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BukuA meta-analysis of the technology acceptance model (in Information & Management)
Author: King, William R. ; He, Jun
Topik: Technology acceptance model; TAM; Meta-analysis; Perceived usefulness; Ease of use; Behavioral intention
Bahasa: (EN )    
Penerbit: Elsevier     Tempat Terbit: Winsland House I    Tahun Terbit: 2006    
Jenis: Article - diterbitkan di jurnal ilmiah internasional
Fulltext: E0D8Fd01.pdf (673.64KB; 6 download)
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A statistical meta-analysis of the technology acceptance model (TAM) as applied in various fields was conducted using 88 published studies that provided sufficient data to be credible. The results show TAM to be a valid and robust model that has been widely used, but which potentially has wider applicability. A moderator analysis involving user types and usage types was performed to investigate conditions under which TAM may have different effects. The study confirmed the value of using students as surrogates for professionals in some TAM studies, and perhaps more generally. It also revealed the power of meta-analysis as a rigorous alternative to qualitative and narrative literature review methods.
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