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BukuProceeding IConEnt 2016 (International Conference on Entrepreneurship) : How Innovation could Improve the Performance and Productivity in Entrepreneurship?
Author: [s.n]
Bahasa: (EN )    ISBN: 978-979-96162-3-4    
Penerbit: Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Pelita Harapan     Tempat Terbit: Karawaci, Tangerang    Tahun Terbit: 2016    
Jenis: Proceeding
Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. The strategy of innovation to improving productivity in small and medium industries (IKM) shoes in district of Sooko Mojokerto, halaman 1-10
  2. Service innovation capability in the hotel industry, halaman 1-17
  3. Entrepreneurship and economic growth in Nigeria: Evidence from SMES financing in Nigeria, halaman 1-11
  4. Analysis of international tourism trade and investment flows and the impact to Indonesian tourism, halaman 1-17
  5. The influence of brand ambassador on brand image and consumer purchasing decision: A case of tous les joursin Indonesia, halaman 1-15
  6. Towards educational great and strong leaders: an empirical investigation in Indonesia, halaman 1-11
  7. ‘Merantau’ - an informal entrepreneurial learning pattern in the culture of Minangkabau tribe in Indonesia, halaman 1-13
  8. Effect of work environment, work motivation on employee work discipline and performance: A case study of PT. Panarub industry Tangerang, halaman 1-14
  9. Entrepreneurial capabilities of sama college students of Dezful branch, halaman 1-7
  10. Management decision support system loading cement bulk ship via topsis method in PT Semen Padang, halaman 1-11
  11. Growth opportunities, business group, and right issues in Indonesia, halaman 1-15
  12. Determinant of fiscal distress in local government in Indonesia, halaman 1-9
  13. The relationship of financial literacy and demographic factors with financial behavior, halaman 1-10
  14. Analysis on the influence of macroeconomic factors and initial public offerings (IPOS) in Indonesia period 2007-2014, halaman 1-52
  15. The effect of transformational leadership style and motivation on the employee performance in PT. Bisma Dharma Kencana, halaman 1-9
  16. Percieved social support and resiliency among migrant students in entrepreneurship university, halaman 1-8
  17. Performance evaluation of bio-medical industry in Taiwan, halaman 1-6
  18. Evaluation approach with business model canvas : case study holy slime, halaman 1-13
  19. The role of social marketing communication in launching brand extension product on customer purchasing decision and the impact to brand loyalty, halaman 1-10
  20. The application of relational governance in family small to medium sized enterprises in Indonesia, halaman 1-14
  21. Forming entrepreneurial character: a phenomenology studies in accounting department of Ciputra University, halaman 1-10
  22. Examining the soul: the role of emotionsin entrepreneurial behavior, halaman 1-16
  23. Business strategy and capital structure: the effect of contingent fit on firm performance, halaman 1-24
  24. How to improve supply chain performance by trust and commitment: study at coffee industry in Makassar, halaman 1-7
  25. The event communication vector of efficiency of Moroccan large companies , halaman 1-10
  26. The impact of auditor quality and accounting standard convergence with IFRS toward audit quality in Indonesia with act no. 5 in 2011 about public accountant as a moderating variable, halaman 1-18
  27. The effect of entrepreneurship education on entrepreneurial intention in Indonesia, halaman 1-15
  28. Profession ethics in marketing : a review of the case in order to the formation of a code of ethics in marketing (case study : Indomie in Taiwan), halaman 1-5
  29. Factors that influenced entrepreneurial intentions for youth, halaman 1-9
  30. Study on customer experience in retail business, halaman 1-12
  31. An investigation of determinants global entrepreneurship: multi-country panel studies, halaman 1-13
  32. Determination o fpriority decision for quality improvement to study programs at "x" university, halaman 1-12
  33. E-business in Indonesia: its economic opportunities and challenges, halaman 1-13
  34. Which one better predict entrepreneurial intention: religious vs personal values (a research proposal), halaman 1-10
  35. Developing an entrepreneurship model based on indonesian cultural values: a research proposal, halaman 1-12
  36. Owner situationally specific motivation, and organisational citizenship behaviour: a study of New Zealand entrepreneurs, halaman 1-11
  37. Crowdfunding a global phenomenon: with special reference to united states, halaman 1-43
  38. The theory of planned behavior , past behavior, situational factors, and self-identity factors drive Indonesian enterpreneurs to be indebtedness, halaman 1-15
