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BukuCross-cultural psychology, volume 2: developmental psychology
Author: Smith, Peter B. (Editor); Best, Deborah L. (Editor)
Topik: Ethnopsychology
Bahasa: (ID )    ISBN: 978-1-84787-9547    
Penerbit: SAGE Publications     Tempat Terbit: London    Tahun Terbit: 2009    
Jenis: Books - Textbook
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. The Developmental Niche: A Conceptualization at the Interface of Child and Culture, halaman 3-21
  2. The Development of Close Relationships in Japan and the United States: Path of Symbiotic Harmony and Generative Tension, halaman 22-54
  3. The Force of Beliefs: How the Parental Values of the Nso of Northwest Cameroon Shape Children's Progress Toward Adult Models, halaman 55-67
  4. Cultural Models, Socialization Goals, and Parenting Ethnotheories: A Multicultural Analysis, halaman 68-84
  5. Effects of Early Father Absence on Attentional Behavior: A Follow-Up Analysis in Four Societies, halaman 85-86
  6. Cultural Variation in Infant's Sleeping Arrangements: Questions of Independence, halaman 87-104
  7. Integrating Evolution, Culture and Developmental Psychology: Explaining Caregiver-Infant Proximity and Responsiveness in Central Africa and the USA, halaman 105-130
  8. Children's Play in Cross-Cultural Perspective: A New Look at the Six Cultures Study, halaman 131-146
  9. Peer Interactions in Polynesia: A View from the Marquesas, halaman 147-168
  10. Cognitive Consequences of Formal and Informal Education, halaman 171-183
  11. The Mathematics of Child Street Vendors, halaman 184-198
  12. Cultural Variation in Young Children's Access to Work or Involvement in Specialised Child-Focused Activities, halaman 199-220
  13. Historical Change, Cultural Learning, and Cognitive Representation in Zinacantec Maya Children, halaman 221-250
  14. Is COmmunity Compatible with Autonomy? Cultural Ideals versus Empirical Realities, halaman 251-266
  15. Risk, Resilience, and Recovery: Perspectives from the Kauai Longitudinal Study, halaman 267-281
  16. Lifespan Psychology: From Development Contextualism to Developmental Biocultural Co-constructivism, halaman 282-300

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