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BukuANQ Congress 19-22 October 2010 New Delhi
Author: [s.n]
Topik: prosidingteknikindustri
Bahasa: (EN )    
Penerbit: The Asian Network for Quality (ANQ)     Tempat Terbit: New Delhi    Tahun Terbit: 2010    
Jenis: Proceeding
Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Estimation of Ordered Means of Two Normal Distributions with Ordered Variances
  2. Method for Improving Contents of Structured Clinical Knowledge, halaman 1-10
  3. Improving the Operation of Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT), halaman 1-10
  4. To Reduce the Tedious Process in Searching of Equipment for Preventive Maintenance (PM), halaman 1-6
  5. Building Emotional Bond with Customer, halaman 1-6
  6. Application of Kansei Engineering in Internal Branding: A Fusion Approach, halaman 1-10
  7. War on waste in Administration: PSP with Lean, halaman 1-17
  8. On the Characteristics of Frequent Customers in the Internet Shopping Mall, halaman 1-12
  9. Comparing Quality Competitiveness Index (QCI) between Korea and China, halaman 1-9
  10. The Determinants Affecting Online Game Flow Based On Self-Determination Theory, halaman 1-8
  11. Innovation Competence: Improving Competitive Performance in the Korea, halaman 1-10
  12. A Mart Cashier scheduling with Statistical method, halaman 1-11
  13. Developing R&D Business Modeling and Simulation Systems, halaman 1-7
  14. Analysis on the Validity of Existing Business Models Adopting R&D Technologies, halaman 1-9
  15. A Study on the effects of the Korean IT consultant training on the job satisfaction, halaman 1-8
  16. A Study on Reliability Assessment Methods of Instrumentation and Control Systems for Nuclear Power Plant, halaman 1-5
  17. The Effects of Organizational Absorptive Capacity on Knowledge Integrationfor Quality Management, halaman 1-8
  18. Study on establish for unit of measure for Quality, halaman 1-9
  19. An Empirical Study on How to the City Brand Equity to the Customer Attitude : Analysis of moderator effect of local specialties, halaman 1-8
  20. Role of Business Excellence in Retail Industry, halaman 1-7
  21. A Second Software Quality Revolution, halaman 1-9
  22. Developing a Manufacturing Platform with Excellent Quality Management to Enhance Semiconductor Production Service A multi-case analysis, halaman 1-12
  23. To ensure 100% compliance from visitors to Ward 58 ID Visitor Policy, halaman 1-10
  24. Increasing Unmarried Young Employees’ Satisfaction with Youth and Reproductive Health Educational Program, halaman 1-10
  25. Risk Management of Information Security – Information Security FMEA Circle, halaman 1-11
  26. Warranty System in the OEM/ODM Business: A Case of LCD monitors, halaman 1-10
  27. Enhancing Operator skill through dexterity & 3 step Learning, halaman 1-10
  28. Application of Statistical Process Control in Process Industry, halaman 1-6
  29. Use of Boolean Algebra in Fault Tree Analysis, halaman 1-12
  30. Quality Management: Powering the Customer, Empowering People & Community, halaman 1-29
  31. Employee Empowerment and Involvement, halaman 1-11
  32. Quality Management in Higher Educational Institutions vis-à-vis Accreditation, halaman 1-7
  33. Citizen Centric Quality Management Systems in Public Service Delivery, halaman 1-13
  34. Managing Variation – Secret to Success of ITES Industry, halaman 1-9
  35. How-to-live schools based on paramhansa Yogananda’s educational philosohpy, halaman 1-10
  36. Quality Assurance Model for Social Services, halaman 1-19
  37. Comparative Study of Library Service Quality in Bangladesh: A Focus on Public vs. Private Universities., halaman 1-11
  38. A Study on the Quality Indicators of Cancer Care Deriving from its Overall Process, halaman 1-10
  39. Sustainable Maturity & Growth through I3 (Intimacy, Industrialization & Innovation), halaman 1-11
  40. QA Function – Adding Value to the Business Role of Quality in Changing Business Environment, halaman 1-10
  41. Generating Power from Biomass at Ghazipur and Assessment of Benefits of Emission Trading under CDM mechanism of Kyoto Protocol, halaman 1-11
  42. Impact of Climate Variability on Flood Management in Dhaka City, halaman 1-7
  43. A Model of Excellence in Public Service delivery Mechanism, halaman 1-11
  44. An Innovative TQM Model for Quality Improvement And Better Performance Practices For Auto Companies, halaman 1-12
  45. Improving the reliability of the Control and Instrumentation systems to achieve Zero Forced Outage of 500 MW units due to the failure/ malfunctioning of the measurement and control devices at Simhadri Thermal Power Project, halaman 1-9
