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Buku12th ANQ Congress in Singapore, 5-8 Agustus 2014
Author: [s.n]
Bahasa: (EN )    
Penerbit: The Asian Network for Quality (ANQ)     Tempat Terbit: Singapore    Tahun Terbit: 2014    
Jenis: Proceeding
Fulltext: ANQ 2014 - cover.pdf (5.32MB; 11 download)
Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Implementing IWA 2 and DMAIC Approach for Improving Higher Education Service (Case Study : Faculty of Biotechnology , Atma Jaya Indonesia Catholic University), halaman 1-11
  2. Improvement of Photocopier Toner Delivery Fulfillment Through Six Sigma Methodology, halaman 1-14
  3. Industry Buzzer to Improve IT Operations Efficiency – The Lean Way, halaman 1-11
  4. Six Sigma Case Study:Bond Finger Nodule LRR Improvement, halaman 1-8
  5. Combination Six Sigma with Lean, halaman 1-8
  6. Reduction in Unloading Time of Box –N Wagons at Wagon Tipplers of NTPC Simhadri through DMAIC Methodology, halaman 1-16
  7. Applying Effective Audit Methodology to Enhance Productivity and Quality Improvements, halaman 1-7
  8. Risk Management in Internal Audit Planning, halaman 1-4
  9. Risk is the Compass: A New Approach to Auditing Quality Systems, halaman 1-7
  10. CU Quality Model : Tool for Quality Management of Chulalongkorn University, halaman 1-3
  11. Vietnamese Fruits Production and Exports Based on The Global Gap & ISO 22000 Standard Towards Faster and Sustainable Development, halaman 1-17
  12. Standardization of Intangible Dimensions of Service Quality by Visual SOP, halaman 1-7
  13. Achieving Business Objectives through TQM Implementation, halaman 1-15
  14. Organizational Culture, TQM Implementation and Performance: A Comparative Study between TQM and TQM-ISO Firms, halaman 1-10
  15. Using TQM and Excellence Principles in Effective Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives at Tata Group, halaman 1-13
  16. Imported Raw Material Inventory Management at Tata Steel A TOC- TQM Approach, Impacting Business, halaman 1-8
  17. Total Quality Management in Educational Institutions, halaman 1-6
  18. Quality Decision for Overcharged Li Ion Battery from Reliability and Safety Perspective, halaman 1-8
  19. Statistical Inference for Grouped Field Failure Data, halaman 1-15
  20. The Correlation between Device Aging and System Degradation, halaman 1-8
  21. Reliability-based Reduced Sampling Approach, halaman 1-7
  22. Modeling Patient Falls in Hospitals Based on Survival Analysis and Recurrent Events Analysis, halaman 1-11
  23. Reliability Practice Based On PLM Process, halaman 1-8
  24. Lifetime Prediction of Vehicle Components Using Online Monitoring Data, halaman 1-13
  25. Estimation of Lifetime Distribution with Covariates Using Online Monitoring, halaman 1-10
  26. Analysis of Window Censored Repair Logs and its Application to Maintenance, halaman 1-7
  27. Business Transformation Case Study of Hardware Company, halaman 1-10
  28. Investigation on the Measurement Uncertainty of Scanning Electron & Acoustic Microscopy under HOKLAS scheme, halaman 1-12
  29. Analysis of China Private-Equity and Venture Capital Market, halaman 1-11
  30. The Relationship among Perceived Price, Brand Image, Store Image and Perceived Value to Purchasing Intention - The Case Study on a Spanish Clothing Brand ZARA, halaman 1-15
  31. Developing C2C Retail Entrepreneurship with Opportunities and Challenges: A Hong Kong Example, halaman 1-12
  32. A Study on the Method to Derive the Attractions of Seasoning to Be Communicated, halaman 1-5
  33. Risk Management Evolution for Business and Operations, halaman 1-14
  34. The Indicators for Development of Green Tourism Supply Chain Management, halaman 1-6
  35. Research of Customers with a Keen Loyalty, halaman 1-5
  36. Linking Employee Satisfaction with Customer Satisfaction in Bank, halaman 1-6
  37. Study of Consumer Attitude towards Online Shopping of Seafood, halaman 1-11
  38. Customer Centricity: Drive Sustainable Operations, halaman 1-9
  39. Using Lean for Competitive Advantage and Customer Delight – A Case Study, halaman 1-6
  40. Productivity for Business & Customer Fulfilment – A Way into the Future, halaman 1-12
  41. Analysis of Students’ Feedback to Improve Course Programme ANQ Congress 2014 Singapore, halaman 1-7
