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BukuThe 2nd International Conference On Health Science 2015: Optimizing The Quality of Life Children Under SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)
Author: Poltekkes Kemenkes Yogya
Bahasa: (EN )    ISBN: 978-602-73585-0-8    
Penerbit: Poltekkes Kemenkes Yogya     Tempat Terbit: Yogyakarta    Tahun Terbit: 2015    
Jenis: Proceeding
Fulltext: Prosiding-ICHS 2015.pdf (3.45MB; 11 download)
Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Complementary Foods For Children 6-23 Months Of Age In Jogjakarta: Energy Adequacy And Age Of Introduction Of Complementary Foods, halaman 1
  2. The Knowledge Attitude And Practice Of Hygiene Sanitation Food HandlerAs Risk Factors Of StuntedOn Children0-24 Months, halaman 7
  3. The Hepatoprotective Effect Of Red Watermelon (Citrullus Vulgaris) Juice Against Alt Enzyme Of Rattusnorvegicus Induced By Paracetamol, halaman 13
  4. Disharmony Analysis Between Performance And Competence For Dental Nurse Competence Reorientation, halaman 17
  5. The Effects Of Formula Feeding Methods On Caries Among Preschoolers, halaman 30
  6. The Influence Of Oral Cavity Condition And Behavior On Caries RiskIn Children, halaman 35
  7. Effect Of Roselle Calyx Extract On Oral Pathogenic Bacteria And Biofi lm Formation In Vitro, halaman 42
  8. Mapping Model Of Ecology Plants, Physical Environmental Factors And Breeding Places Of Malaria Mosquito In Malaria Endemic AreasIn Oesao Village, Kupang District, halaman 51
  9. The Infl uence Of Knowledge, Attitude And Personal Protective Equipment Availability On Safety And Health Behaviour Offi cer Of Laboratory In Stikes Surya Global Yogyakarta, halaman 62
  10. The Application of Myra E. Levine Conservation Model on Pediatric Care for Children with The Risk of Impaired Skin Integrity at Infection Room BuildingA First Floor RSUPN Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo Jakarta, halaman 69
  11. The Relationship Between Self Esteem And Quality Of Life In School Dropout Adolescence, halaman 78
  12. Parental Practice In Adolescents With Video Game Playing In Yogyakarta Municipality, halaman 85
  13. The Effect Of Generalist And Specialist Therapies (Thought Stopping And Progressive Muscle Relaxation) In Reducing Anxiety Response Of Clients With Physical Illness In Dr.H. Marzoekihospital Of Bogor, halaman 90
  14. Analysis Of Factors Affecting Post Cardiac Catheterization Hematoma Transradial In dr. Sardjito Hospital Yogyakarta, halaman 97
  15. Ergonomic Exercises And Low Back Pain For Working Woman CRAKERS Lempeng Makers In Bantul Yogyakarta, halaman 110
  16. Elementary School Student’s Experience In Dealing With Menarche, halaman 115
  17. Premarital Class And Pregnancy Planning Documentation Practice, halaman 120
  18. Correlation Between Combination Of Yoga And Classical Musictherapy Mozart With The Level Of Dysmenorrhea, halaman 127
  19. The Relationship Between Activity And Nutrition With Vaginal Discharge Incidence Of The Students In SMA Negeri 7 Cirebon In 2015, halaman 134
  20. The Relationship Between Phase Of Contraception Selection With Long Term Contraception Method For Family Planning Acceptors In Talaga Bodas Public Health Center Lengkong District Bandung 2014, halaman 140
  21. Effect Of Warm Compress To Decrease The Level Of Labor Pain WomenIn Prmary Health Care Mergangsan Yogyakarta In 2012, halaman 147
  22. Psychological Response On Pregnant Women With Hiv/Aids In Bandung (A Phenomenological Study), 2014, halaman 162
  23. Development Of Informational Media On Pregnancy Care For Prenatal Classes, halaman 162
  24. Asthma Exercise And The Improvement Of Asthma Patients’ Quality Of Life, halaman 169
  25. Determinants Of Low Community Participation In Toddler Growth MonitoringIn Integrated Service Post (Posyandu), halaman 175