  46. Quality Assurance in Vietnamese Higher Education in the Context of the Global Educational Integration, halaman 1-9
  47. Quality For The Inclusive Growth of Asia “An Experiment At The Enterprise Level”, halaman 1-12
  48. Prevent Sulfur Staining on PVC Toilet Door with Optimized Solution of Cost and Quality, halaman 1-11
  49. Creating Competitive Competency through Talent Management, halaman 1-12
  50. Model For Service Quality Management System in Telecom, halaman 1-5
  51. Quality – the need of the hour; Our journey towards repair free manufacturing, halaman 1-13
  52. System standards implementation and organizational performance, halaman 1-6
  53. Building healthier communities – the ekjut initiative, halaman 1-13
  54. Using TOC and six sigma in unison at tata steel unifying the key elements of two improvement philosophies, halaman 1-7
  55. Achieving process efficiencies in social development projects through post-paid funding model for inclusive growth., halaman 1-12
  56. Process driven agile methodology; Integrating processes with agile methods to ensure project success, halaman 1-7
  57. Reduce ethylene consumption by oxy chlorination reactor optimization, halaman 1-9
  58. An innovative way to perform continual improvement with organization learning a case study in a semiconductor manufacturing company, using 6 sigma management and CMM model, halaman 1-9
  59. Third party logistics – a framework for Indian railways, halaman 1-76
  60. Improvement of catering service through sustainable cost effective approach, halaman 1-28
  61. Managing service excellence for contact center operations, halaman 1-8
  62. Characterization and modeling of hydrodynamic nanopolishing process, halaman 1-10
  63. Optimization of low noise amplifier operating in the ISM band using taguchi method, halaman 1-10
  64. Patch antenna optimization using Taguchi method, halaman 1-10
  65. Bold magic of TRIZ innovation tools for industry, halaman 1-21
  66. Experiences of teaching quality in higher technical institutes, halaman 1-7
  67. Management of continuity and change in higher education a case of private higher education sector, halaman 1-14
  68. “Quality for Inclusive Growth of Asia” Our Journey towards improving Quality of human life by Creating and availing opportunities for all Punit Singh, Joohi Chaturvedi, halaman 1-8
  69. Enhancing Internal Customer Satisfaction, halaman 1-11
  70. Control charts for effective management of diabetes personally, halaman 1-8
  71. Enhancement of mechanical properties of Nylon 6 compounded grades, halaman 1-11
  72. Enhancing Application of TQM Trainings (for Business Results), halaman 1-6
  73. Brakes India’s Journey towards Six Sigma Quality, halaman 1-8
  75. Standardization in Outsourcing Industry, halaman 1-7
  76. Promoting Patient Safety Culture and Mitigating Risks – Lessons from Aviation, halaman 1-11
  77. Promoting patient safety culture and mitigating risks – lessons from aviation, halaman 1-11
  78. Operating a bend non drainable trough and handling slag in metal runner at a blast furnace cast house, halaman 1-11
  79. Reduction in short bar generation at new bar mill, tata steel, halaman 1-11
  80. Quality for inclusive growth of Asia, halaman 1-10
  81. Quality in service sector, halaman 1-9
  82. Urban public transport, a case of indore, halaman 1-9
  83. Quality control model for textile and garment products in small and medium enterprises in ho chi minh city-Quality control model for textile and garment products in small and medium enterprises in ho chi minh city-vietnamietnam, halaman 1-16
  84. Positive attitude for building service quality management system in Mailinh group, halaman 1-10
  85. To overcome some Technical Barriers to Trade –TBT of GATT/WTO in order to Integrate into the Global Economy, halaman 1-5
  86. Experience with world’s first Gimbal top distributor in tata steel ‘C’ blast furnace, halaman 1-12
  87. Application of Kaizen principles for the optimization of duration of overhaul of boiler and turbine units of 500 MW thermal units at Simhadri thermal power project, halaman 1-11
  88. Reduce production cost of super cement, halaman 1-6
  89. Healthcare quality and safety as a social technology, halaman 1-9
  90. Implementing risk management system in customs, halaman 1-7
  91. Integrating Fuzzy SERVQUAL into Refined Kano Model, halaman 1-21
  92. Implementation of EFQM Excellence Model: National Science Medical Center NSMC, Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan, halaman 1-10
