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BukuThe International Symposium on Social Sciences (TISSS) and Hong Kong International Conference on Education, Psychology and Society (HKICEPS) at Hongkong, December 2013
Author: [s.n]
Bahasa: (EN )    ISBN: 978-986-90052-2-7    
Penerbit: HKICEPS and TISSS     Tempat Terbit: Hongkong    Tahun Terbit: 2013    
Jenis: Proceeding
Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. The Arthashastra: An Asian/Oriental Treatise on (the Art of) Governance, halaman 18-26
  2. Pricing of PPP Project’s Advance Transferring Using Real Option Theory, halaman 27-36
  3. Self Evaluation and Analysis of Quality Management Improvement by IWA 2 Approach in Atma Jaya Catholic University, Indonesia, halaman 38-45
  4. The Magic of Samsung: Made in Korea, halaman 46-57
  5. Can Market Be Cooling Down When China Shut the Door to IPOs?, halaman 58-78
  6. The Effects of Auditors and Audit Opinions on Firms' Catering Expenses in Korea, halaman 79-98
  7. Life of Street Children in Terms of Maslow’s Theory of Needs, halaman 99-104
  8. The Impacts of Perceived Relatedness on Team’s Transactive Memory System, halaman 105-112
  9. The Relationship of Body Image Satisfaction Level and Suicide Probability of Male and Female High School Students in Metro Manila, halaman 113-119
  10. An Examination of the Age-related Positivity Effect in US, China, and Hong Kong, halaman 120-127
  11. The Yin and Yang of Chinese Parenting: Parenting that Promotes Socialemotional and Academic Success in Chinese American Adolescents, halaman 128-135
  12. An Integrative Approach for International Student Support Program, halaman 139-145
  13. Exchange of International Best Practices- Dilemmas & Solutions within the Indian Context, halaman 146-153
  14. Imagining the Cosmopolitan Classroom: Education in Transnational Spaces, halaman 154-161
  15. Using Genre-Based Portfolios to Improve Students’ Attitudes towards English Writing, halaman 162-170
  16. School Administration and the Development of Citizenship of Students in Saudi Arabia: Contributions and Practices, halaman 171-179
  17. The Practice of Contextualized College Spoken English Education in Mainland China --- Based upon the Theory of Embodied Cognition, halaman 187-191
  18. The Power of Language and Culture in Mobilizing Thailand towards Becoming a Happy Society (abstract only), halaman 193-194
  19. Exploring Academic Leadership in Teaching and Learning: A Study on Academic Staff from Felda Generation at Malaysian Polytechnics (abstract only), halaman 196-198
  20. Exploring the Motivation for and Barriers to Academic Leadership among Malaysian Polytechnic Lecturers of FELDA Settlement Background, halaman 199-208
  21. University Image Structure and Presumptions for Its Formation, halaman 211-217
  22. Engineering Students’ Perceptions and Experiences of the Internship Program, halaman 218-223
  23. Effects of Differentiated Instruction on Filipino Students’ Achievement and Attitude towards Trigonometry: an Empirical Study, halaman 225-233
  24. Bridging Dialogue: Visiting Professors as Mediators of Intercultural Learning, halaman 234-241
  25. Leadership for Learning in Indian Private Schools, halaman 242-246
  26. A Framework for Adoption of Cloud Computing in Higher Education System, halaman 247-256
  27. Intrinsic Motives among Bottom of the Pyramid Users of Mobile Phones, halaman 259-260
  28. Direct Real Estate Investment Risk under the Ex Ante Duration, Timevarying Beta and GARCH Models, halaman 261-294
  29. A Difference Test of the Capital Structure Determinants in Korean Hospitality Industry, halaman 295-303
  30. Business Students’ Perceptions of Lecturer Teaching Skills, halaman 304-312
  31. Globalization and Higher Education Student Mobility: Ethical Considerations for Study Abroad in the Developing Countries, halaman 322-329
  32. Tourism and Economic Growth with Endogenous Income and Wealth Distribution, halaman 338-345
  33. How to Measure Financial (In)Stability in Emerging Europe?, halaman 346-360
