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BukuAnalisis Technology Acceptance Model terhadap Perpustakaan Digital dengan Structural Equation Modeling
Author: Yuadi, Imam
Topik: Technology Acceptance Model; Structural Equation Modeling; Confirmatary Factor Analysis; Analysis of a Moment Structures; digital library; TAM; SEM; CFA; AMOS
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The objective of this research is to acknowledge model acceptance of technology which is TAM to digital library of Airlangga University. The research method uses equation structural modeling (SEM) in analysing acceptance technology model using AMOS version 5.0 as a means of its processing. Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) at digital library is the basis for a specific theory to analyze with Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). Before analysing, I conducted Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) at each of eight variables. This research result shows that by using the examination of CFA, found that only one latent variable which has not be respecified, whereas seventh others need to modify until they in a uni-dimensional condition. A number of 318 respondents of digital library, I found that two of ten hypothesis are refused in which e-resources organization does not have any effects on the perception of usage. Similarly, perception of amenity of usage does not have any effects to users’ attitudes with regard to utilize digital library.
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