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BukuThe 14th Asia Pacific Industrial Engineering and Management Systems Conference (APIEMS), 3-6 December 2013 Cebu, Philippines
Author: Chiu, Anthony Shun Fung (Editor); Matias, Aura (Editor)
Bahasa: (EN )    
Penerbit: Asia Pacific Industrial Engineering & Management Society     Tempat Terbit: Cebu, Philippines    Tahun Terbit: 2013    
Jenis: Proceeding
Fulltext: APIEMS Proceedings.pdf (3.6MB; 14 download)
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  1. The Formulation of Workflow in Performance Management Implementation, halaman 1-10
  2. Optimal Production Planning for Remanufacturing with Uncertainty in Quality of Used Products and Classification Error in Quality Grading, halaman 1-8
  3. Pricing strategy for product reuse at three quality levels when demand is sensitive to price and availability, halaman 1-8
  4. Optimal operation for green supply chain considering demand information, collection incentive and quality of recycled parts, halaman 1-8
  5. Supply chain coordination in 2-stage-ordering-productionsystembased on demand forecasting update, halaman 1-8
  6. Integration of Operation Planning and Scheduling Method for Sheet Metal Processing, halaman 1-7
  7. Risk Assessment for Green Product Positioning, halaman 1-6
  8. A Study on Capacity Investment Decision of Component Supplier in a Rapidly Growing Market, halaman 1-9
  9. A spreadsheet optimization system for seminar assignment problem with rotations, halaman 1-7
  10. A new method for outlier detection using center of gravity, halaman 1-9
  11. Identification of Key Quality Elements for R&D Quality Assurance, halaman 1-9
  12. Employability Skills (Entry and Promotional) of Industrial Engineers Desired by the Industries in Northern Cebu, halaman 1-6
  13. A solution algorithm for capacity and production planning in hybrid systems with manufacturing and remanufacturing facilities, halaman 1-7
  14. Multivariate multiscale entropy applied to center of pressure signal analysis: Effects of resistance training exercise program in elderly, chronically ill patients, halaman 1-5
  15. Non-Normal Classification Groups in Discriminant Analysis with Applications to Biodiversity Assessment: A Simulation Study, halaman 1-8
  16. Design of variable repetitive group sampling plan on operating characteristics indexed by quality loss, halaman 1-8
  17. Multi-valued classification of text data based on ECOC approach consideringparallel processing, halaman 1-9
  18. Exact and Heuristic Approaches for the Production Planning Problem of a Paper Mill Company, halaman 1-6
  19. Prone sleep position may reduce AI, AHI, and sleep inefficiency, halaman 1-6
  20. Automatic visual inspection of solar modules using Independent component analysis, halaman 1-10
  21. Strategic supply network planning with order fulfillment modes, halaman 1-8
  22. Developing an organizational change algorithm in terms of PROCESS conceptual framework, halaman 1-12
  23. Training Data Selection in Large Margin Nearest Neighbor Method for Classification Problems, halaman 1-6
  24. A Study on Recommender System Based on Latent Class Model for High Dimensional and Sparse Data, halaman 1-8
  25. Accelerating factory planning process by customizing planning processes, halaman 1-8
  26. A Hierarchical Hybrid Meta-heuristic Approach for Coping with Large Multi-depot VRP in Practice, halaman 1-8
  27. Development of performance Dashboard for University Based on Balanced Scorecard Concept (case study: Faculty of Engineering, Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia), halaman 1-7
  28. Principles of motion economy versus physiological sustainability: some lessons from the forest industry, halaman 1-8
  29. The study of drug-drug interactions using association rule analysis, halaman 1-5
  30. Multi-attribute Procurement Decision Method under Hybrid Data Information, halaman 1-5
  31. An analysis of the fluctuation in electronic component prices using a price percolation model, halaman 1-9