  34. The Effect of Macroeconomic Factors, Quantitative Easing and Taiwan’s Financial Policies on the Profitability of Offshore Banking Units: 2000-2012, halaman 361-367
  35. The Causal Relationship among Malaysian Infant Mortality, Fertility and Female Labour Supply, halaman 368-375
  36. Offshore Outsourcing Contracts: The Real Options Analysis Using Trinomial Option Pricing Model, halaman 377-388
  37. Does Operating Performance Improve after Merger & Acquisition? Evidence from Chinese Listed Companies, halaman 389-397
  38. Family Outmigration in Isla Verde, Batangas City, halaman 399-405
  39. Alternative Welfare in Khon Kaen Province, halaman 406-408
  40. Gender, Sexuality and Functionalism in Lao Contemporary Literature, halaman 409-413
  41. Masculinity and Femininity in Buddhist Didactic Literature, halaman 414-417
  42. ‘Modern woman’ Discourse in Duangtawan’s Novels, halaman 419-420
  43. Changes in Beliefs and Identities of Preservice Teachers, halaman 425-433
  44. Impact of Parental Attitudes on Emotional Intelligence and Adjustment of Adolescents, halaman 441-448
  45. Achievement Motivation, Intelligence and Educationalachievement, halaman 449-456
  46. The Psychology of Auditing in China:the Need to Understand Guanxi Thinking and Feelings as Applied to Contractual Disputes, halaman 457-464
  47. The Impact of Re-engineering a Bed Management System on Psychological Empowerment of Nurses in a Local Hospital in Hong Kong (absract only), halaman 465-466
  48. Towards a Framework of Understanding the School Culture of Public Secondary Schools in Metro Manila, halaman 469-478
  49. Chinese Principal Perceptions on the American School Leadership Standards: the Disparity among Leadership Dimensions, halaman 479-481
  50. Students’ Images and Views of Chemistry: Its Implication to Student Achievement, halaman 482-492
  51. The Effect of Parent-Child Communication on Children’S Achievement in China:the Mediation Role of Motivation Belief (abstract only), halaman 493-494
  52. Association between Reading Activities and Approaches to Learning with Academic Resilience: a Cross-country Analysis, halaman 495-503
  53. Teachers Responses to the 2004/05 Teach Less, Learn More Policy in Singapore, halaman 504-512
  54. Democratic School Governance Leadership and Management: A Case Study of Two Schools in South Africa, halaman 513-520
  55. Analysis of Success and Failure the Performance of CSR ( Corporate Social Responsibility ) in Indonesia, halaman 523-526
  56. Foucault’S Concept of Governmentality in Social Sciences Potential and Limits, halaman 527-533
  57. Views of Language of Korean People Living in Hong Kong and Macau - Background of the Formation of Their Views and the Relationships between Their Motives of Migration and Language Use, halaman 534-541
  58. On Filipino A?et?: Appropriating Aristotelian Arête to the Valuation of Filipino Virtues, halaman 542-549
  59. Social Problems among Malay Youths in Kuala Lumpur, halaman 551-558
  60. Level of Teachers Competence in Malaysian Community Colleges: A Case Study of Teachers from FELDA Settlements, halaman 559-563
  61. Competing Values Framework of Administrators among Private Colleges in the National Capital Region, halaman 566-575
  62. A Comparative Study on Parent Education Program and its Implementation in South Korea: Philosophy-based Program vs. National Curriculum-based Program, halaman 576-581
  63. Remediating Identified Errors in Algebra Among Senior Secondary School Students Using Cooperative Learning Instructional Strategy in Kano State, Nigeria, halaman 582-591
  64. Students’ Performance Management System for Educational Planning, halaman 593-600
  65. Disasters, Children, and Post-Disaster Interventions, halaman 601-607
  66. Elite Engineering Education in Tomsk Polytechnic University and Worldwide, halaman 608-616
  67. A Study on the Development of Fair and Responsible Tourism in Korea, halaman 619-625
  68. British Colonialism and the Establishment of the First Native Authority (Na) Hospital in Kano, Northern Nigeria 1903-1939, halaman 626-634
