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BukuThe Pragmatics of Humour across Discourse Domains
Author: Dynel, Marta
Bahasa: (EN )    
Penerbit: John Benjamins     Tempat Terbit: Amsterdam/Philadelphia    Tahun Terbit: 2011    
Jenis: Books - E-Book
Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Front Matters, halaman I-VI
  2. Pragmatics and linguistic research into humour, halaman 1-18
  3. Will anticipating irony facilitate it immediately, halaman 19-32
  4. “That’s not ironic, that’s just stupid”: Towards an eclectic account of the discourse of irony, halaman 33-50
  5. Irony via “surrealism”, halaman 51-70
  6. The role of syllables and morphemes as mechanisms in humorous pun formation, halaman 71-104
  7. Context-sensitive aspects of Shakespeare’s use of puns in comedies: An enquiry into clowns’ and pages’ punning practices, halaman 105-124
  8. Dimensions of incongruity in register humour, halaman 125-146
  9. Displays of “new” gender arrangements in Russian jokes, halaman 147-173
  10. Understanding ethnic humour in Romanian jokes, halaman 173-190
  11. Sexuality in Anglo-American anti-proverbs, halaman 191-216
  12. Joker in the pack. Towards determining the status of humorous framing in conversations, halaman 217-242
  13. Humour in quasi-conversations: Constructing fun in online sports journalism, halaman 243-264
  14. Humour and the integration of new staff in the workplace: An interactional study, halaman 265-290
  15. Parody in the light of the incongruity-resolution model: The case of political sketches by Monty Python’s Flying Circus, halaman 291-310
  16. “I’ll be there for you!” On participation-based sitcom humour, halaman 311-334
  17. “Losers, poltroons and nudniks” in Woody Allen’s Mere Anarchy: A linguistic approach to comic failure, halaman 335-352
  18. Notes on humour and persuasion in advertising and legal discourse, halaman 353-364
  19. Comic takeover or comic makeover?: Notes on humour-translating, translation and (un)translatability, halaman 365-378
  20. Back Matters, halaman 379-382

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