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BukuPROCEEDING The 8th International Seminar on Industrial Engineering and Management (8th ISIEM). Atria Hotel & Conference, Malang, Indonesia March 17 – 19, 2015
Author: [s.n]
Bahasa: (EN )    ISBN: 1978-774X    
Penerbit: Indonesian Association of Industrial Engineering Higher Education (BKSTI) and Indonesian Industrial Engineering & Management Association (ISTMI)     Tempat Terbit: Malang    Tahun Terbit: 2015    
Jenis: Proceeding
Fulltext: Table of Content 8th ISIEM 2015.pdf (824.88KB; 13 download)
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Identification of knowledge management system for quality improvement of natural fiber craft industry, halaman DSS-100
  2. 3Dd solar system visualization with OpenGL, halaman DSS-94
  3. Knowledge management enablers for the assessment of KMS readiness implementation, halaman DSS-88
  4. Analysis of web-based integrated information system On production planning and control For small and medium scale garment industry, halaman DSS-81
  5. ICT ecosystem in open government data initiative in indonesia, halaman DSS-75
  6. Assessing knowledge management systems' success based on technical and social factors, halaman DSS-67
  7. Management information system for printing machine assignment process with tabu search algorithm, halaman DSS-61
  8. Development of expert system-based computer aided process planning for production cost estimation, halaman DSS-56
  9. Knowledge management achieving strategy business alignment in higher educatioan, halaman DSS-47
  10. Design of knowledge acquisition model in glaucoma medical treatments recommender system, halaman DSS-40
  11. Decision support system for potential sales area of product marketing using classification and clustering methods, halaman DSS-33
  12. Planning route distribution of IKM DM using the methods vehicle routing problem (VRP) and shortest-route algorithm, halaman DSS-21
  13. The design of knowledge management system in PT. Asmin Bara Bronang, halaman DSS-11
  14. Application analytic hierarchy process (AHP): a case study of e-waste management in Surabaya, Iindonesia, halaman DSS-1
  15. Wall mounted storage for home appliance design, halaman ER-119
  16. The influence of font type, font size, line spacing and text background colour on visual search of web pages, halaman ER-1
  17. Elementary school student’s anthropometry for the purpose of school furniture, halaman ER-9
  18. User-designer interaction in culture-based products: a review literature, halaman ER-15
  19. Warning display design for the transjakarta bus, halaman ER-23
  20. Design tool for transfering patient to improve nurses working posture with ergonomic approach, halaman ER-28
  21. Product design of chili cutter, halaman ER-34
  22. The analysis of health and safety aspects by using hazard identification and risk assessment (hira) method, halaman ER-37
  23. Development study of swat software (subjective workload assessment technique) to the operating system windows-based 64-bit (case study at ergonomic labs industrial engineering bandung pasundan university), halaman ER-45
  24. Framework development and measurement of operator workload using modified cooper harper scale method (case study in pt sinar terang logamjaya bandung west java), halaman ER-49
  25. Analysis of noise level and its effects on workers in a cement plant, halaman ER-55
  26. Development of cost-benefit calculation model in handling low back pain from the ergonomic perspective, halaman ER-61
  27. Sprinkler system evaluation to meet fire protection facility at the main laboratory at pt. pupuk kujang cikampek, halaman ER-71
  28. Habitual effects in elevator, halaman ER-76
  29. Inovative design of wheelchair by using user centered design approach, halaman ER-81
  30. Design of kansei laundry bag by using fiber of water hyacinth (eichhornia crassipes), halaman ER-87
  31. Design of satchel bag from the fibers of pineapple leaves by using kansei engineering method, halaman ER-92
  32. Prototype of book preview using augmented reality on android smartphones, halaman ER-97
  33. The ergonomic design of a mini hotel for indonesian travellers, halaman ER-103
  34. Analysis of human error probability using human error assessment & reduction technique (heart) in dyeing department pt. xyz, halaman ER-108
  35. Development of anthropometry gauge, halaman ER-111
  36. Business process improvement using quality function deployment, halaman IM-1
  37. Design And Making Of Television Advertisement Of Pd. Bpr Bank Jogja With Visual Effect, halaman IM-6
  38. The Algorithm For Negotiating Prices In A Palm Oil Supply Chain, halaman IM-12
  39. Design Of It Governance Model In Xyz College, halaman IM-21
  40. Ebola Virus Disease Prevention - A Problem Solving Strategy Based On Sars Case Study From Taiwan, halaman IM-27
  41. Frugal Innovation Characteristics: Market, Product And Business Perspective, halaman IM-38
  42. Labwork Management Information System Satisfaction Measurement In Industrial Engineering Study Program Telkom University, halaman IM-44
  43. Designing A Multidimensional Data Warehouse For Procurement Processes Analysis Using Business Dimensional Lifecycle Method (Case Study On Pt. Abc), halaman IM-49
  44. Brand Equity As A Higher Standard Of Living And Wealth In Development Country: The Strategic Role Of Integrative Model On Consumer-Based Brand Equity To Reduce Indonesian Poverty, halaman IM-55
  45. Customers Clustering Based On Rfm Score Using Genetic Algorithm, halaman IM-66
  46. Proposed Business Process Using Business Process Improvement At Emergency Departement Of Dustira Hospital, halaman IM-74
  47. Business Model Generation And Lean Startup Method As The Basis For Business Development Feasibility Study, Case Study Of Po. Gajah Mungkur Sejahtera, halaman IM-80