  69. A Study on the Effects of SNS Users' Self-construals on Social Capital Focused on Independent and Interdependent Self- construals, halaman 637-643
  70. The Key Factors Influencing the Leverage of Thai Banks During the pre- AFC and the post-AFC Periods, halaman 644-652
  71. Recognition and Causal Beliefs of Depression Among Young Adults in a Semi-Urban Malaysian Community and its Association with Help-Seeking Behaviour, halaman 655-662
  72. Correlation between Emotional Intelligence and Parental Encouragement at Adolescence Level., halaman 664-667
  73. Motivational Processes of University Students in Optional Physical Education Classes to Predict Physical Activity Intentions and Enjoyment: A Self-Determination Theory Approach (abstract only), halaman 668-669
  74. The Effect of Self-Regulatory Depletion on Gymnasts’ Performance of Routine Exercises, halaman 670-678
  75. The Effects of Time on e-Educational Group Discussions, halaman 683-688
  76. Examining the Gender and Grade Level Differences in Mathematics Anxiety: A Philippine Perspective, halaman 690-696
  77. The Use of Constructivist-informed Laboratory and Science Camp Process to Develop Student Conceptual Understandings in Chemistry for Secondary Students in Kokkorn Pittayakom School, halaman 697-705
  78. An Investigation of CALL Application on EFL Autonomous Reading, halaman 707-720
  79. Nurturing Education for Entrepreneurship among Arab Youth, halaman 721-724
  80. Forensic Accounting Education and Practice: Evidence from China, halaman 727-735
  81. Expanding Creative Mindset in World Museum Collaboration across Cultures and Generations, halaman 736-742
  82. A Survey of Teachers of English Training Program in North Central Nigeria: Quality of Teachers and Effectiveness of Teaching in Secondary Schools, halaman 743-756
  83. Innovation in Language Assessment: A Self-report Study on the Impact of e-Portfolio via Facebook on Students, halaman 757-772
  84. Instruction Media of Energy Class for Elementary School: Bai-por Goes to School, halaman 773-779
  85. Counseling Underperforming Teachers towards Sustainable Teaching Environment (abstract only), halaman 780-781
  86. Teacher Development for Improved Student Learning. Can the University Turn the Tide? (abstract only), halaman 782-783
  87. Developing a Cultural Competency Practice Framework in Counseling, halaman 785-794
  88. Explaining Academic Achievement: The Impact of School Climate and Social Identity, halaman 795-802
  89. Indigenous Peoples Recruited into Modern Militaries: A Comparative Approach, the Americas And Southeast Asia, halaman 803-808
  90. Accessibility of Colorectal Cancer Patients to Health Care: A Geographical Analysis, halaman 809-818
  91. The Necessity for Visual Arts Education in Children with Special Needs, halaman 819-823
  92. Emotional Response to Transformations of Melody, halaman 824-828
  93. An Analysis of the Aspect of Education in Assessment Tools for Sustainability in Higher Education, halaman 831-843
  94. A Common Curriculum in Contemporary Korean Religious Education, halaman 844-848
  95. Creating Innovative Schools in Markets: Marketization of Public Education in the United States, Singapore and South Korea, halaman 849-856
  96. The Effects of Science School Project on Graduate Students’ Attitudes Towards Astronomy, halaman 857-861
  97. The Implementation of Self-, Peer-, and Teacher-Assessment in Higher Education: A Case Study in the Faculty of Education, halaman 862-869
  98. The Depositary and Registrar System of the Financial Market and the Modern Problems of the Russian Financial Market Infrastructure, halaman 874-883
  99. Preliminary Study on the Influence of the Shapes and Colors of Public Signs on its Service Efficiency, halaman 884-890
  100. One Child Stereotype: Myths or Reality? A Chinese Experience, halaman 892-897
  101. Perceptual Fluency in Judgment of Learning Process Affects Metacognition Accuracy (abstract only), halaman 900-901
