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BukuAre We Up to the Challenge?: Current Crises and the Asian Intellectual COmmunity (The Work of the 2005/2006 API Fellows
Author: [s.n]
Topik: Intellectual Community; ASIAN; Human Rights; Migrant Worker
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Penerbit: The Nippon Foundation     Tahun Terbit: 2008    
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Jenis: Books
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The community that came together in Phuket, Thailand from 26-30 November 2006 were the 29 recipients of the 2005/2006 API fellowships and other participants, all there to take part in the 5th Workshop of the API Fellowships Program under the theme: “Are We Up to the Challenge? The Current Crises and the Asian Intellectual Community: How the Asian Intellectuals Respond to Crises Caused by Cultural, Religious, Social, Political, Economic and Ecological Factors.” At the opening ceremony, the keynote speaker, Dr. Surin Pitsuwan, former Foreign Minister of Thailand, challenged the Fellows by asking what they can contribute to the Asian century that is now and what difference they can make. Continuing in the same vein, Mr. Yohei Sasakawa, Chairman of The Nippon Foundation, brought that challenge closer to the aspirations of API. In his welcoming address he asked them to “think deeply about what the API Community can do to make a positive contribution to society”.
Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. The Protection of Migrant Workers’ Rights: Experiences in Malaysia and Learning from the Philippines, halaman 001-011
  2. Workers’ Conceptions of Decent Work: A Case of Female Workers’ Identities and Better Conditions of Work, halaman 012-019
  3. The Effectiveness of the Role of National Human Rights Institutions on Human Rights Education: The Experience of the Indonesian National Commission on Human Rights, halaman 020-029
  4. Decentralization and Devolution of Forest Management: Fostering Relations Between State and Local Communities to Improve Forest Management in Thailand and the Philippines, halaman 030-039
  5. Compensation in Environmental Litigation Cases: Experiences from the Philippines and Japan, halaman 040-047
  6. Management, Behavior and Public Perception of Asian Wildlife: Case Study of Malayan Tapirs (Tapirus Indicus), halaman 048-053
  7. The Management and Development of Social Services for Senior Citizens in the Philippines and Malaysia, halaman 054-066
  8. Gender Issues in Elderly Care in Malaysia and Japan, halaman 067-076
  9. Looking at Programs and Services for Children and Adolescents with Disabilitieis Across Cultural Boundaries and Economic Conditions: A Study in Chiba City and Selected Neuromuscular Centers in Japan, halaman 077-086
  10. Punishing Delinquents: Incarceration vs. Community Work, a Study on Juvenile Justice Systems in Malaysia, Thailand and Japan, halaman 087-094
  11. Learning from Pollution Campaign Experiences in Japan, halaman 095-107
  12. The Integration of Environmental Education into School Curricula in the Philippines, Japan and Indonesia, halaman 108-117
  13. A Village in the Making: A Video Report on “The Song as Venue for Developmental Education and People’s Advocacy in Okinawa, Chiang Mai and Yogyakarta”, halaman 118-122
  14. Open and Distance Learning Institutions in Thailand: Lessons for the Philippines, halaman 123-132
  15. Key Players in Sustaining the Survival and Growth of Traditional Theatre, halaman 133-141
  16. Modern Development of Thai Contemporary Art and Its Social Significance: Chalood Nimsamer and Printmaking, halaman 142-151
  17. The Bridging of Cultural Divides in Contemporary and Traditional Theatre in Japan, halaman 152-158
  18. Building A Contemporary Dance Network between Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Japan, halaman 159-166
  19. Keeping the Kilns Burning: Revitalizing the Thai Ceramics Industry, halaman 167-174
  20. Projections of an/Other Space: The Cities of Three Contemporary Southeast Asian Cinemas—The Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand, halaman 175-184
  21. The Effectiveness of the Autonomous Region in Moslem Mindanao (Armm) in Coping with Separatism and the Role of the National Reconciliation Commission (NRC) in Peace Building, halaman 185-195
  22. Regionalism and Inter-Ethnic Relations: The Case of the Acehnese in Indonesia, halaman 196-205
  23. Constructing New Stages of Education for Muslim Children: Impacts of the Dissemination of the Iqro’ Method Textbook on Islamic Education in Indonesia and Malaysia, halaman 206-211
  24. Text Messages and Images: Art and Short Message Service in the Philippines, halaman 212-215
  25. Sidewalk Capitalism: Notes on a Critical Visual Ethnography of Street Vending in Baguio City, the Philippines, halaman 216-221
  26. Representations of Migrant Workers in Malaysian Newspapers, halaman 222-229
  27. Molding Asia’s Future Leaders: Perspectives in Education and Training from the Military Academies of Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, halaman 230-237
  28. Meditations on Culture, Cosmology and Sustainability in Asia, halaman 238-250
  29. Okinawa Mabui/ Palawan Gimbaran: A Comparative Documentary-Research on Palawan and Okinawan Rituals, halaman 251-253

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