  48. Design Of Performance Measurement System In Engineering Department Based On Maintenance Scorecard Framework And Omax Model: A Case Study Of Global Sanitary Ware Company, halaman IM-90
  49. System Dynamic For Acceleration Modeling Policy In Disadvantage Areas Development, halaman IM-102
  50. Review Of Current Recruitment Process (Case Study : Pt. X), halaman IM-107
  51. Designing Business Process To Support Balanced Scorecard-Based Performance Measurement (Case Study: Faculty Of Engineering, Atma Jaya Catholic University Of Indonesia), halaman IM-116
  52. Study Of Ability To Pay And Willingness To Pay For Passanger Of Commuter Line Jakarta-Bogor, halaman IM-123
  53. Analysis Of Organizational Performance With 360 Degree Feedback Method (Case Study: Department Of Industrial Engineering University Of Xyz), halaman IM-128
  54. Factory plastic bag layout design in elite recycling Indonesia extension, halaman PS-1
  55. Spinning machine maintenance scheduling and cost planning unit using markov chains method at Argo Pantes, halaman PS-88
  56. Lean manufacturing approach with particle swarm optimization-line balancing, halaman PS-94
  57. Cost based elevator scheduling in University of Al Azhar Indonesia, halaman PS-83
  58. Production target achievement model development using binary logistic regression method in PT. Hansae Karawang Indonesia, halaman PS-76
  59. Electricity planning through renewable energy utilization in North Kalimantan, halaman PS-71
  60. Implementation of queing theory and heuristic method for shceduling system of xyz auto service center, halaman PS-66
  61. Comparing alternative plant layouts based on craft and blocplan algorithms, halaman PS-10
  62. Store layout for virtual retailing: a literature review, halaman PS - 15
  63. Optimization of preventive maintenance program and total site crew for base transceiver station (BTS) using reliability centered maintenance (RCM) and life cycle cost (LCC) method., halaman PS-21
  64. The production planning for profit maximization (a case study at a cocoa processing industry), halaman PS-28
  65. Framework for e-learning content development on facility planning subject., halaman PS-35
  66. Group replacement model for scheduling of tools replacement considering quality cost, preventive and failure replacement cost, halaman PS-41
  67. Ems-scada design of ac usage on a building, halaman PS-45
  68. Improvement of kanban system using constant quantity withdrawal system to fulfill buffer stock replenishment on single aisle project at pt. xx, halaman PS-50
  69. Safety stock determination based on disturbance control model at pt dee, halaman PS-59
  70. Quality analysis using FMEA method on assembly processes of washing machine (case study in Panasonic manufacturing Indonesia), halaman QM-1
  71. Designing the attributes of food products using Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Phase II, halaman PS-6
  72. Development of creative coloring technique in Electroplating, halaman QM-11
  73. Chrome recycling process of tannery leather industry waste using limes, halaman QM-17
  74. Implementation of Poka Yoke on administration of the Palm Oil Mill, halaman QM-21
  75. Quality engineering of Crude Palm Oil (CPO): using multiple linear regression to estimate free fatty acid, halaman QM-26
  76. Implementation Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) method and knowledge map (case study PT. GSB), halaman QM-34
  77. Reliability analysis of blood leakage detection system, halaman QM-41
  78. Analysis to determine the suitable coating materials for environmental friendly composites from oil palm empty bunch fibers, halaman QM-46
  79. Content analysis Silica (SiO2) in process water determeralisation with 4M method, halaman QM-51
  80. The holistic model of new product development process, halaman QM-57
  81. Designing quality assurance system for raw material acceptance process in Batik industries using business process improvement method, halaman QM-64
  82. Supplier selection with the integration of DEMATEL (Decision Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory) and AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) : a literature review, halaman SCM-1
  83. The application of Green supply chain management in electronic industry Indonesian : a literature review, halaman SCM-6
  84. The role of manufacturing supply chain analysis in meeting customer needs of Batik shirt, halaman SCM-12
  85. The drivers of choosing Third-Party Logistic (3PL) providers: a framework model using Structural Equation Modeling, halaman SCM-18
  86. Supply chain model design for "Wedang Uwuh" Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) in Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (case study on progress Jogja SME), halaman SCM-27
  87. Determination of supplier selection criteria using analytical hierarchy process in the food company, halaman SCM-34
  88. The study of third party logistic usage in East Java, halaman SCM-41
  89. Design of Cold Chain Third- Party Logistics (3PL) for halal food in Indonesia, halaman SCM-49
  90. Route and transportation costs analysis considering the City Logistics system for single depot problem (case study: JABABEKA industrial area companies), halaman SCM-56
  91. Analysis of information sharing impact in two level supply chain with multiple retailers (case study in two manufacturing companies, PT XY and PT YZ), halaman SCM-62
  92. Risk identification of Cacao Agro Industry supply chain, halaman SCM-71
  93. Lean and green approach in devising optimization program to determine distribution routes by using tabu search method, halaman SCM-76

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