  42. Aspects of Statistical Thinking Education for Quality Improvement Applications, halaman 1-15
  43. The Impact of ASEAN University Network-Quality Assurance (AUN-QA) Assessment on the Quality of Educational Programmes, halaman 1-10
  44. An Assessment Model to Assure Educational Excellence, halaman 1-8
  45. The Evaluation of Service Quality for High Education in Taiwan by Using Importance-Satisfaction Model, halaman 1-7
  46. Renovation of Assessment on Teaching and Learning Quality Based on the Orientation of Student’s Competence Development, halaman 1-6
  47. Quality Assurance Information System of Chulalongkorn University, halaman 1-4
  48. Environmental Considerations in the Construction Industries in Hong Kong and China, halaman 1-24
  49. Air Quality Modeling Via PM2.5 Measurements Min Zhou1,, halaman 1-12
  50. Environmental Quality: A Case Study of Public Perceptions and Scientific Reality, halaman 1-7
  51. An Electric Energy Simulation in a Smart Village Based On the Weather Forecast, halaman 1-7
  52. Impact of Climate Variability on Flood Management in Dhaka City, halaman 1-11
  53. Defective Rate Reduction of Connector Mating, halaman 1-5
  54. Energy Cost Saving by using Text Mining for Analysis Trend of Solar Heat Water Technology, halaman 1-9
  55. Cost Optimization for Bulk Cement Distribution Reallocation, halaman 1-11
  56. Improving the Efficiency of Rescue Operations through the Implementation of Business Excellence Model, halaman 1-5
  57. Rolling Of SD Grade Rebar Using Leaner Chemistry Steel, halaman 1-11
  58. Reduce Oxygen Cost through Optimising Oxygen Supply to Blast Furnaces and LD Shops, halaman 1-13
  59. Imbibing Quality Culture at Grass Root Level in India, halaman 1-8
  60. Marketing Strategies of Jewelry Manufacture in Hong Kong: An Analysis, halaman 1-10
  61. To Reduce the Spot Distortion, Bending Breakage & Edge Bend Problem of Maruti Suzuki Swift Model in Lamination Process of Windshield Glass, halaman 1-15
  62. Improving the Quality of Internal Control at Airports Corporation of Vietnam, halaman 1-7
  63. Cost and Cycle Time Reduction by Lean Management for Bakery Business, halaman 1-12
  64. The Optimization the Production of Mini Bun Sausage Bread, halaman 1-14
  65. Improvements Machine to Minimize the Thickness Loss of the Leather, halaman 1-8
  66. Reduce Soybean Meal Loss in Multimodal Transport, halaman 1-12
  67. Patient Assignment and Grouping Problem on Home Health Care: A Case in Hong Kong, halaman 1-13
  68. A Proposed Method to Identify Medication Incident Process Factors, halaman 1-9
  69. Adaptation of the Process Flow Chart for Use in Medical Enterprises, halaman 1-6
  70. Development of Process Model for Surgical Operation Planning, halaman 1-12
  71. A Model to Evaluate Competence of Medical Doctors for Invasive Techniques at Hospitals, halaman 1-10
  72. Analysis of Medication Incidents Nationwide With a Focus on Individual Elements of the Work Process, halaman 1-6
  73. A Study on the Falls Prevention System in an Acute Hospital, halaman 1-6
  74. Personal Behavior of Smart Phone Users on Information Protection: Health Psychology Theory Perspectives, halaman 1-8
  75. Servitization Model Development of Healthcare Industry, halaman 1-11
  76. A Method for Evaluating Nurses’ Actions Using a Daily Action Plan, halaman 1-6
  77. A Study on the Measurement Method of Effect for Healthcare-Safety-Education, halaman 1-9
  78. Method for Evaluation and Analysis of Cancer Care Platform for the Implementation of PDCA, halaman 1-12
  79. Developing Quality Performance Indices for Research and Development, halaman 1-9
  80. The Relationships between Innovation Orientation, Customer Orientation, Service Quality, and Business Performance, halaman 1-7
  81. A Pattern of Service Innovation in the Retailing Industry, halaman 1-6
  82. Why Innovators Focus on Controllability and Desirability of Product?, halaman 1-7
  83. Triz for New Product Development in Bakery Business, halaman 1-6
  84. Innovation Management is a Main Condition for the Leadership and Sustainable Development of the Medical Organization, halaman 1-10
  85. Design Criteria for Exploring Feasible Region of Factors in Multi-dimensional Space, halaman 1-7
