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BukuReconstructing Sustainability Science: Knowledge and action for a sustainable future
Author: Miller, Thaddeus R.
Topik: Biodiversity & Conservation; Conservation - Environment Studies; Environmental Policy; Environmental Studies; Environmental Economics; Environmental Law--Law; Politics & International Relations--Environmental Politics; Environmental Sciences; Social - Social & Political Theory; Sociology of Science & Technology
Bahasa: (EN )    ISBN: 978-0-203-38390-2    
Penerbit: Routledge     Tempat Terbit: New York    Tahun Terbit: 2015    
Jenis: Books - Textbook
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Drawing on interviews with leading sustainability scientists, this book examines how researchers in the emerging, interdisciplinary field of sustainability science are attempting to define sustainability, establish research agendas, and link the knowledge they produce to societal action. Pairing these insights with case studies of innovative sustainability research centres, the book reformulates the sustainability science research agenda and its relationship to decision-making and social action. It repositions the field as a "science of design" that aims to enrich public reasoning and deliberation while also working to generate social and technological innovations for a more sustainable future.
Kajian editorial
"A new generation of students and scholars has embraced sustainability as a concept and is eager to explore more thoughtful, more integrative and better scientifically grounded ways to approach it. Thad Miller’s new book is just what they are looking for." Paul B. Thompson, Michigan State University, USA
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