  93. Excellence in Service Delivery: Potentials of Competitive Personnel Management, halaman 1-10
  94. Quality Innovations in Mobile Data Services to unlock Revenue Potential, halaman 1-12
  95. Engagement Health Index (EHI) An Internal Controls Review Model deployed across IBM Daksh CGD, halaman 1-8
  96. Integrating E-Governance Into Right To Information For Improving Public Service Delivery: Case Study Of E-Soochna And RTI Centres Of Himachal Pradesh, halaman 1-12
  97. Importance of eurepgap (globalgap) to the Indian farming community Globalgap: the passport for marketing of indian fruits & vegetables., halaman 1-7
  98. Organization Transformation A Business Case for SMEs, halaman 1-10
  99. Improve the Shade Difference of Roof Tile within Lot, halaman 1-8
  100. Quality Management in the Real Estate Sector, halaman 1-7
  101. Competitiveness Enhancement of Indian SMEs through Cluster Level Lean Manufacturing Intervention-A Live Case Study, halaman 1-11
  102. A Qualitative Approach in Higher Education in India, halaman 1-6
  103. Building TQM into the DNA of Tata Steel Involving shop floor employees in improvement activities, halaman 1-11
  104. System Appraisal: Computation of Return on Investments, halaman 1-10
  105. Need of meditation in modern healthcare, halaman 1-8
  106. Improve Reliability of Pre-treatment in Wastewater Treatment System, halaman 1-9
  107. Natural Resources Management for Poverty Alleviation- A Classical Example of Successful Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative, halaman 1-14
  108. Contribution to Social responsibility through Quality, halaman 1-3
  109. 2 Operational Excellence with a Human Face Application of psychological and production theories to back office operations through a Lean Six Sigma framework, halaman 1-13
  110. Improvement Of Customer Experience and hence Customer Satisfaction Scores, halaman 1-9
  111. Managing Customer Expectations using Technology, halaman 1-7
  112. Kaizen – Empower grass root An internal grass root level participatory and client responsive process for operational excellence, halaman 1-9
  113. A Revised QFD to Meet the Needs of Multiple Customer Groups by Using Mitchell’s Stakeholder Theory, halaman 1-18
  114. The analyses of the implementation levels of TPS practices for different industries, halaman 1-22
  115. Analysis of Quality Management Practices for Small and Medium Enterprises in Indonesia, halaman 1-15
  116. Integrating Fuzzy SERVQUAL into Refined Kano Model, halaman 1-21
  117. Quality of Nursing Documentation after Implementation of the Nursing Information System, halaman 1-12
  118. The Development and Empirical Study of the Systematic Framework of Quality Practices for SMEs, halaman 1-19
  119. The study of the management knowledge transfer for the multi-national companies, halaman 1-11
  120. Key Success Factors in implementing LOHAS in Convenient Chain Stores—a case study of 7-11 in Taiwan, halaman 1-10
  121. Quality Risk Assessment – Evolution of a process, halaman 1-9
  122. Framework Standard for “Developing a Risk free business environment” for IBM Daksh, halaman 1-6
  123. Application of Statistical Tools in Teachers Subject Knowledge, halaman 1-13
  124. Jhansi jan suvidha kendra (jjsk). Jhansi, halaman 1-9
  125. Impacting The Lives Of Indian Farmers – Tractors & Beyond, halaman 1-14
  126. The journey from process compliance to business excellence, halaman 1-10
  127. Quality Management System and Accreditation for Education A Case Study of Schools of Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), halaman 1-9
  128. TQM Practices in Iron Making, halaman 1-9
  129. Accreditation – A Quality Journey, halaman 1-7
  130. Integrative Medicine- A Contemporary Approach Or A Necessity, halaman 1-10
  131. To Increase Nursing Care Satisfaction for Inpatients from 50% to 90% within 5 Months, halaman 1-8
  132. Manufacturing Quality Improvement in Automobile Gear Reduction Starter, halaman 1-10
  133. Manufacturing Quality Improvement in Automobile Alternator – Vacuum Pump Assembly, halaman 1-13
  134. Robust process design in armature winding automobile starter, halaman 1-9
  135. Robust product design through manufacturing process product search, halaman 1-12
  136. An IT & TQM framework for quality improvement and learner satisfaction in distance education system, halaman 1-6
  137. Strategic management of quality of it services, halaman 1-12
  138. Tools in total quality management applied to technician education system., halaman 1-5
