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BukuProceedings of the 20th Semantics and Linguistic Theory Conference, held at Vancouver, British Colombia, April 29 - May 1, 2010
Author: Lutz, David (Editor)
Topik: SEMANTICS; SEMANTICS; Linguistics; Linguistics; Proceedings of SALT 20
Bahasa: (EN )    
Penerbit: The Linguistic Society of America     Tahun Terbit: 2010    
Jenis: Proceeding
Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Deriving full repetition in Blackfoot with additive focus, halaman 1-18
  2. On the tri-ambiguous status of any: The view from child language, halaman 19-37
  3. Type-theoretical semantics with coercive subtyping, halaman 38-56
  4. Modes of comparison and Question under Discussion: Evidence from ‘contrastive comparison’ in Japanese, halaman 57-75
  5. Compositional states, halaman 76-90
  6. Sufficiency inference in anankastic conditionals, halaman 91-108
  7. Principles of interdimensional meaning interaction, halaman 109-127
  8. Marking aspect along a scale: The semantics of -te iku and -te kuru in Japanese, halaman 128-146
  9. Vivid attitudes: Centered situations in the semantics of remember and imagine, halaman 147-160
  10. Contrastive salient alternatives: focus on bound pronouns, halaman 161-178
  11. Weak definites and reference to kinds, halaman 179-196
  12. Gradable epistemic modals, probability, and scale structure, halaman 197-215
  13. On the sentence-internal reading of French le même (‘the same’), halaman 216-232
  14. Incremental more, halaman 233-250
  15. Quantity and gradability across categories, halaman 251-268
  16. Subject domain restriction and reference-tracking, halaman 269-288
  17. Modals are monsters: on indexical shift in English, halaman 289-308
  18. What projects and why, halaman 309–327
  19. Crossing the appositive / at-issue meaning boundary, halaman 328–346
  20. Conversational backoff, halaman 347–365,
  21. The metalinguistic use of vague predicates in conditionals, halaman 366–386
  22. A Montagovian treatment of modal subordination, halaman 387–405
  23. Alternatives as sources of semantic dependency, halaman 406–427
  24. Seuren/Rullmann ambiguities as plural comparisons, halaman 428–450
  25. Sluicing as anaphora to issues, halaman 451–470
  26. Focus on reflexive anaphors, halaman 471–488
  27. Even more evidence for the emptiness of plurality: An experimental investigation of plural interpretation as a species of implicature, halaman 489–508
  28. On the acquisition of maximality in free relative clauses and plural definite descriptions, halaman 508–524
  29. Quantity implicature and access to scalar alternatives in language acquisition, halaman 525–543
  30. On the semantics of temporal when-clauses, halaman 544–563
  31. Another argument for embedded scalar implicatures based on oddness in downward entailing contexts, halaman 564–581
  32. Cross-linguistic representations of numerals and number marking, halaman 582–598
  33. The meanings of positive polarity minimizers in Japanese: a unified approach, halaman 599–617
  34. Internal past, external past, and counterfactuality: evidence from Japanese, halaman 618–635
  35. On the negativity of negation, halaman 636–659
  36. A possible worlds semantics for Cuzco Quechua evidentials, halaman 660–683
  37. Triggering verbal presuppositions, halaman 684–701
  38. Negative Islands and obviation by wa in Japanese degree questions, halaman 702–719
  39. Universal laziness of pronouns, halaman 720–734
  40. Simultaneous analyses for simultaneous present*, halaman 735–755

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