  102. Resting Beta Power Correlates with Impulsivity Strength in Menopausal Women: An Electroencephalography Study, halaman 902-906
  103. The Impact of Aerobic Exercise on the Sad Emotion Inhibition in Young Women: an EEG Study, halaman 907-911
  104. Emotional Intelligence And At-Risk Students, halaman 912-924
  105. Authentic Learning: Use of Simulation in Higher Education Setting, halaman 928-933
  106. Multicultural Early Childhood Education Policy and its Local Interpretation in South Korea (abstract only), halaman 935-936
  107. The Influence of Tablet PC Based Social Story Intervention on the Problematic Behaviors and On-task Behaviors of Students with Intellectual Disabilities, halaman 939-947
  108. General Middle School Teachers’ Perception on Instructional Adaptation and Cooperative Teaching for Access to the General Curriculum, halaman 949-950
  109. A Study on Young Children’s Multi-D Scientific Experience, halaman 951-953
  110. Impact of Ego-Resilience and Organizational Commitment on Happiness among Early Childhood Teachers, halaman 954-957
  111. A Study on the Creative Convergence of Teaching-Media by Text of Early Childhood Classrooms (abstract only), halaman 958-959
  112. Using the Community of Inquiry Model to Investigate Students’ Knowledge Construction in Asynchronous Online Discussions, halaman 974-982
  113. Quantitative Analysis of Interaction among Urban Employment, Urbanization and its Economy, halaman 986-992
  114. Do Plants Make Less Pollution Reduction Efforts during Recession? Plants’ Response to Local Economic Condition, halaman 993-1009
  115. An Need Analysis on Faculty's Job Competency (abstract only), halaman 1011-1012
  116. E-Learning Consultant Professional’s Roles and Competencies in the Age of Web 2.0 (abstract only), halaman 1013-1015
  117. Older Worker Policies in EU Countries - Results of Project "Equalizing Opportunities on Labor Market for People Aged 50+", halaman 1017-1021
  118. The Impact of School Violence on Youths Suicidal Ideation and Aggression, halaman 1022-1023
  119. Child Abandonment Is a Growing Social Phenomenon in Romania after the Revolution and Has Long-term Psychological Implications (abstract only), halaman 1024-1025
  120. An Understanding of Religion in a Scientific Society a Sociological Perspective: The Challenge of the Millenium, halaman 1027-1031
  121. Sermon Discourse, halaman 1036-1043
  122. Factors for Mobile Application Supporting Self-regulated Learning of Elementary Students (abstract only), halaman 1046-1047
  123. An Autoethnographic Study on School Community of an Alternative School in South Korea (abstract only), halaman 1049-1050
  124. A Literature Review on Training Programs for the Communication Partners in Augmentative and Alternative Communication System (AAC), halaman 1052-1060
  125. The State of Learning in Science for Quality of Life Course, General Education, halaman 1062-1066
  126. An Analysis on the Emotions and Feelings of Love Depicted in Picture Books (abstract only), halaman 1067-1068
  127. SMART Knowledge Generation Model and Its Digital Textbook in Learning Science, halaman 1069-1075
  128. The Copperbelt University, School of Built Environment Landscape Architecture Planning and Design Course; Lession for Now and the Future in Higher Education, halaman 1076-1085
  129. Method of Education in Teaching, halaman 1086-1090
  130. An Analysis on the Characteristics of Folk Deities Appeared (abstract only), halaman 1091-1092
  131. A Conceptual Framework for Analysing Teaching Difficulties in the Science Classroom, halaman 1093-1107
  132. Comparison on Critical Thinking in Engineering College Students in Different Grades, halaman 1108-1112
  133. Escalation of Commitment in R&D Projects (abstract only), halaman 37
  134. A General Framework for the Use of Open-Ended Problems in Mathematics (abstract only), halaman 136
  135. Communication Quality and Marital Adjustment at Long Distance Marriage (abstract only), halaman 141
  136. Basic Education in the Philippine Middle East Schools (abstract only), halaman 180
