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BukuAnalisis Waktu Dan Jalur Kritis Proyek Pergudangan Berbasis Metode Pert Dan Metode CPM (Studi Kasus: Pergudangan Daan Mogot PT. X)
Author: WIJAYA, RAYMOND ; Triyanti, Vivi (Advisor)
Topik: Project Scheduling; Critical Path Method; Crash Program
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Penerbit: Program Studi Teknik Industri Fakultas Teknik Unika Atma Jaya     Tempat Terbit: Jakarta    Tahun Terbit: 2014    
Jenis: Theses - Undergraduate Thesis
Fulltext: Raymond Wijaya's Undergraduate Theses.pdf (4.83MB; 29 download)
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PT. X is one of the contractor of low rise building based in Jakarta. One of the newest project was warehouse project. This warehouse project has some issue, one of the biggest issue is time issue. The company failed to finish the project right on the time that has been deal before with developer and its very disappointing for them. As a services company customer satisfaction was a very crucial point. On this warehouse project, the company are required to finish the whole project in 240 days, meanwhile from based on CPM Method calculation this project required 277 days to finish. Therefore, the project need to be analyzed to end this issue. From the CPM calculation, its resulting the critical path of this warehouse project. The duration of every single critical activity was reduce in order to reduce the whole project. From that reduction in critical activity shows that it succeed to reduce the whole project up to only 240 days, and it doesn’t produce another critical path so the free float calculation would not been necessary anymore. By using crash program, the company can speed up the completion of the project up to 240 days, but its has consequence that the company need to add extra time (overtime). Of course, by added an overtime it will affect the direct cost in labor. In normal condition, the company spent Rp 467,900,000 mean while in crash program company need to spent Rp 502,900,000. By using crash program its reduce the completion time of the project up to 13% but its escalate the cost 8%. It can be become a positive approach because it reduce the time and prevent the project into lateness but still it needs to be compared with the company’s budget
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