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BukuAsian Network for Quality (ANQ) Congress 2011, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 27-30 September 2011
Author: [s.n]
Topik: prosidingteknikindustri
Bahasa: (EN )    
Penerbit: The Asian Network for Quality (ANQ)     Tahun Terbit: 2011    
Jenis: Proceeding
Fulltext: ANQ 2011 Cover.pdf (3.05MB; 22 download)
Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Relationship Of 6 Sigma And Qcc - From The Standpoint Of 6 Sigma Activation -
  2. Propose Model Of Measuring Quality Level And Finding Cause Factor Of Quality Performance
  3. A Comparison Study on the Sustainability Management in Different Countries
  4. System Dynamics Analysis on Mistake Proofing Approaches for Delivering Quality Construction Projects in Hong Kong
  5. Health Hazard Due To Non-Ionizing Radiation From Mobile Phones In Bangladesh
  6. Primary Energy Options For Tracing Sustainable Paths Of Power Generation In Bangladesh Focusing On Nuclear Energy
  7. To Lower the Error Rate on Toll Collection of Expressway, halaman 1-18
  8. Informationization Fully Promote the Enterprise’s Quality Management, halaman 1-11
  9. Using Simulation to Improve Operations in Hong Kong Accident and Emergency Department, halaman 1-14
  10. Knowledge Externalization as a Basis for Human Resources (HR) Development Strategy Planning (Case Study: Restaurant "X"), halaman 1-11
  11. Theoretical Studies Of Atomic Transport Properties Of Agxcu1-X Liquid Binary Alloys, halaman 1-12
  12. Statistical Process Control for Service Processes with Binary Outputs, halaman 1-7
  13. Integrated Laboratory Management System (iLMS) Model–HKSTP Implementation Case, halaman 1-12
  14. Linking Manufacturing Strategy Formulation with Performance Measures: an Exploratory Study, halaman 1-8
  15. Samridhi - Delivering Sustainable Value with Optimization in the Lean & 6 Sigma in Operations, halaman 1-9
  16. Need of Continuing Education on TQM Implementation in Micro Small Medium Enterprises in India for Their Sustainable Growth, halaman 1-4
  17. Quality Focused Improvements Through Vendor Support Centre Using Kaizen Methodology For Automotive Industries, halaman 1-5
  18. The ANQ Way: Profit Maximization Not a Corporate Goal, halaman 1-14
  19. Reduction in Sinter Return Fines at Tata Steel, halaman 1-11
  20. Highly Perishable Inventory Optimization in Nuclear Medicine, halaman 1-11
  21. A Business Transformation Case Study for Service Level Improvement, halaman 1-6
  22. Improvement in Zinc Yield at Continuous Galvanizing Line 1, Tata Steel, halaman 1-8
  23. Reduction in EWNR/EQBG Steel Grades From 17% to 5% by Response Surface Method, halaman 1-12
  24. Increase in Dealer Network of Tata Tiscon Retail Through Retail Value Management (RVM)- Fy’10-12, halaman 1-14
  25. Technological Aids to Improve Quality of Teaching, halaman 1-11
  26. Change Management: Strategic Approach to Restore Process Stability, halaman 1-7
  27. A Study on the Methods of Heuristic Approximation for Principal Points of Binary Data, halaman 1-11
  28. The Application of the Bio Metabolism System of the Congestion in QC Process Chart, halaman 1-8
  29. A Study on the Method for Drawing an Organization Capability Profile Based on JIS Q 9005: Adjustment of B2B Manufacturer X Company, halaman 1-10
  30. A Study on Reduction of Medication Incidents by Comparing Operating Procedures, halaman 1-11
  31. A Study on the Method to Examine Factors in Deliciousness at Meals Considering Eating Situations, halaman 1-11
  32. Method for extracting business Method for Extracting Business Challenges and Counters Measure in Japanese Companies from Annual Securities Reports, halaman 1-8
  33. Development of A Quality Centered Management System Model in Healthcare, halaman 1-12
  34. Models for Regional Healthcare Cooperation Based on the Patient Condition Adaptive Path System for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, halaman 1-14
  35. Grasping Daily Activities of Elderly to Assist Designing Care Plans, halaman 1-7
  36. A Study on The Methodology to Analyse and Prevent Medical Errors Due to Non-Observance, halaman 1-8