  32. Optimizing Method Using the Network Structure in Two-objective Network Design Problem, halaman 1-9
  33. Constructing a Model for Selecting Kaizen Actions to Gain Mutual Trust between Logistics Providers and Shippers, halaman 1-8
  34. Constructing a model for creating movie trailers increasing customers’ desire, halaman 1-8
  35. Researching Technical Prevention Measures for Development and Design Utilizing Highly-Accuarate CAE Analysis: Automotive Nut-Loosening Mechanism, halaman 1-6
  36. A Statistical Prediction Model of Students’ Success on Job Hunting by Log Data, halaman 1-10
  37. A Fluctuation Characteristic of Plant Bioelectric Potential for Evaluating Abnormal Growth in Physiological Disorders, halaman 1-9
  38. Language-independent text categorization by word N-gram using an automatic acquisition of words, halaman 1-10
  39. Effects of exercise before sleep and quality, halaman 1-9
  40. On inventory classification considering association and substitution rules, halaman 1-7
  41. Constructing an Automobile Color Matching Model (ACMM), halaman 1-8
  42. Cae Analysis of Automotive Transaxle Oil Seal Leakage, halaman 1-7
  43. Agile Supply Chain with Portable Factory Units as Implementation of Design For Manufacture (DFM) and or Design For Automatic Assembly (DFAA) in a Context of Knock Down and Transformable Spare part Product Type (Case in TL Lighting Fixture Industry), halaman 1-22
  44. The role of organization for marketing of innovation, halaman 1-8
  45. The Perceived Usefulness for Gesture Interfaces: A Scale Development, halaman 1-6
  46. A case study on construction of a Man-Machine cooperation line for workload reduction and mass production at a food processing factory, halaman 1-7
  47. Creating risk resilient production systems by linking supply chain operational factors, halaman 1-8
  48. Influence of Perfectionism on Work Performance: An Empirical Study in Change Blindness Test, halaman 1-6
  49. Evaluation of Capability of Human Resource to Meet Required Standard of Product, halaman 1-6
  50. Interpretation of Out-of-Control Condition in Hotelling’s Control T2 Chart Using AIC, halaman 1-8
  51. Identifying User Needs for 3D Gesture Interface in Daily LifeUsing Two Types of Survey Method:Diary Technique and Focus Group Interview, halaman 1-9
  52. Integrated Model of Six Sigma and Lean on Organization Productivity, halaman 1-5
  53. A semi-supervised attributes-weighting clustering method for inattention prediction in human-machine interaction systems, halaman 1-8
  54. The effect of differ bed-board tilting angle on sleep quality, halaman 1-6
  55. Invisible – A Force-feedback system for 3-D Click Gesture, halaman 1-6
  56. Applied idea for the Calculation Method of Pareto Solutions of a Two-Objective Network, halaman 1-9
  57. Application of Continuous Ant Colony Optimization in Economic Dispatch Problems, halaman 1-8
  58. Information Security Mitigation Controls with Fuzzy Linguistic Order, halaman 1-8
  59. Evaluation Value of Website by Applying the Value Engineering, halaman 1-8
  60. Developing an Automobile Maintenance Expert System Using Augmented Reality, halaman 1-7
  61. Using 3D Scanning to Classify Taiwanese Male Head Shapes, halaman 1-5
  62. Developing an Approximation Algorithm for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Operating Time Constraints, halaman 1-8
  63. An Experimental Comparison of Hybrid Algorithms for Facility Rearrangement Problem, halaman 1-8
  64. Integrating Bayesian Estimation and Ranked Positional Weight Technique in Production Planning, halaman 1-8
  65. MCMC-algorithm Using Support Decomposition, halaman 1-6
  66. Socio-technical transition in the electric lighting industry: a multi-level perspective model, halaman 1-9
  67. Mitigating halal food integrity risk through supply chain integration, halaman 1-10
  68. Support Vector Cluster Labeling Using MapReduce, halaman 1-5
  69. Design Syar’i Tourism Based on Kano Model, halaman 1-6