  139. Reducing hospital-associated infections: Dr L H Hiranandani hospital’s experience, halaman 1-9
  140. “Quality components for the educational system: application of the kano model.”, halaman 1-15
  141. Specialized control charts for spr and multiple product quality characteristics, halaman 1-11
  142. Benchmarking in education: Application of accreditation standards for both school level and higher education in India, halaman 1-20
  143. A study on six sigma, Lean and TOC - excellence in service management, halaman 1-13
  144. Application of DMAIC techniques a case study on plant throughput enhancement, halaman 1-7
  145. Application of total quality management principles for technical education set-up, halaman 1-10
  146. Quality seeds for inclusive growth, halaman 1-10
  147. Computerization of decentralized paddy procurement and public distribution system in the State of Chhattisgarh, India, halaman 1-17
  148. Reliability estimation model for service level agreements, halaman 1-9
  149. Predictive modeling of effort deviation for software projects, halaman 1-9
  150. An integrated approach for improvements and employee engagement, halaman 1-10
  151. Improvement in Ultimate Tensile Strength of 81/85 High Carbon Wire Rods at Wire Rod Mill – Tata Steel, halaman 1-12
  152. Adjustment Process for Weight tolerance in 8.0mm TMT rebars of Wire Rod Mill – Tata Steel T., halaman 1-10
  153. An overview of quality-related awards in Singapore, halaman 1-13
  154. Explicit knowledge of software development, halaman 1-10
  155. The effect of functional quality, technical quality and image on service quality in higher education based on student’s perception, halaman 1-16
  156. Need of value-based education, halaman 1-17
  157. Customer satisfaction vs loyalty- an India experience, halaman 1-5
  158. Iso 30000 safe and environmentally sound ship recycling management system-our experience, halaman 1-12
  159. Enhance setting time consistency in white cement, halaman 1-7
  160. Cluster approach an effective way for quality improvement, halaman 1-11
  161. Sustainable growth through ‘first time right’ approach - mechanical integrity & quality assurance, halaman 1-6
  162. Performance based metrics system for a healthcare knowledge process outsourcing, halaman 1-10
  163. Daily management promotion in tata steel: part 2, halaman 1-10
  164. Reduction in sticker defect at Tata Steel, halaman 1-8
  165. Exploring the issue of excellence in school education- a case study, halaman 1-10
  166. Parliamentary committees - a quality management system for governance, halaman 1-13
  167. Good nursing care is directly related to patient satisfaction- a study, halaman 1-8
  168. Reduce packing cost for fdy product ( six sigma project case study ), halaman 1-10
  169. Collect pro (collections tool) - deliver value to client, halaman 1-8
  170. Quality circles in schools the need…introduction … sustaining …innovation … and standardizing the movement!!, halaman 1-3
  171. MD Diagnosis, halaman 1-9
  172. Managing the shop floor knowledge at tata steel - a tacit knowledge factory, halaman 1-13
  173. TQM & growth at visakhapatnam steel plant, halaman 1-30
  174. Creating vibrant channel network, halaman 1-10
  175. Adhikatama – delivering at optimum level, halaman 1-11
  176. Asraya – a programme for community based social security, halaman 1-9
  177. Power plant condenser performance modeling in NTPC, Vindhyachal using artificial neural network: a case study, halaman 1-7
  178. Performance optimization of boiler using quality concepts: water wall soot blowing optimization using design of experiment (doe) methodology, halaman 1-8
  179. Neural network based automatic modeling and coke quality prediction of stamp charge batteries at tata steel, halaman 1-7
  180. Quality management in new product development, halaman 1-12
  181. Driving innovation to improve quality of people’s lives The uncommon journey of an indian multinational, halaman 1-11
  182. Kaizen and 5 s approach for scaling-up the TQM initiatives in rural health centers, halaman 1-11
  183. Process re-engineering from login to decision A lean six sigma initiative, halaman 1-10
  184. First time right = revenue, halaman 1-10
  185. A unique approach for cost reduction in blasting operation Optimization of blasting parameters using shainin technique, halaman 1-7
  186. LCCI international qualifications’ role in bridging the gap between Academic qualification and corporate demand, halaman 1-6
  187. Practical program of revolutions in factories (PPORF) 20 keys, halaman 1-7
