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BukuProceeding International conference of revisited Asian Society "Exploration of Asian Indigenous Perspective: communalities and differences"; Yogyakarta, July 21-24 2011
Author: Handayani, Christina Siwi (Editor); Madyaningrum, Monica Eviandaru (Editor)
Topik: Social psychology
Bahasa: (EN )    ISBN: 978-602-9187-05-2    
Penerbit: Fakultas Psikologi Universitas Sanata dharma     Tempat Terbit: Yogyakarta    Tahun Terbit: 2011    
Jenis: Proceeding
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Impact of the Violence Conflict in Southern Thailand: Divided Society?, halaman 1-12
  2. Reflections on Studying Lived Experience in another Culture, halaman 13-23
  3. Discourse and Practice of Assimilation of Javanese and Chinese Community In The Post New Order in Surakarta, halaman 24-36
  4. Literature Review on the Dimensions of Organizational Citizenship Behavior among Indonesian Employees, halaman 37-49
  5. Indigenous Psychology: Happines Construction Plantation workers , halaman 50-58
  6. School Based Action Research: Psycho-Economy Empowerment for Adolescents from the Lower Social-Economical Class Residing Within the Depok West Java Area , halaman 59-69
  7. Women Perception of Domestic Violence in Central Sulawesi and Central Java , halaman 70-75
  8. The Relationship between Secure Adult Attachment with Marrital Satisfaction in Early Adulthood in Surabaya, halaman 76-84
  9. The Profile of Anxiety of Women Inmates at Sukamiskin Women Prison-Bandung, halaman 85-96
  10. Application of the Concept of Village Tour (Kodewa) Solution to Reduce The Rate of Urbanization Explore the Potential and Local Culture (Kampung Ingris Pare-Kediri as a Piliot Project), halaman 97-112
  11. Transforming Volunteering Work into Community Partnership: An Early Discussion, halaman 104-112
  12. The Comminity's Role in Preserving the Invironmental Wisdom in Muria Mountain Area, Kudus Regency, halaman 113-127
  13. How Pancasila Form the national Identity of Indonesian People!, halaman 128-133
  14. Construct Validation of Pancasila Scale: An Empirical Report, halaman 134-142
  15. Demographic, Psychological Variablesand Resilience of Indonesian Nurses: The Study of a Public Hospital in Jakarta, halaman 143-153
  16. Factors Related to Adolescent Perceptions of Tribe Batak Mandailing who Love in Bandung on Batak Mandailing's Cultural Values, halaman 154-167
  17. Ulos in the Equator Monument: A Descriptive Study of Batasknese Acculturation in Pontianak, halaman 168-178
  18. Reading difficulties in Indonesia: Are they phonological based?, halaman 179-187
  19. Defending the Representation of the Past from the Neglectful State: Social Representation of Semanggi and Trisakti Tragedy, halaman 188-200
  20. Perception of Javanese Ritual Trance at Kuda Lumping and Sablang Bakungan: An Indigenous Study in Javanese Culture, halaman 201-206
  21. The Pattern of Indigenous Culture in Fuk Ho An Potehi Puppet at Gudo - Jombang, East Java, halaman 207-214
  22. Withdrawal Behavior on the Javanese Students Who Experienced Impostor Phenomenon, halaman 215-222
  23. Learning Model of Tolerance Based on "Tepa Sarira" in the Elementary School Children (An Alternative of Character Education), halaman 223-231
  24. Fostering Flow in Indonesian Classroom: An Alternative Discourse on Indonesian Instructional Strategy , halaman 232-239
  25. The Role of Training, Coaching, Mentoring, Counselling, and Workplace Well-being to Organizational Citizenship Behaviour (A Study in Banking Organization in Indonesia), halaman 240-245
  26. Icon Recognition For Graphical User Interface Of Disaster Life Skill Game Through Pattern Recognition With Fault Tolerance, halaman 246-254
  27. Zoophobia Behavior in Middle Adult Woman, halaman 255-263
  28. Beyond Neuroticism: Totemism and Oidipus Problems in Lacanian and Freudian Psychoanalysis, halaman 264-272
  29. Corruption in Academics Sphere: A Freirean Approach, halaman 273-283
  30. Soul and Solution: Lay Thinking about Psychology and Psychologists in Indonesia, halaman 284-292
  31. Cultural and Individual Differences in Style of Humor: An Exploratory Study of Indonesian University Students, halaman 293-305
  32. Subjective Well-being, Alienation and Relative Deprivation in Kalitiu-Bojonegoro Indonesian Society, halaman 306-318
  33. Loneliness and Coping of Loneliness in Military Wives That Had Been Left to Other Region for Duty, halaman 319-325
  34. Subjective Well Being in Javnese Collectivistic Culture, halaman 326-336
  35. Exploring the Important Component of Love in Marriage Relationship, halaman 337-345
  36. The Role of Javanese Cuultural Values and Conflict Style in Predicting Marital Stability, halaman 346-358

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