  37. Personalized Prediction of Optimal Replacement Point Using Data Assimilation, halaman 1-19
  38. Bayesian Lasso with the Heredity Principle, halaman 1-9
  39. Proposal Enabled Explicitly Based on Complainer's Ego State, halaman 1-9
  40. Method for Human Resource Development in the Organization That Changes Positions in the Short Term, halaman 1-9
  41. Proposal of Strategic Product Development That Considers Senior, halaman 1-10
  42. Research of Component Necessary for Brand Construction in Design Use of Product, halaman 1-11
  43. Research on Transition of Customer Satisfaction Factor, halaman 1-13
  44. The Proposal of the Environment Information Which Affects Purchase of the Consumer’s Eco-Friendly Product, halaman 1-12
  45. A Study on Succession of the Information of the System, halaman 1-12
  46. The Construction of the Word of Mouth Model That Considered a Commodity Characteristic and Consumer Feeling, halaman 1-10
  47. The Function of Emotion and Mood on Stress Coping, halaman 1-20
  48. The Estimation of Detection Capability for Poisson Distributed Measurements, halaman 1-18
  49. Software Testing Method Considering the Importance of Factor Combinations in Pair-Wise Testing, halaman 1-6
  50. A Model for Preventing Patient Falls: Determining Concrete Countermeasures Based on Assessment, halaman 1-11
  51. A Study on The Prevention of Medical Device Failure, halaman 1-10
  52. Building a Brand Image Evaluation Model Based on User’s Reputation, halaman 1-10
  53. Prediction of Drugstore Sales and Theiraction Planning: Study on Product Reduction Using Bayesian Network, halaman 1-12
  54. A Study on the Education and Training for Healthcare Quality and Safety: Carrying out Education and Training and Measuring Participant Understanding, halaman 1-8
  55. A New Method for Estimating Error Variances in Split-Plot Experiments, halaman 1-9
  56. The Design of the Condition Evaluation System for Rehabilitating Patients, halaman 1-11
  57. A Study on the Selection of ICT Services Focusing on the Function of Communication, halaman 1-10
  58. A Study on Method to Visualize the Nursing Process, halaman 1-10
  59. Design of Experiments for Exploring Feasible Region of Factors in Computer Simulation, halaman 1-6
  60. Personnel Allocation for Quality Assurance at Hospitals: Competence Criteria of Doctors for Invasive Treatment, halaman 1-12
  61. A Paradigm Shift from Monitoring the Amount of Variation into Monitoring the Pattern of Variation in SPC, halaman 1-9
  62. Studying Methods of Creative Thinking to Plan New ICT Services, halaman 1-9
  63. Approach for Quality Diagnosis with Checklist of Own Process Assurance, halaman 1-14
  64. A Study on the Analysis of Profile Data by Principal Components Analysis, halaman 1-13
  65. Measuring Fitness for Use on Technical Service Support Software, halaman 1-8
  66. Third Party Logistic – A Framework for Indian Railways, halaman 1-21
  67. Innovative Implementation of Kaizen in a Traditional Industry (Textile Industry), halaman 1-15
  68. Changing Skill Requirements of Indian Automotive Industries, halaman 1-6
  69. “Knowledge Management Program” An Effective Tool for Improving Quality of Transformer, halaman 1-7
  70. Case Study on Improving Commission Accuracy and Timelines, halaman 1-8
  71. To Reduce Policy Document Not Received Complaints , halaman 1-9
  72. Service Quality Management and Voluntary Compliance, halaman 1-13
  73. Developing Customised Solution (Kedge Process) – Knowledge Excellence Driven and Guided by Expert Policy Documents, halaman 1-9
  74. Software Warranty Cost Model Based on Periodic Maintenance Activity with Impe rfect Debugging, halaman 1-10
  75. Design of Rectifying Screening Procedures in a Normal Model, halaman 1-13
  76. Connecting A Productivity Index And Its Hidden Factors To Extract A Feasible Shop-Floor Productivity Index, halaman 1-7
  77. An Empirical Study Of Perceived Quality On Mongolian Cashmere Clothing, halaman 1-7
  78. A Prioritizing Method of Quality Improvement Activities for Global Strategic Products, halaman 1-10
  79. Mobile SNS Attributes on User Satisfaction Effects on Mediation of Information Share and Relationship Formation, halaman 1-7
