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BukuLanguage, Learning, and Context: Proceedings of the 42nd Annual Meeting of the British Association for Applied Linguistics, Newcastle University, 3-5 September 2009
Author: [s.n]
Topik: Linguistics
Bahasa: (EN )    
Penerbit: Scitsiugnil Press     Tempat Terbit: London    Tahun Terbit: 2009    
Jenis: Proceeding
Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. It is more recursive than this: toward a new conceptualization of the composing process, halaman 5-8
  2. A technology-enhanced English language project in Greece, halaman 9-12
  3. Prosodic cues in turn-taking, halaman 13-16
  4. Multilingual label quests: a classroom practice in a migratory educational context, halaman 17-20
  5. The vocabulary performance of native and non-native speakers and its relationship with learning style, halaman 21-26
  6. Computer-based and paper-based writing assessment: a comparative text analysis, halaman 27-30
  7. Intercultural team teaching: a study of local and foreign EFL teachers in Taiwan, halaman 31-34
  8. Shifting perspectives and (re)positioning subjects: language learning and transcultural dialogue in electronic learning environments, halaman 35-38
  9. French comprehension and perception of English regional accents, halaman 39-42
  10. Technical vocabulary and collocational behaviour in a specialised corpus, halaman 43-48
  11. Transnational contexts for sojourner English language learners in schools, halaman 49-52
  12. Semantic and grammatical interference effects in sentence production, halaman 53-58
  13. Multilingual students’ attitudes towards, and practices in, language learning in the context of language policy in UK, halaman 59-62
  14. Craft and context: understanding language teaching, halaman 63-66
  15. Request strategies and internal modifications in Japanese learners of English, halaman 67-70
  16. Informal language learning contexts: multilingualism in a family, halaman 71-72
  17. Second language learners and real-life contexts of writing, halaman 73-76
  18. The return to the 'homeland': the contextual nature of language and identity construction in the case of Pontian Greek adolescents, halaman 77-82
  19. The development and validation of CDSs for Japanese college writing courses, halaman 83-88
  20. Cultural obstacles on acquiring logical development by Japanese engineering undergraduates, halaman 89-92
  21. Becoming local: exploring adolescents’ sociolinguistic limits and potential, halaman 93-98
  22. SV expressions as a rhetorical device in British broadsheet editorials, halaman 99-104
  23. Language, learning and context: developing students’ critical thinking in Hong Kong secondary school English writing classes, halaman 105-108
  24. Distributed scaffolding in an internet quiz: identifying situated learning practices, halaman 109-112
  25. A comparison of Irish immersion students’ attitudes and motivation to Irish in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, halaman 113-116
  26. Three turn sequences in reading classroom discourse, halaman 117-122
  27. The difference women make: a critique of the notion of a ‘women’s style’ of language in political contexts, halaman 123-126
  28. Language and gender in African contexts, halaman 127-130
  29. Identifying the common problems in English-to-Japanese consecutive interpretations performed by Japanese interpreting students: comparing student interpreters with Japanese professional interpreters, halaman 131-134
  30. Two critical tips to motivate EFL learners to read extensively, halaman 135-138
  31. Bridging the gap between grammar instruction and intercultural communication: some applications of Cognitive Linguistics to the EFL classroom, halaman 139-142
  32. Lexical development across second language proficiency levels: a corpusinformed study, halaman 143-146

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