  70. Applying genetic algorithm for can-order policies in the joint replenishment problem, halaman 1-9
  71. An Axiomatic Green Methodology for Realize Green Process Improvement: Application to Eliminate Coolant Waste by Designing Near-Dry Machining Parameter, halaman 1-14
  72. A Dynamic Approach for Evaluating Earthwork Hauls in Construction, halaman 1-11
  73. Analysis of the Fire Explosion and Explosion Propagation Control of Sugar Dust in the Yemen Company for Sugar Refinery, Hodeida, Yemen, halaman 1-24
  74. Using Type-2 fuzzy inference system in capacity-planning problems, halaman 1-6
  75. The Integration of Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) and Task-Technology Fit (TTF) to Study the Acceptance of Internet Banking Services, halaman 1-8
  76. Quality Control Analysis of Intra Ocular Lens Manufacturing System, halaman 1-7
  77. Cleaner Production in Vinyl Sulphone Industry, halaman 1-11
  78. Integration of hospitalization data with medical record system, halaman 1-8
  79. A Study of Optimal Worker Assignment Focusing Efficiency vs. Task, halaman 1-7
  80. Scenario Analysis on Technological Substitution between MILC and DSLR, halaman 1-9
  81. A Framework of Performance Measurement in Tourism Supply Chain Management in Yogyakarta, halaman 1-6
  82. Study of the Buying-up and Lack of Product by Using Social Trendy Differential Equation Model, halaman 1-7
  83. A Dynamic Bond Pricing Model based on Factors with Structural Changes, halaman 1-13
  84. Cognitive map alignment using ontology matching process, halaman 1-6
  85. A Study on the Herd Behaviour A Case of Vietnamese Stock Market, halaman 1-12
  86. The Design and Simulation of Automation of Motorcycle’s ID-Number Plate Manufacturing Process, halaman 1-7
  87. A Mathematical Model for Production Planning in a Thai Swine Slaughtering Plant, halaman 1-7
  88. Variable pricing in hotel industry: a case study forbudget hotel in Indonesia, halaman 1-8
  89. Order-picking under turnover-based storage policy with a diagonal cross aisle, halaman 1-8
  90. Pre-processing 2D technical drawing as input for feature recognition system, halaman 1-7
  91. A rezoning model for integrating harvest and transportation of pineapple production system, halaman 1-6
  92. Biomechanical analysis of power grip in cadaver-arm experiment, halaman 1-5
  93. Implementation of Simulation Program for a Material Handling System Congestion Analysis of Assembly Line, halaman 1-8
  94. A Study of the Sales Increase or Decrease by Campaign Using a Differential Equation Model of the Growth Phenomenon, halaman 1-8
  95. A Model to Determine the Suitable Sugarcane Price based on Yield and Sweetness Quality in Thai Sugar Production, halaman 1-8
  96. An optimized restriction driven TSP model for delivery business in cloud environment, halaman 1-7
  97. An Integer Programming Formulation for Outpatient Scheduling with Patient Preference, halaman 1-7
  98. Facility Location, Supply Chain Management, Just In Time, Correlation and Outcome of Programming from First Step of Projects, halaman 1-13
  99. Creativity in Precipitation of Oil Cooling Tanks, in Plastic Injection Molding Machine, Using the ARIZ 71 Algorithm, halaman 1-10
  100. Strategic Partnership Based Network Design in Express Delivery Services: Monopoly of Service Centers and Separate Pick-up and Delivery Routing, halaman 1-8
  101. Self-adaptive virus optimization algorithm for continuous optimization problems, halaman 1-9
  102. Impact of on social reward appeal upon electroencephalographic activities and task performance, halaman 1-7
  103. Development of a system for detecting sleep apnea syndrome, halaman 1-8
  104. Development of support glasses for various visual field defect, halaman 1-8
  105. The supporting system for hearing impaired student in active learning, halaman 1-5
  106. Consideration of the effectiveness of a face-graph user interface - a self-training system for professors., halaman 1-5
  107. A Proposal for Extraction Method of Emotional Expression that Depended on Clusters, halaman 1-6