  188. Balancing stakeholders aspirations – inclusive growth - the reliance way, halaman 1-7
  189. The unreserved ticketing system An indian railways it initiative, halaman 1-8
  190. Driving business performance through service quality, halaman 1-9
  191. The Relationship between Social Capital and Green Supply Chain Management, halaman 1-12
  192. From Regulation To Facilitation: CBEC Experience, halaman 1-10
  193. Performance improvement in NTPC through Benchmarking, halaman 1-10
  194. The Preeminent Characteristics of ISO Quality Management System toward “Learner-Centered Concept” at Hue College of Education, halaman 1-7
  195. Pattern Analysis of Core Competency of CEO Using Fuzzy ID3, halaman 1-8
  196. Resource Allocation in Academic Institutions, halaman 1-14
  197. Breakthrough Management in Pakistan - Challenges and opportunities, halaman 1-13
  198. Assessment of parliaments: a total quality management approach, halaman 1-11
  199. Development of protective relay setting sheet management system for dispatchingDevelopment of protective relay setting sheet management system for dispatching, halaman 1-10
  200. Cognitive education system for building quality society, halaman 1-8
  201. To reduce time taken to arrange caregiver training session in ward 64 rehabilitation medicine, singapore general hospital, halaman 1-10
  202. Success in Global Service Centres by using Process Management; everywhere, everyday, by everyone, for ever, halaman 1-9
  203. exploring the relationship between multivariate loss functions and process capability indices with applications to the risk assessment, halaman 1-10
  204. Forging a bond, halaman 1-10
  205. A study on the development of quality management system in healthcare using iso 9001 and the guidelines for hospital accreditation standards, halaman 1-6
  206. A study on the structure of educational contents on healthcare quality and safety, halaman 1-7
  207. A study on a hierarchical model in the process design of hospital work, halaman 1-10
  208. Analysis of the effect of happiness on customer satisfaction, halaman 1-9
  209. The influence of individualism on customer satisfaction, perceived quality, and perceived value, halaman 1-10
  210. A study on the communication errors in healthcare, halaman 1-8
  211. Designing the structure of knowledge for trouble prevention in healthcare process, halaman 1-10
  212. A study on statistical control of dynamic processes with measurement errors, halaman 1-9
  213. Proposal of design and analysis permitting partial confounding, halaman 1-10
  214. Building behavior model of temporary employees considered feeling and commitment, halaman 1-8
  215. integrated reliability and safety information system for personalized risk communication, halaman 1-10
  216. Developing an objective metrics of stress evaluation, halaman 1-14
  217. Kernel MT system and its application, halaman 1-10
  218. Proposal of hospital operational process description model, halaman 1-10
  219. A study on the clarification of operating instructions of drawings for quantity production, halaman 1-9
  220. The study of a method to analyze and prevent medical errors due to nonobservance, halaman 1-8
  221. A model for designing a rehabilitation pathway in a recovery Stage hospital, halaman 1-10
  222. Music recommendation system based on information extracted from wave data, halaman 1-9
  223. Application of DOE in computer simulation study, halaman 1-10
  224. The proposal of building trustful relationship with offshore company on software development, halaman 1-10
  225. A study on a method of extracting requirements for the arrangement of ICT devices, halaman 1-10
  226. A proposal of separated checklist which reduces misunderstandings at the stage of requirement definition, halaman 1-18
  227. Clarification of middle-age thought and metaphor for browsing web pages, halaman 1-9
  228. Algorithm for group evaluation structure, halaman 1-10
  229. A study on the design of OA machinery parts considering Kansei Quality, halaman 1-9
  230. Analysis method for quality element by the use of Neuro Learning Model, halaman 1-10
  231. Method of analyzing factors contributing to non-conformance in nuclear industry, halaman 1-10
  232. A study on the reduction of medical incidents related to patients’ identifying information, halaman 1-10
  233. A Study on the Structural Model of Brand Image, halaman 1-10
  234. Evaluation on New R&D Business Value, halaman 1
  235. Development of TPM Model for Small and Medium Size Business, halaman 1

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