  80. A Study Of Factors Affecting User Intentions Toward It Switching, halaman 1-7
  81. An Empirical Study On The Activity Factors Influencing New Product Development Performance, halaman 1-11
  82. An Empirical Study On The Effect On Educarion Service Quality On Customer Satisfaction And Re-Purchase, halaman 1-8
  83. Development of a Computer Program to Estimate Parameters of Distributions Useful for Reliability Analysis, halaman 1-7
  84. Model Selection Algorithm in Computer Experiments for Quality Improvements, halaman 1-6
  85. A Study On Service Quality Of Hospital Websites And Its Influence On Service Value And Customer Satisfaction In Korea, halaman 1-22
  86. Analysis of the Types of Corporate Culture, halaman 1-14
  87. A Study on the Performance factors of ISO Quality Management System in the Korean Construction Industry, halaman 1-14
  88. An exploratory study on firm’s strategy to cope with greenhouse gas target, halaman 1-7
  89. An Analysis on Research and Development Technology from a Business Model Perspective: Focusing on the Pharmaceutical Industry, halaman 1-13
  90. Time-Series Analysis For Company’s Technology Based On Business Model Components And Ad-Hoc Information, halaman 1-7
  91. An Empirical Study of Verifying the 9 Business Model Components, halaman 1-8
  92. A Study On The New Business Trend Of Servitization Integrating Products And Services, halaman 1-9
  93. The Determinants Affecting Users’ Information Protection Behaviors Based On Protection Motivation Theory, halaman 1-7
  94. Implementation of Quality Monitoring Systems for Delivery of Public Service to Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan, halaman 1-9
  95. Quality Management Education: Quality Educational Programmes in New Zealand and Internationally, halaman 1-15
  96. The Influence Of Management By Processes In Social Area Organisations , halaman 1-12
  97. Practical Program Of Revolutions In Factories (PPORF) 20 Keys”® In Russia Holistic Continuous Business Improvement System, halaman 1-7
  98. The Convergence Of Quality, Productivity & Risk , halaman 1-15
  99. Color Contact Lenses Defect Reduction Through Six Sigma Methodology, halaman 1-22
  100. To Improve The Wound Care And Management Process, Comfort And Hygiene For Patients With 4 Layer Bandaging (4lb) To Train And Empower Patients In The Care Process And Improve Outcome And Comfort For 90% Of Patients With 4lb , halaman 1-18
  101. Maintain Optimal Orogastric Tube Placement In Newborns, halaman 1-9
  102. To Improve The Process Of Changing Patient’s Wound Dressings , halaman 1-15
  103. Reduce Power Consumption of Waste Heat Generator in Cement Plant, halaman 1-8
  104. Blown Film Quality Improvement, halaman 1-9
  105. Measurement System Improvement by DOE with Dynamic Signal: Case Studies in SCG, halaman 1-8
  106. Reversed Hypothesis Test: Methods and Case Studies in SCG, halaman 1-14
  107. Develop McKee Formula For Higher Measurement Accuracy From Design Factor, halaman 1-10
  108. Edi Business Documents And Sustainable Global Engagement For SME’s, halaman 1-8
  109. A Deming Message to Sustainable Development, halaman 1-7
  110. The Evolution Of Electricity Power Energy Portfolio In Taiwan , halaman 1-10
  111. Improving Customer Experience in Café Industry: A Framework for Delighting Customers, halaman 1-22
  112. Exploring The Impact Relationship Between Service Quality, Perceived Value, Customer Satisfaction And Students' Favorable/Unfavorable Behavioral Intentions In Higher Education Setting, halaman 1-13
  113. Common Causes Of Trust, Satisfaction And Tam In Online Shopping: An Integrated Model, halaman 1-13
  114. Developing A Customer Value Analytic Model Of Lean Service, halaman 1-11
  115. A Study On Quality Of Medical Service And Cost Control Under Tw-Drgs System, halaman 1-4
  116. How To Enhance Team Effectiveness: Theoretical Perspective Of Coopetition, halaman 1-8
  117. The Effects of Lean Thinking on Healthcare Service, halaman 1-9
  118. Analysis Of Customer Variability And Used Strategic For Hotel Industries , halaman 1-12