  86. Expansion and Study of the Validity of the Cyclic Design, halaman 1-7
  87. Research on Multiple Comparisons of Non-Parametric Tests In Survival Analysis, halaman 1-6
  88. Construction of Enterprise Quality Interactive Model, halaman 1-7
  89. Inquiry into the Secrets of the Powerful “Made in Germany”, halaman 1-6
  90. Micro Aerial Vehicle (MAV) Research and Application in the City Distribution Networks, halaman 1-6
  91. Innovation Council - Intrapreneurial, halaman 1-8
  92. Taste of the Salt and Sensuality Evaluation of the Taste ,and the Examination of the Causal Model of the Language Data, halaman 1-10
  93. Introduction to JSQC-Std 32-001:2013 “Guidelines for Daily Management”, halaman 1-10
  94. The Optimal Parameters Design of Multiple Quality Characteristics for the Welding Plate of Aluminum Magnesium Alloy, halaman 1-7
  95. Integrated Dynamic and Static PAT Method Applied in the Semiconductor Packaging and Testing Industry, halaman 1-10
  96. A Case Study on Production Management Based on the Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) System, halaman 1-9
  97. Extracting Strategic Priority Components for Product Liability Response System using AHP, halaman 1-6
  98. A Study on the Design Verification Process of a Control System for Construction Equipment, halaman 1-7
  99. Enhancing Customer Analytics with Big Data Integration, halaman 1-7
  100. Establishing a Business Process Reference Model for Universities: A Case Study in Hanoi University of Industry - Vietnam, halaman 1-7
  101. Data Mining for Research Trend in Bakery Business, halaman 1-9
  102. The Study of the Factors Affecting on Food Deterioration from Microbial Spoilage of Sandwich Products, halaman 1-7
  103. Use of Analytics to Improve The Quality of ROM Feed and Productivity of Dump Trucks, halaman 1-15
  104. Coping with High Blast Furnace Productivity by Improvising Drainage Practices, halaman 1-15
  105. An Evaluation of Product Images that Consumers Derive from the Design Elements of PET Bottle Drink, halaman 1-8
  106. Shaping B2B Customer Needs Focus through Production Management Strategies, halaman 1-9
  107. A Holistic Approach to Quality- an Imperative Need for Growth Inclusive of People and Environment, halaman 1-13
  108. A Study on Caustic Soda Using the Environmental Crisis Management Model, halaman 1-4
  109. Quality Practices for Institutions Forming the Eco-system in which Industry Operates, halaman 1-11
  110. To Eliminate Cytotoxic Contamination to Linen Post Instillation of MMC into Patient’s Bladder by 50%, halaman 1-5
  111. Reduction of Time Taken for Dispatch of Documents from PAT to MRO, halaman 1-4
  112. Reducing Errors in Controlled Drug Prescriptions, halaman 1-3
  113. Research on the Development of Measurement Technology in Aerospace Mechanical Manufacture, halaman 1-6
  114. The Relationship between the Customers’ Experience and Satisfaction in Convenience Food Stores, halaman 1-8
  115. Cluster Based Finance Initiative, halaman 1-15
  116. Online Marketing Application in Brand Development in Vietnam, halaman 1-9
  117. The Study of Service Quality for Blocking Dissatisfied Customers’ Switch Intention, halaman 1-9
  118. Simulation-based Production Management for TFT-LCD Fab, halaman 1-8
  119. Study on the Efficiency Measurement of Companies in Regional Industrial Cluster - A Preliminary Case Study -, halaman 1-7
  120. The Build-Up Layer AOI Yield Improvement for FCBGA Product, halaman 1-9
  121. Study on Operational Management and Control Food Quality “From farm to fork” in Children Objects, halaman 1-5
  122. Effective Way to Improve the Quality Management, halaman 1-5
  123. Configurable MES for SME Manufacturer: Essential MES Function Suggestion for Automobile Part Industry, halaman 1-7
  124. A Study on Analysis of Industrial Development Trends Using Patent Data, halaman 1-10
  125. 'I saw the sign!' - Reduction of Unnecessary Daily Redirections to Improve Quality of Patient Care, halaman 1-5
  126. Improving Management of Purchase Orders for Appliances, halaman 1-4
  127. A Practical Monitoring to Detect the Quality Shifts using EWMA Method, halaman 1-7
  128. To Implement “Lean Six Sigma” Concept in Automobile Manufacturing, halaman 1-11
