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BukuThe SAGE Handbook of Measurement
Author: Walford, Geoffrey (Editor); Tucker, Eric (Editor); Viswanathan, Madhu (Editor)
Topik: Measurement; Sexual Behavior; Sexuality; Social Indicator; Teacher Effectiveness; Consumer; Assessment; English Language Learner; Cross Cultural Research; Poverty; Child Abuse; Consumption Intention; Crime; School System
Bahasa: (EN )    ISBN: 978-1412948142    
Penerbit: SAGE Publications     Tahun Terbit: 2010    
Jenis: Books - Reference
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    • Nomor Panggil: 301.150.1 SAG 9
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Reflections on Social Measurement: How Social Scientists Generate, Modify, and Validate Indicators and Scales, halaman 1-5
  2. How to Get Valid Answers from Survey Questions: What We Learned from Asking about Sexual Behavior and The Measurement of Sexuality, halaman 9-26
  3. The SAT: Design Principles and Innovations of a Quintessential American Social indicator, halaman 27-42
  4. Measurement as Cooperative Communition: What Research Participants Learn from Questionnaires, halaman 43-59
  5. Developing Observation Instruments and Arriving at Inter-rater Reliability for a Range of Contexts and Raters: The Early Childhood Environment Rating Scales, halaman 61-85
  6. Studying Teacher Effectiveness: The Challenges of Developing Valid Measures, halaman 87-106
  7. Identifying Consumers' Compulsive Buying Tendencies: Lessons Learned for Measuring Consumer-Related Phenomena, halaman 107-126
  8. Linguistic Factors in The Assessment of English Language Learners, halaman 129-149
  9. Measurement Issues in Cross-Cultural Research, halaman 151-175
  10. Conceptualizing and Measuring Culture: Problems and Solutions, halaman 177-201
  11. International Comparisons of Educational Attainment: Purposes, Processes, and Problems, halaman 203-220
  12. Reflections on Measuring Behavior: Time and The Grid, halaman 221-237
  13. Approaches to Measuring Multi-Dimension Constructs Across The Life Course: Operationalizing Depression Over The Lifespan, halaman 239-264
  14. Description and Discovery in Socio-Spatial Analysis: The Case of Space Syntax, halaman 265-281
  15. Understanding The Intangibles of Measurement in The Social Science, halaman 285-311
  16. Towards A More Rigorious Scientific Approach to Social Measurement: Considering A Grounded Indicator Approach to Developing Measurement Tools, halaman 313-335
  17. Measuring Conceptualisations of Morality: Or How to Invent A Construct and Measure It Too, halaman 337-351
  18. The Problem with Poverty: Definition, Measurement and Interpretation, halaman 353-376
  19. Ethical Issues in Social Measurement, halaman 377-388
  20. Measuring is More Than Assigning Numbers, halaman 389-407
  21. Is Social Measurement Possible, and Is It Necessary?, halaman 409-426
  22. Sensitive Issues and The Difficulty to Measure: The Case of Measuring Child Sexual Abuse, halaman 429-454
  23. Indirect Measurement, halaman 455-468
  24. Increasing The Measurement Accuracy of Consumption Intentions, halaman 469-486
  25. Making Applied Measurement Effective and Efficient, halaman 487-508
  26. Contemporary Challenges of Longitudinal Measurement Using HRS Data, halaman 509-536
  27. Measuring The Dimension of Social Capital in Developing Countries, halaman 537-559
  28. The Use of Administrative Data to Answer Policy Questions; Secondary Data on Crime and The Problem with Homicide, halaman 561-586
  29. Assessing Performance of School System; The Measurement and Assessment Challenges of NCLB, halaman 587-608

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