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BukuHandbook of Reading Disability Research
Author: McGill-Franzen, Anne (Editor); Allington, Richard L. (Editor)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISBN: 978-0-8058-5333-9    
Penerbit: Routledge Taylor & Francis Group     Tempat Terbit: New York    Tahun Terbit: 2011    
Jenis: Books - Reference
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Bringing together a wide range of research on reading disabilities, this comprehensive Handbook extends current discussion and thinking beyond a narrowly defined psychometric perspective. Emphasizing that learning to read proficiently is a long-term developmental process involving many interventions of various kinds, all keyed to individual developmental needs, it addresses traditional questions (What is the nature or causes of reading disabilities? How are reading disabilities assessed? How should reading disabilities be remediated? To what extent is remediation possible?) but from multiple or alternative perspectives.

Taking incursions into the broader research literature represented by linguistic and anthropological paradigms, as well as psychological and educational research, the volume is on the front line in exploring the relation of reading disability to learning and language, to poverty and prejudice, and to instruction and schooling.

The editors and authors are distinguished scholars with extensive research experience and publication records and numerous honors and awards from professional organizations representing the range of disciplines in the field of reading disabilities. Throughout, their contributions are contextualized within the framework of educators struggling to develop concrete instructional practices that meet the learning needs of the lowest achieving readers.
Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. The Political Context of Reading Disabilities, halaman 3-12
  2. Second Language Reading Disability: International Themes, halaman 13-24
  3. Reader Profiles and Reading Disabilities, halaman 25-35
  4. Language Development and Reading Disabilities, halaman 36-44
  5. Sociocultural Perspectives on Children with Reading Difficulties, halaman 45-56
  6. Instructional Texts and the Fluency of Learning Disabled Readers , halaman 57-67
  7. Teacher Education and Reading Disabilities, halaman 68-78
  8. Neuroscience and Dyslexia, halaman 79-90
  9. Home Differencess and Reading Difficulty, halaman 93-109
  10. Persistent Reading Disabilities: Challenging Six Erroneous Beliefs, halaman 110-119
  11. Prenatal Drug Alohol Exposure and Reading Disabilities, halaman 120-128
  12. Aliteracy, Agency, and Identity, halaman 129-136
  13. Response to Interventions as an Assessment Approach , halaman 139-148
  14. Patterns of Reading Disabilities Across Development, halaman 149-161
  15. Traditions of Diagnosis: Learning from the Past, Moving Past Traditions , halaman 162-172
  16. Reading Fluency: What is it and how should it be Measured ?, halaman 173-182
  17. Shifting Perspectives in Emergent Literacy Research, halaman 185-195
  18. Developmental Patterns of Reading Proficiency and Reading Difficulties, halaman 196-207
  19. Vocabulary Development and Implications for Reading Problems, halaman 208-218
  20. Reading Comprehension and Reading Disability, halaman 219-231
  21. Writing Difficulties, halaman 232-241
  22. Motivation and Reading Disabilities, halaman 242-252
  23. The Contribution of Discussion to Reading Comprehension and Critical Thinking, halaman 253-262
  24. Expert Classroom Instruction for Students with Reading Disabilities: Explicit, Intense, Targeted ... and Flexible, halaman 265-272
  25. Cultural Modeling: Building on Cultural Strengths as an Alternative to Remedial Reading Approaches, halaman 273-278
  26. Interventions to Develop Phonological and Orthographic Systems, halaman 279-288
  27. Interventions to Develop Decoding Proficiencies, halaman 289-306
  28. Interventions to Enhance Fluency and Rate of Reading, halaman 307-314
  29. Interventions to Enhance Vocabulary Development, halaman 315-328
  30. Interventions to Enhance Narrative Comprehension, halaman 329-344
  31. Interventions to Enhance Informational Text Comprehension, halaman 345-361
  32. Peer Mediation: A Means of Differentiating Classroom Instruction, halaman 362-372
  33. Reading Instruction Research for English-Language Learners in Kindergarten Through Sixth Grade: The Last Twenty Years, halaman 373-391
  34. Interventions for the Deaf and Language Delayed, halaman 392-406
  35. Teacher Research on Reading Difficulties, halaman 409-418
  36. Single-Subject and Case-Study Designs, halaman 419-433
  37. Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Designs for Interventions , halaman 434-443
  38. Observational Research, halaman 444-455
  39. Large Database Analyses, halaman 456-463
  40. Policy, Research and Reading First, halaman 464-476
  41. Meta-Analysis of Research on Children with Reading Disabilites, halaman 477-487
  42. Interpretive Research, halaman 488-496

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