  108. Development of Basic Human Behaviors Cognitive System using Plant Bioelectric Potential, halaman 1-7
  109. Analyzing tourist motivation using online hotel reviews : Case study of Yamashiro hot spring, halaman 1-8
  110. A Case Study on the Utilization of a Roadside Station for Local Revitalization, halaman 1-7
  111. Automatic selection of classification algorithms usingmeta-features and SMOTE, halaman 1-6
  112. Gender identification system using characteristics of the neck, halaman 1-8
  113. A proposal of a tool to visualize the administration department, halaman 1-6
  114. Evaluation of Customer Classification System for Multiple Pedestrians Using Pressure Sensors, halaman 1-8
  115. Green Supply Chain Management Practices and Performance, halaman 1-11
  116. Optimal Arrangements in a Max {kj}=2 Multi-State Consecutive-k-out-of-n:F System, halaman 1-8
  117. An Empirical Study on Energy Consumption in Vacuum Handling Technology, halaman 1-8
  118. On the Cyclical Division of Labour and its Fractal Structure, halaman 1-10
  119. Scheduling framework for discrete event systems with capacity constraints based on a model predictive control, halaman 1-9
  120. Drivers of Corporate Social Responsibility Leading to Sustainable Development, halaman 1-7
  121. Business Development of Solid Waste Treatment Technology and Bio-Fertilizer Production through a Danish- Vietnamese Partnership, halaman 1-11
  122. Managing knowledge and human resources in knowledge intensive industries in emerging economies: The case of Indian ICT industry, halaman 1-7
  123. Implementation and performance evaluation of firm’s green supply chain management in uncertainty, halaman 1-15
  124. A Note on Modeling of Quality Evaluation Based on Large Data Sets in Software Development Projects, halaman 1-8
  125. Education System to Learn the Skills of Management Decision Making By Using Business Simulator, halaman 1-8
  126. A Training Method for Improving Planning Ability, halaman 1-10
  127. Applying management techniques to solve the depopulation problem of a remote village, halaman 1-8
  128. Controlling Smart Production Processes Using RESTful Web Services and Federative Factory Data Management, halaman 1-10
  129. Batch Scheduling for a Single Machine with Learning Effect to Minimize Total Actual Flow Time, halaman 1-9
  130. A Single Item Batch Scheduling Model on a Batch Processor to Minimize Total Actual Flow Time of Parts Through The Shop, halaman 1-9
  131. A Design of Global Manufacturing Education& Training for Chinese Company Manager, halaman 1-8
  132. A Study of Recommender Systems Based on the Latent Class Model Estimated by Combining Both Evaluation and Purchase Histories, halaman 1-10
  133. Performance evaluation of the saving method and the optimal partitioning method for a vehicle routing problem, halaman 1-11
  134. Work policy for self-balancing production line with worker’s learning, halaman 1-8
  135. Regularized Distance Metric Learning and its Application to Knowledge Discovery, halaman 1-9
  136. Heuristic algorithms to minimize total tardiness in an identical-parallel-machine scheduling problem with flexible maintenance, halaman 1-9
  137. Providing a Waterbed for the House of Quality; (Analysingthe House of Quality reactions to unstable customer needs during the improvement process and implementing the results in supplier selection process), halaman 1-23
  138. Verification, Validation, Accreditation (VV&A) of Modeling and Simulation Using Military and Defense Characteristics, halaman 1-7
  139. Systematic Investment Planning for the On-Line Electric Vehicle, halaman 1-8
  140. Particle swarm optimization on the new innovative transportation system: On-Line Electric Vehicle, halaman 1-9
  141. Optimal Tool Re-Allocation Method in the Semiconductor FAB, halaman 1-7
  142. Production Planning and Sequencing Optimization at Woongjin Chemical, halaman 1-8
