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BukuApplied Linguistics, Global and Local: Proceedings of the 43rd Annual Meeting of the British Association for Applied Linguistics, 9-11 September 2010, University of Aberdeen
Author: McColl Millar, Robert
Topik: Applied linguistics; WORLD LANGUAGE; Linguistics; Applied limhuistics
Bahasa: (EN )    ISBN: 978-0-9559533-3-0    
Penerbit: British Association for Applied Linguistics     Tempat Terbit: London    Tahun Terbit: 2011    
Jenis: Proceeding
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Twitter a new global genre: a contrastive study of the use of language in English and Spanish, halaman 1-10
  2. Language Learning: Collaboration in English for Specific Purposes (ESP) Problem-Based Learning (PBL) Classroom, halaman 11-22
  3. Composition and revision in computerbased written assessment, halaman 23-32
  4. Some methodological issues in conducting qualitative research multilingually, halaman 33-36
  5. The dominant language picture naming performance of native Chinese speakers with low and intermediate English proficiency, halaman 37-48
  6. Revisiting English in Bangladesh: Oscillation of the colonized mind in the decolonized world, halaman 49-59
  7. Issues in Bilingual Multi-Word- Combination Dictionary Building: An English-Spanish Lexicographic Experience, halaman 61-68
  8. Are Complex Tenses Really Real?, halaman 69-78
  9. Struggle between learning English for self and nation: imagination of ‘global community’ of Chinese students as a remedy, halaman 79-89
  10. Interactional competence across proficiency levels: How do learners manage interaction in paired speaking tests?, halaman 91-103
  11. Academic Values in Context, halaman 105-114
  12. A Local Response to the Global Reality of Increased Migration: Teacher Education, halaman 115-125
  13. The use, relevance and visibility of Welsh vis-a-vis English in the private sector, halaman 127-137
  14. Do New Technologies Facilitate the Acquisition of Reading Skills? A Systematic Review of the Research Evidence for Primary and Secondary Learners, halaman 139-149
  15. Discrete and Complete Inputs on Phrasal Verbs Learning, halaman 151-162
  16. Historical Intercultural Politeness - A Case from the Ryukyu Kingdom, halaman 163-172
  17. National or general tolerance for variation? Attitudes to dialect and foreign accent in the media, halaman 173-181
  18. Going, Going, Gone. A Study of Language Memory, halaman 183-188
  19. The effects of L1 use on vocabulary acquisition, halaman 189-198
  20. The crossroads between language and literature: developing an EAL pedagogy and intercultural learning, halaman 199-209
  21. Self-concept in the EFL context, halaman 211-213
  22. The Expansion of Theme, halaman 215-226
  23. Creating gender distictions: migrant teens’ acquisition of sociolinguistic variation, halaman 227-231
  24. Spoken Artistic Discourse and its Global and Local Aspects, halaman 233-239
  25. The Role of Collaborative Learning in Improving the EFL Students’ Reading Comprehension, halaman 241-251
  26. Assessment of second language readers in Norwegian lower secondary school – three shortcomings, halaman 253-261
  27. Learner autonomy, agency and identity: an interview based investigation of Syrian EFL university students’ stories of learning English, halaman 263-270
  28. Effects of Input Processes on Generations of False Memory in L2 Word Learning, halaman 271-282
  29. A Validation Study of the CEFR Levels of Phrasal Verbs in the English Profile Wordlists, halaman 283-293
  30. Effectiveness of a long-term extensive reading program: a case study, halaman 295-298
  31. The Relation of Identities, Power and Culture in Lingua Franca English: Diaries of Japanese Users of L2 English, halaman 299-309
  32. “It’s OK as long as it’s campur!” Mixing it up in Southeast Asia, halaman 311-317
  33. “Localising” the CEFR and ELP: The Need to Incorporate Socio-Pragmatic Features in Japanese University EFL Classes, halaman 319-323
  34. The Influence of Choice on Lexical Complexity in TBLT, halaman 325-337
  35. Attitudes of tourists towards the perceived lack of English proficiency at international travel destinations, halaman 339-350
  36. Students’ and teachers’ notions of effective (business) English teaching: global and local influences, halaman 351-361
  37. Functions of and so on and or something (like that) spoken by Japanese learners of English at different speaking proficiency levels in a learner corpus, halaman 363-373
  38. Examining Effects of L2 Extensive Reading in the Cognitive and Affective Domains, halaman 375-385
  39. Essential Readings in Vocabulary Studies Vocabulary Studies SIG Colloquium, halaman 388-406

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