  137. The Manifestation of Occupational Stress in the Teaching Profession: The Unheeded Voices of Teachers (abstract only), halaman 181
  138. Crowdsourcing: the Advent of Open Innovative Researches (abstract only), halaman 186
  139. Case Study on International Youth Exchange Program for Multicultural Education in Korea (abstract only), halaman 192
  140. The Effects of Teacher Self-Efficacy and Immigrant Parent’s Characteristics and Involvement in Learning Activities on Children’s School Readiness (abstract only), halaman 195
  141. Relationships between English First Language, Test Scores and Collaborative Learning in a Medical Curriculum: Testing a Causal Model (abstract only), halaman 224
  142. Focalist Bias in Probability Judgments: How does that Affect Consumers’ Decisions? (abstract only), halaman 258
  143. The Influence of Stigma on the Attitude towards Seeking Professional Psychological Help among Malaysians (abstract only), halaman 314
  144. Moving Forward: Opportunities and Challenges (abstract only), halaman 315
  145. Difficulties in Writing Argumentative Articles (abstract only), halaman 316
  146. Resilience of Acehnese Survivors of Civil War and Tsunami (abstract only), halaman 317
  147. Comparing Personality Attributes of Medical Students across Level of Study, halaman 318
  148. Snowball Effect on Children’s Cognitive Development (abstract only), halaman 319
  149. Teacher Responsibility and Insight in Christian Education (abstract only), halaman 330
  150. Integration of Waste Management to Classroom Instruction towards Lean and Clean Instruction (abstract only), halaman 331
  151. The Junior School Certificate Examination in Bangladesh: A Critical Review (abstract only), halaman 332
  152. An Analysis of Educational Philosophies in the Philippines and Influence of Philosophy of Teachers over Student Specialization (abstract only), halaman 333
  153. The Effect of Teaching Experience on EFL Teachers’ Perceptions of Listening Comprehension Problems (abstract only), halaman 334
  154. Filipino Students’ Perceptions of Their Teachers: Power Distance and the Development of Social, Communication, and Critical Thinking Skills, halaman 335
  155. Two Decades after Economic Liberalization: Examining India’s Road to Progress, halaman 376
  156. Program Keluarga Harapan as Poverty Eclipsing at East Java, Indonesia: Reflection on 6th Implementation and its Sustainability (abstract only), halaman 418
  157. Teaching the Four Levels of English through Songs (abstract only), halaman 423
  158. Pre-Service EFL Teachers’ Use of Technology in Teaching Practicum (abstract only), halaman 424
  159. The Challenges of Engaging Online Learners (abstract only), halaman 434
  160. Investigating Differential Item Functioning in a Verbal Aptitude Test (abstract only), halaman 435
  161. Inclusive Education in the Philippines through the Eyes of Filipino Parents, Teachers, and Administrators (abstract only), halaman 436
  162. The Development and Practice of Inclusive Education in the Czech Republic: The School Principal’s Role (abstract only), halaman 437
  163. An Evolutionary Approach to the Treatment of Depression (abstract only), halaman 440
  164. Citizens’ Participation in Public Service Delivery in Urban China (abstract only), halaman 550
  165. English Language Proficiency in Higher Education: Through the Lens of the Chinese State (abstract only), halaman 592
  166. Influence of Organizational Climate and Organizational Culture on Managerial Effectiveness: An Inquisitive Study (abstract only), halaman 635
  167. Social Media and Cyber Wellness among Youths in Singapore (abstract only), halaman 636
  168. Personality, Test Anxiety and Exam Performance (abstract only), halaman 663
  169. Comparison between Writing Arguments in Indonesian and in English Language (abstract only), halaman 679
  170. Transfromational Epistemology: Towards Integrally Pluralist Psychosocial Studies (abstract only), halaman 680
  171. A Review on Institutional Discourses about English in China (abstract only), halaman 689