  26. Use Of Povidone Iodine And Betel Leaves Water To Heal Wounds Old Post Odontektomi, halaman 182
  27. Differences Knowledge And Attitudes Students About Illness Thypoid With Snowball Method And Talkative On Elementary Students In District Nogosari Boyolali, halaman 188
  28. The Analysis Of The Implementation Of Nutritionally Balanced Lunch Menu At Nanda Daycare In Palangkaraya, halaman 201
  29. Analysis Correlation Between Characteristics And The Level Of Women Knowledge About Via, halaman 208
  30. The Fifth Grade’s Perception Of The Parent Role On Reproductive Health, halaman 213
  31. Empowerment Of Little Dentists And Parents As The Effort To ChangeThe Tooth Brushing Behavior Of SD 2 Sayan Ubud Students, halaman 220
  32. The Levels Of Blood Ureum Nitrogen (Bun) And Creatinine In The Patients Of Chronic Renal Failure With And Without Diabetes, halaman 228
  33. Correlation Between The Knowledge Level With Attitude Of Adolescents On Hiv Test In Yogyakarta, halaman 244
  34. Relation Between Knowledge Level And Implementation Of Dengue Fever Mosquito Nest Eradication At Working Areas Of Ngemplak Boyolali Community Health Center Central Java In 2014, halaman 251
  35. Analysis Of Factors Associated With The Implementation Of Healthy Low Birth Weight Baby Management By Village Midwives In Purbalingga District, halaman 257
  36. The Correlation Analysis Between Characteristics With Knowledge And Attitude About Menarche In Elementary School Students, halaman 266
  37. The Effectiveness Of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy Based on the Profile of Multimodal Therapy On The Skizofrenia Client With Violent Behaviour at RSMM Bogor In 2012, halaman 275
  38. The Attitude And Behavior Of 8th Grade Female Students of SMP 1 SlemanToward The Prevention Of Pathological Vaginal Discharge, 2015, halaman 280
  39. The Effectiveness of Self Help Groups KS-Asieks To Influence The Exclussive Breastfeeding Practice Among Pregnant and Lactating MotherIn Curug Village Cimanggis Depok, halaman 287
  40. The Effect Of Duration Chewing Cylitol Gum To Increase Ph Plaque On Tooth Surface, halaman 294
  41. Differences Between Polychromatophilic Erythrocytes CountOn Romanowsky Staining (Giemsa) and Reticulocyte Count on Supravital Staining, halaman 301
  42. Years Of Work As A Cadre Related With Cadre’s Skill To Weigh Under Five, halaman 305
  43. Benson Relaxation Techniques To Reduce Depression Hemodialysis Patients PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital In Yogyakarta, halaman 312
  44. Lifestyle, Body Fat Percentage And Status Of Hypertention Outpatients Of Puskesmas Klaten Selatan, halaman 320
  45. The Behavior Description Of Implementation For Prevention Mother to Child Transmission (Pmtct) By Midwifes During Anc At The Integrated Health Centers Of The City Of Yogyakarta In 2015, halaman 329
  46. The Difference Of Video And Leafl ets Media Toward The Level Of Anxiety Before Menarche On 4th, 5 Th And 6 Th Grade Of Serayu Elementary School In 2014, halaman 337
  47. Physical Health Of A Child Is Very Important To Be Able To Grow Optimally, halaman 345
  48. The Effectiveness Of Sms Gateway And Web Site Toold In Improving Tracer Study Of Poltekkes Kemenkes Yogyakarta In 2013, halaman 350
  49. The Effect Of Massage Therapy On Insomnia Scale Reduction In Elderly at Tresna Wredha Social Recidences (PSTW) Yogyakarta, halaman 357
  50. Bacterial Potential Test Of Bacillus Subtilis, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa And Eschericia Coli In Degrading Linier Alkil Sulfonat (Las) In Detergent, halaman 364
  51. Determinant Of Preterm Birth In Dr. Doris Sylvanus Hospital Palangka Raya, halaman 370
  52. Effect of Parenting on Nutrition Status of Children at Puskesmas Mantrijeron, Yogyakarta, halaman 377

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