbit: 2016    
Jenis: Theses - Master Thesis
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Translation has a made huge impact in spreading literary works. Through translation, people may enjoy dramas, poets, novels from writers across the nations. However, in translating literary works, for example a novel, is not without any gaps. The language style in literary works, especially, metaphor is one challenge in translation. The difference in linguistics and culture may lead to ambiguity in translating metaphors. The main purpose of this study is to analyze the translation of live metaphors (metaphors which are constructed by the writers to illustrate something) in the novel Speak written by Hense Laurie Anderson. There are two research questions discussed in this thesis: (1) what strategies did the translator use in translating live metaphors found in the novel Speak? And (2) To what extent have the translations of live metaphors in novel Speak accurately conveyed the meaning and sounded natural to the readers?
There are several steps in answering each research question. First, the writer identified the first fifteen sentences containing live metaphors from each chapter of the novel and compared them with their translations. Secondly, the writer classified the metaphors based on the similarity of the strategies proposed by Larson (1984) and Newmark (1988). The strategies would be (1) literal translation, (2) translated as simile, (3) equal metaphor substitution, (4) extended meaning/ adding sense, (5) paraphrase, and (6) deletion. As for the second research question, the writer consulted through there raters to find the equivalence of metaphor translations which are accurate and natural. The result shows that from seventy five expressions found, literal translations and paraphrase are two strategies mainly used by the translator in translating live metaphors. As for the evaluation, forty nine metaphor translations are considered accurate and natural, while thirteen metaphor translations are inaccurate and unnatural. It can be concluded that any omission of the original text leads to inaccuracy which then affects unnaturalness of the translations. Therefore, the study conducted concluded that live metaphors found in the novel Speak is translatable. Moreover, the translation is also acceptable and understood clearly by the readers.
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