  119. Consumer Behavior Study in the Airline Industry: Selecting International Flight Services' Categories, halaman 1-13
  120. Applying Kano Model And Ipa To Develop The Internal Marketing Strategy Of The Elementary School, halaman 1-12
  121. A Case Study of Product Reliability Improvement By Using DMAIC Process, halaman 1-10
  122. The Impact Of Perceived Qualities On E-Learning User Satisfaction: An Empirical Study, halaman 1-8
  123. The Investigation Of Organizational Innovation Climate And Organizational Learning On Operating Performance, halaman 1-11
  124. A Study On The Hotel Innovation Activities And Butler Service From The View Of Resource Based, halaman 1-9
  125. Attractiveness Of Boutique Hotels That Impact The Tourist Satisfaction And Revisit Intention - A Case Of Bangkok Area, halaman 1-17
  126. Estimating Melamine Population Distributions Using Turnbull Estimator, halaman 1-9
  127. Recursive Equations Of Word-Length Patterns For Special Geometrical Designs, halaman 1-8
  128. Binary Algorithms For Computing Word-Length Patterns In Two-Level Fractional Factorial Experiments, halaman 1-6
  129. Combining Ica And Mewma For Monitoring Between- Part And Within-Part Variation Of Product Measurements, halaman 1-9
  130. Application Of Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 In Civil Services In Vietnam, halaman 1-12
  131. Quality Management In The Pangasius Value Chain: The Case Of Smallholders In The Mekong Delta, Vietnam, halaman 1-12
  132. Demands For Applying Quality Into Education Management At Universities And Colleges In Vietnam, halaman 1-11
  133. Quality, Rank, Development, Integration Of The Vocational College Mines Friendship - Vinacomin - A Combination Of Harmonious Development of resources effectively, Improve The Quality Of Vocational Training And Contribute To Community Development, halaman 1-12
  134. Credit-Based Training At Sao Do University steps For Intergration Into Regional And Global Education Quality, halaman 1-7
  135. Training Management Basing On Iso 9001:2008 Standards Improves Education Quality For Integration And Development, halaman 1-7
  136. Measures To Improve Skills In Teaching Practice For Mechanical Students At The College And Meet The Labor Demand For High Quality Of Companies, halaman 1-5
  137. Sai Gon Commercial Bank Has Grown By Applying The Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008, halaman 1-11
  138. Model For Guarantee Of The Perfect Training Quality In Ho Chi Minh University Of Industry: Based On ISO 9001:2008 And Ten Criteria Of Training Quality Accreditation, halaman 1-10
  139. The Quality Of State Management To Real Estate Market In Vietnam, halaman 1-10
  140. Designing Technique And Quality Assessment Method Of Objective Test Questions In The Objective Test Compilation In Teaching At The Universities, halaman 1-10
  141. Application Of Vietgap In Order To Totally Safety And Sanitary Control In Fresh Vegetables Supply Chain In Vietnam - An Example Study In Van Duc Gia Lam Hanoi, halaman 1-10
  142. International Standards Management System - Conditions For Sustainable Development, halaman 1-3
  143. Determination Of a-Anomer In Mixture Of b-Lactose And a-Lactose By Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), halaman 1-5
  144. ANQ Congress Ho Chi Minh City 2011 Finalize Quality Control System According To ISO 9001: 2008 In Aviation Printing Joint Stock Company, halaman 1-4
  145. Innovation Model Of Vocational Training To Meet Enterprices Requirement In Vietnam, halaman 1-4
  146. The Usefulness Of Self-Assessment Approach Based On Business Excellence Model: An Empirical Study on Vietnam Textile and Garment Companies , halaman 1-20
  147. Developing Productivity Movement in Ho Chi Minh City, halaman 1-7
  148. Assessing The Quality And Effectiveness Of Training In Colleges Of Arts And Culture In Ho Chi Minh City, halaman 1-8
  149. Technical Barriers To Trade – TBT Organizations In Vietnam Need To Overcome For The Global Economic Integration, halaman 1-7
  150. Application of Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 at Ho Chi Minh City University of Food Industry Vietnam, halaman 1-8

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