  172. Motivational Factors in Learning English of Hong Kong Vocational Students (abstract only), halaman 706
  173. World in the Social Science Education Students’ Minds (abstract only), halaman 870
  174. The Effects of Science School Projects on Graduate Students’ Self-Efficacy Beliefs About Teaching Astronomy (abstract only), halaman 871
  175. Risk or Protective Factors of Cigarette Smoking among Korean Students between 2006 and 2012 (abstract only), halaman 898
  176. Correlation between Hypomethylation of HMOX1 and Cognitive Decline in Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease (abstract only), halaman 899
  177. Plagiarism 101: The Making of a Graphic Guide to Critical Literacy (abstract only), halaman 934
  178. Exploration of the Meaning of Teaching Material Used by a Teacher Surnamed Kim in Circle-time (abstract only), halaman 937
  179. A Path Analysis of Influence of Home Environment, Parenting Stress, Acceptance of Disability and Parenting Efficacy on the Parenting Behavior of Mothers Raising Children with Intellectual Disabilities (abstract only), halaman 938
  180. A Longitudinal Comparative Study of Physique and Physical Fitness of Children between the Forest Kindergarten and the General Kindergarten (abstract only), halaman 948
  181. The Influence of Perceived Parenting Styles and Marital Conflict on the Adolescent’s Guilt - proneness: Focusing on Gender Differences (abstract only), halaman 963
  182. The Effect of Self-Regulated Learning Program on the Learning Strategies and Academic Motivation of Lower-Leveled Elementary Students (abstract only), halaman 964
  183. The Effect of Time Management Program (abstract only), halaman 965
  184. What Parents Want to Know about Their Childrens Transition from Elementary to Middle School (abstract only), halaman 966
  185. The Difference in Procrastination and Anxiety According to the Cognitive Regulatory Focus of College Students (abstract only), halaman 967
  186. Field Dependence-Independence as a Variable in Academic Achievement and Career Identity (abstract only), halaman 968
  187. Parental Psychological Control and Interpersonal Anxiety of College Students: The Mediating Role of Perfectionistic Self-Presentation (abstract only), halaman 969
  188. Relationship of Internalized Shame and Cognitive Emotion Regulation strategies to Ambivalence over Emotional Expression of College Students (abstract only), halaman 970
  189. Psychometric Properties of the Mexican Version of the Mindful Attention Awareness Scale (MAAS) (abstract only), halaman 971
  190. The Relationships among Basic Psychological Needs, Ego Identity, and Career Identity of Middle School Students (abstract only), halaman 972
  191. Gender Differences in Overt Aggression: Hierarchical Linear Modeling Analysis of Trajectory among Korean Adolescents (abstract only), halaman 973
  192. Research for the Development of a Career Anchor Based Educational Program to Assist Retired Employees (abstract only), halaman 1010
  193. Stakeholders of Adult Education Staff in the Light of the Project Equal Opportunities in the Labour Market for People Aged 50+ (abstract only), halaman 1016
  194. A Study on Risk and Protective Factors Affecting Mobile Phone Addiction in Adolescence: With a Special Focus on Differences in Gender (abstract only), halaman 1026
  195. Gender And Micro-Credit: Who Repays? Evidence from New Brunswick (abstract only), halaman 1032
  196. The Development of a Social and Emotional Learning Model for Resolving Conflict Problem (abstract only), halaman 1044
  197. An Analysis of Adult Leaner Types Based on Socio-cultural Environment Theory- Mainly about Saha-Gu, Busan, South Korea (abstract only), halaman 1045
  198. Research on Social and Emotional Competences of Team (abstract only), halaman 1048
  199. Exploration to the Deepening Possibility of Educational Gap in using Digital Textbook (abstract only), halaman 1051
  200. An Imagination Test in Interior Design Domain: Development and Pilot Study (abstract only), halaman 1061

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