  39. Developing an active learning model: case study in higher education, halaman 1-20
  40. The influence of the effectiveness of the board of commissioners and audit committee toward bond ratings, halaman 1-17
  41. Strategy of increasing the export potential in industrial chips tempe sanan in Malang, halaman 1-12
  42. The influence of top management participation, manager participation in budgeting toward motivation and organizational commitment (study at widyatama Bandung –Indonesia), halaman 1-13
  43. Empirical test of entrepreneurial self efficacy for entrepreneur students, halaman 1-13
  44. The influence of service quality towards patient loyalty, halaman 1-10
  45. Difference study of grit in entrepreneurship students of university x Surabaya, halaman 1-12
  46. The influence of service quality, ticket pricing, brand image, and customer value on the satisfaction of commuter line jabodetabek's customers, halaman 1-5
  47. Perceived diversity, task conflict, and team performance: a research agenda to examine the role of transformational leardership as a moderator variable, halaman 1-9
  48. Factors suppressing earnings management practices: evidence from indonesia stock exchange, halaman 1-22
  49. The influence of endorser and advertising to brand awarenenss creating of “lux” soap, halaman 1-11
  50. Investigating the effects of perceived service quality, personnel and passenger interaction towards words of mouth with passenger satisfaction as the intervening variable on soekarno-hatta domestic airport, halaman 1-11
  51. The effect of tax reform and good corporate governance to the tax management, halaman 1-12
  52. Influence on demographic factors interest in entrepreneurship in students faculty of economic dharma andalas padang, halaman 1-11
  53. Absorptive capacity of textile home industries in kiaracondong village-bandung, facing the asean economic community 2016, halaman 1-9
  54. Analyzing website quality with importance-performance analysis method, halaman 1-8
  55. Web quality and consumer satisfaction (empirical study on reservation page of PT Kereta Api Indonesia’s website), halaman 1-7
  56. Business Success And Failure Factors In Indian Msmes (A Case Study Of Msmes In Visakhapatnam District), halaman 1-18
  57. Brand Trust: The Analysis On Cronological Definition, halaman 19-23
  58. The Perception Of The Micro And Small Business’ Entrepreneurs Toward The Franchise Business, halaman 24-31
  59. The Development Of Microfinance Client Satisfaction Model Toward Grameen Replication Institution In Indonesia, halaman 32-41
  60. Succession For Success: Urang Banjar’s Perspective, halaman 42-50
  61. Client Importance, Earnings Management, And The Role Of Audit Committees, halaman 51-69
  62. Developing Business Through Delivery Order Strategy A Case Study: Pt. Fast Food Indonesia Tbk, halaman 70-78
  63. Resource, Industry Structure And Firm Performance: The Roles Of Business Model And Environmental Uncertainty, halaman 79-81
  64. The Correlation Between Personality And Individual Entrepreneurial Orientation: A Recommendation For Entrepreneurial Education, halaman 82-97
  65. Internal Factors Within Entrepreneurs That Influence The Acceptance And Use Of Social Commerce Among SMEs In Malaysia, halaman 98-106
  66. Enterpreneurship Development Pattern In College Based Business Incubator, halaman 107-113
  67. The Effect Of Intellectual Quotient On Understanding The Accounting Basic Concept Using Emotional Quotient And Spiritual Quotient As Moderating Variable, halaman 114-127
  68. The Comparison Analysis Of Perceived Value Of Branded Cooking Oil Based On Routine Consumption Level Per Month Of Household Consumers In Bogor, halaman 128-136
  69. Succession Patterns And Continuity Of Third Generation Filipino Chinese Family Owned Businesses: A Multiple Case Study, halaman 137-168
  70. Does Ceo Characteristics Matter To The Valuation Of Indonesia Family Businesses?, halaman 169-179
  71. Determining The Influence Of Current Ratio, Return On Assets, Total Assets Turnover Ratio And Debt To Equity Ratio On Stock Return (A Study Of The Manufacturing Company Listed In Indonesia Stock Exchange Period 2010-2014), halaman 180-194
  72. Analysis Of Voters Behavior On Mayor Election Of Palangka Raya, halaman 195-206
  73. Analysis Of Marketing Strategy In Small And Medium Enterprises (Smes) Wallet On Using Swot Analysis (A Case Study On Sme Products Bags & Wallets Located At Wisma Kartini No. 56, Jl. Access Ui Kelapa Dua, Cimanggis West Java), halaman 207-211
  74. The Influenced Of Mobile (Smartphone) Advertising On Consumer Attitude In Jakarta, halaman 212-223
  75. Proposed Business Strategy For Digital Marketing Agency ( Case Study: Green Digital), halaman 224-236

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