  143. The FAB Design Method of Semiconductor Manufacturing with Sequential Process Flow Data, halaman 1-8
  144. Flexible Machine Allocation and Buffer Optimization in a Serial Production Line, halaman 1-10
  145. Simulation tool for analyzing cost on new product development, halaman 1-10
  146. Kinetic studies on methane hydrate formation in presence of poly(N-vinylcaprolactam) using real-time Raman spectroscopy, halaman 1-7
  147. A facility location and operation problem of a two-level supply chain with variable capacity levels for production-time-dependent products, halaman 1-11
  148. Sex differences in physiological and psychological load during manual handling task, halaman 1-4
  149. A Plus Alpha Model Proposal for Long-Short Portfolio Replication Based on Genetic Algorithms, halaman 1-8
  150. Make-to-stock policies for a make-to-order serial production system with setup operations, halaman 1-8
  151. Implementation Methodology for Industrial Applications of ICT-Based Manufacturing Systems, halaman 1-6
  152. A simulation study on re-marshaling operations in a block stacking storage system, halaman 1-12
  153. A Propose Online Process of Certificate of Time Deposit (CTD): A Delphi Approach, halaman 1-6
  154. Ontology-based knowledge map enabling referential navigation between knowledge, halaman 1-9
  155. Cost information practical use support by a cost accounting specialization type language, halaman 1-19
  156. The growth rates and firm size: Gibrat’s legacy in Indonesian SMEs, halaman 1-7
  157. An Entropy and Artificial Bee Colony Approach for the Multi-Mode Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problem, halaman 1-8
  158. The Continuous Berth Allocation Problem by Simulated Annealing, halaman 1-8
  159. Comparison Study of MBA Education between China and Japan, halaman 1-6
  160. The Impact of Select Demographic and Socio-Economic Variables on the Probability of Credit Card Default, halaman 1-19
  161. Removal Efficiency of Saltsfor Desalination Process Using Gas Hydrate Formation, halaman 1-6
  162. Legibility of Traffic Warning Signs by Drivers, halaman 1-8
  163. Growing Neural Gas Approach for Minimizing the Total Cost of Hen Allocation to Poultry Farms in Thailand, halaman 1-10
  164. Transportation management systems of pullet farm using Multifactor Based Evolving Self-Organizing Maps (MESOM), halaman 1-9
  165. Solution algorithms for scheduling flow-shop-type remanufacturing systems, halaman 1-8
  166. A Latent Variable Model Learning Method using Bayesian Networks, halaman 1-11
  167. Techniques for Human Values Identification in a Real Situation: A Review, halaman 1-6
  168. Purification capability of white radish for gaseous ethyl alcohol and its bioelectric potentialunder LED lights, halaman 1-10
  169. Sales possibilities of traditional gold-leaf souvenir and Japanese dish in China, halaman 1-10
  170. Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization with Genetic Operators and Cauchy Distribution for Flexible Job-shop Scheduling Problem, halaman 1-12
  171. Managing the Indirect Effects of Environmental Regulation and Performance Measurement, halaman 1-8
  172. Performance measurement for factory planning projects, halaman 1-7
  173. A Mixed Integer Linear Programming Approach for Multi-Degree Cyclic Multi-Hoist Scheduling, halaman 1-7
  174. Achieving success in new product development projects, halaman 1-8
  175. Strategic Finance: Toward a Sustainable Economic Performance of the Firm, halaman 1-21
  176. Construct the system of profile monitoring using concept of EWMA control chart, halaman 1-8
  177. A Novel Approach for Vascular Sounds of Arteriovenous Fistulas and Vascular Stenoses, halaman 1-9
  178. Lexus Product Development and Marketing Strategies: How Companies Can Avoid Commoditization, halaman 1-6
  179. The Moderating Role of Government Policy on the Success of Business Incubation Programme, halaman 1-10
  180. The Study of Patent Portfolio with Multiple Correspondence of Offshore Wind Power, halaman 1-13