  129. Sigma Level Calculations Using MINITAB, halaman 1-12
  130. A Korean Mobile Application Software (APP)-based Cybernetic White Paper on Quality Management, halaman 1-9
  131. Establishing TTQS Accreditation System Performance Model for Vocational Training Center, halaman 1-5
  132. The Quality of Teaching and Learning at Ho Chi Minh City University of Food Industry after the Application of Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008, halaman 1-8
  133. A Purchase Behavior Analysis Using ID-POS Data - Case Study on a Foods Supermarket in Japan -, halaman 1-8
  134. Estimation Accuracies of Total Effects Using Supplementary Variables, halaman 1-12
  135. An Application of Generalized Inverse Regression Estimator to Taguchi's T Method, halaman 1-8
  136. A Power Calculation Method of Closed Testing Procedure Based On Weighted Bonferroni Tests to Each Intersection Hypothesis by Integrating Joint Multivariate Distribution, halaman 1-6
  137. Strategies for In-house Deployment of Triz, halaman 1-2
  138. Quality through Cognitive Work Culture, halaman 1-7
  139. Study on the Activities of Teaching Gardens to Reduce the Rate of Children Overweight and Obesity, halaman 1-8
  140. The Relationships among Leadership Style, Knowledge Sharing, Organizational Innovation and Organizational Performance, halaman 1-11
  141. Identifying the Source of Variance Shifts in Multivariate Statistical Process Control using Ensemble Classifiers, halaman 1-8
  142. Grass Root Opportunities @ Work : A Service Industry Perspective, halaman 1-8
  143. Extensions for DD-plot, halaman 1-9
  144. Closed-loop Method for Quality Problems: Flexible Use of KNOW-HOW, halaman 1-7
  145. Components of Variance for Diff BtB & WiB Analysis, halaman 1-5
  146. The Load Profile Monitoring System Based on Cloud Computing in Hybrid Electric Vehicle, halaman 1-8
  147. Practical Decipher of Generalized Resolution, Minimum G Aberration and Minimum G2 Aberration, halaman 1-6
  148. Prediction Intervals of Simple Linear Regression for Interval-Valued Data, halaman 1-11
  149. Study of Probability Distribution in Paired Comparison, halaman 1-9
  150. Interaction Analysis with Covariate of Noise Factor, halaman 1-7
  151. A Study of Improvement on IPW Estimator, halaman 1-7
  152. Augmentation Designs for the Orthogonal Array in the Simulation Study, halaman 1-7
  153. Far East Federal University Innovation Project “Engineering House”, halaman 1-3
  154. Predicting Project Outcome using Bayesian Belief Network (BBN), halaman 1-5
  155. The Learning Culture of Reliance Commercial Finance, halaman 1-14
  156. ‘Manufacturing Operations Excellence Composite Score Assessment Model’ (ECSA Model), halaman 1-6
  157. The Joy of Leading the Journey of Transformation, halaman 1-8
  158. Quality Assurance (QA) in the Context of Expansion Projects in Tata Steel, halaman 1-7
  159. Leadership For Excellence - A Balanced Scorecard Approach To The 5th Element, halaman 1-15
  160. An Incipient Condition-based SPC Anomaly Detection Approach for the Rolling Process, halaman 1-13
  161. A General Approach to Reducing Transfer Function Errors for Design of Experiments (DOE), halaman 1-8
  162. Scalable and Sustainable Transformation: An eSilicon Journey, halaman 1-7
  163. The World Quality Movement after the 3rd Industrial Revolution, halaman 1-3
  164. From Belts to Baldrige, halaman 1-7
  165. Alternative to the Balanced Scorecard, halaman 1-6
  166. Factors Affecting User’s Switching Intention from Social Network Sites to Micro-Blogs, halaman 1-10
  167. Insights into Informal Benchmarking, halaman 1-15
  168. Nonparametric Wavelet-based Multivariate Control Chart for Rotating Machinery Condition Monitoring, halaman 1-15
  169. A Bayesian Spatio-temporal Model for NO2 in Seoul, halaman 1-7
  170. An Empirical Study and Factor Analysis of Start-up Quality for Senior's Successful Start-up, halaman 1-8
  171. Service Quality Comparison, halaman 1-5
  172. The Relationship between Academic Achievement and Experimental Ability in Chemical Field, halaman 1-7
  173. A Proposal on Wood Drying Technology upon the Sustainable Growth of the Forest Management, halaman 1-10

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