  181. Genetic Algorithms for Dynamic Lot Sizing Problem considering with Customer Order in Supply Chain Management, halaman 1-12
  182. A Novel Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm for Product-Mix Planning and Revenue Management for Semiconductor Fabrication Foundry Service, halaman 1-16
  183. A Framework for Root Cause Detection in Batch Processing Manufacturing, halaman 1-8
  184. Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization with Genetic Operators and Cauchy Distribution for Flexible Job-shop Scheduling Problem, halaman 1-13
  185. Mall Sales as a Function of Pedestrian Traffic and Number of Mall Events, halaman 1-5
  186. Manufacturing Process Management (MPM) and Assembly Manufacturingin Asia, halaman 1-6
  187. Supply Chain Management: Supplier Selection Problem with multi-objective Considering Incremental Discount, halaman 1-9
  188. An Exploration of the Relationship Between Service Quality and Behavioural Intentions in Fast Food Restaurants, halaman 1-6
  189. A Multi-point Swapped Crossover and Swap Mutation of Genetic Algorithm to Obtain Optimal Facility Layout Design, halaman 1-9
  190. Cost Allocation of SPS Service Using Cooperative Game Theory, halaman 1-8
  191. Ergonomics and Safety: Adding Value and Competitive Advantage to SME’s in the Philippines, halaman 1-10
  192. Measuring Green Innovation and Performance of the Philippine Construction Industry Using the Absorptive Capacity Model, halaman 1-12
  193. Ergonomics Issue on the Lighting of ABC University Libraries, halaman 1-8
  194. Application of Assembly Line Balancing Heuristics in Designing Product Layout in Needle with Holder Assembly for Precision Department, halaman 1-8
  195. Solving the faculty staffing problem by goal programming, halaman 1-12
  196. Relief Prepositioning for Coverage Maximization in Disaster Management, halaman 1-29
  197. A System Dynamics Perspective on the Repair and Replenishment of Spares, halaman 1-15
  198. Flood Facility Location-Allocation in Marikina City Using MCLP with Lagrange, halaman 1-13
  199. Implementing Open Source Technology in the Design of an Inventory Management System for Duty Free Philippines Corporation, halaman 1-6
  200. An Integrated Framework: Unifying Diverse Perspectives in Educational Quality Management System (EQMS), halaman 1-9
  201. A cluster insertion-based heuristic with load-dependent service times and transportation costs for the vehicle routing problem with backhauls and time windows, halaman 1-17
  202. Technology Assessment for Materials Identification and Tracking at Expert Group of Asia Plastic Corporation, halaman 1-10
  203. A Mathematical Model for the Impact of Suppliers’ Continuous Risks to a Manufacturer’s Inventory Decision in a Supply Chain, halaman 1-9
  204. A Predictive Model of the Severity of Musculoskeletal Disorders among Poultry Layer Workers, halaman 1-14
  205. Overall Improvement for the Design of Motorized Tricycles in the Philippines, An Ergonomic Study, halaman 1-9
  206. Reduction of Defects Using Taguchi Analysis and Fractional Factorial Design with Foldover Analysis, halaman 1-5
  207. A Framework on the Administrative Decision Model for Resource Loading, halaman 1-15
  208. Lean Engineering Education: bridging-the-gap between academe, industry and society, halaman 1-6
  209. Service Recovery Evaluations in Non-Budget Airlines: The Impact of Service Failure Severity and Complaining Behavior, halaman 1-8
  210. A Novel Genetic Algorithm to Solve DFJSP Scheduling Problems, halaman 1-6
  211. End-of-life Spare Part Inventory Management, halaman 1-8
  212. Design of Disaster Relief Supply Chain Model, halaman 1-8
  213. Quality improvement and setup cost reduction for the distribution free continuous-review inventory model with a service level constraint, halaman 1-9
  214. Job-shop scheduling optimization by parallel computing, halaman 1-10
  215. Aggregate production planning for EMS industry by distributed parallel computing, halaman 1-9
  216. An efficient hybrid algorithm for integrated order batching, sequencing and routing problem, halaman 1-10
  217. Development of Educational Program for Production Manager Based on a Symbiotic Competition with ABC-G Network, halaman 1-11
  218. Variable lot-streaming scheduling in multi-stage hybrid flowshop problem – A case study for solar cell industry, halaman 1-13
  219. The Adaptive Centroid Localization Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks, halaman 1-10
  220. Implementation of Lean Thinking in healthcare to solve uncertain hygienic material: a Case Study, halaman 1-8
  221. Product X Enterprise Strategy: A Matrix Approach to Enterprise Systems for Higher Sustainability Management, halaman 1-6
  222. Cooperation strategies for improving the performance of sequential zone-picking lines, halaman 1-8
  223. An Alternative Criterion to Line Stoppage Time in Mixed-Model Sequencing Problem, halaman 1-9
  224. Service quality assessment in health care service for hospitals: A case study in the out-patient department of a private hospital, halaman 1-21
  225. Design, Development and Implementation of SPC AutoCal in Ibiden Philippines, Inc. (IPI), halaman 1-6
  226. Simulation of Fuzzy Logic Controller for DC-DC Buck and Boost Converter in Three Programming Platforms, halaman 1-13
  227. Developing a multi-criteria evaluation model for mobile-text entry methods, halaman 1-17
  228. Evaluation of sustainable manufacturing strategies using the analytic network process, halaman 1-7
  229. Porous Red Clay-based Ceramics Prepared via Starch Consolidation-Pressure Cooking System, halaman 1-6
  230. A low-cost hardware design of a 6-thruster unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV), halaman 1-12
  231. Cost Optimization of a Goal Defending Robot in a Multi-Agent Robot Soccer Game, halaman 1-7
  232. Multiple Level Fuzzy Logic-based Artificial Intelligence for Multi-Agent Cooperative Robot Platform, halaman 1-10
  233. Performance Evaluation of Gamma-Ray Radiation and Ultraviolet Light Photocatalytic Pretreatments of Sargassum Algae, halaman 1-18
  234. Genetic Algorithm based Hinged-Blade Cross Axis Turbine Optimization Technique using Neural Network for Fitness Calculation, halaman 1-10
  235. Artificial Neural Network based Intelligence for Omnidirectional Autonomous Underwater Robot, halaman 1-13
  236. Identifying the Essential Attributes of Visual Displays used in Assembly Operations to Shorten Worker Reaction Time, halaman 1-10
  237. Philippine Quality Award Application Challenges, halaman 1-10
  238. Design modification, development, and testing of the UPLB anthropometrically fitted lowland hand-tractor for optimal reduction of Hand-Arm Vibration (HAV) exposure of the Filipino farmer, halaman 1-8
  239. Effecting Position and Duration in College Students Exam Performance, halaman 1-9
  240. A Q,r ordering policy for a fixed lifetime commodity with a capacitated delivery mechanism, halaman 1-7
  241. A Prediction Model Framework for Crop Yield Prediction, halaman 1-16
  242. Blending the Green in Gold: Towards a Sustainable Small Scale Gold Production Systems, halaman 1-8
  243. Research and development success factors towards innovation, halaman 1-12
  244. Innovation profile of the Philippines, halaman 1-28
  245. The research framework to determine carbon footprint of steel bars Type SD40 12 mm diameter in Thailand, halaman 1-7
  246. Single trial classification of many imagery tasks for BCI, halaman 1-7
  247. Examining a New Framework for Standardization/Adaptation Issue in Global Marketing, halaman 1-4
  248. A Study on purchasing decision support system based on reviews using NIRS, halaman 1-7
  249. A network generation model of social network services by expansion of the CNN model, halaman 1-9
  250. Confirmation of Teamwork Construction in Global First Line Worker Based on Religion, halaman 1-8
  251. Axial-flux Permanent Magnet Generator Modelling for Wind Generator Power Prediction, halaman 1-8

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