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BukuSuppressed Inventions & Other Discoveries
Author: Eisen, Jonathan (Editor)
Topik: True Stories of Suppression; Scientific Cover-Ups; Misinformation; Brilliant Breakthroughs; Alternative Medical Therapies; Unorthodox Science; UFO Technologies; Extraterrestrial Contact; Fuel Savers; Alternate Energy Resources; Alternative Energy Patents; Antigravity Patents
Bahasa: (EN )    
Tahun Terbit: 1998    
Jenis: Books - E-Book
Fulltext: Eisen,_J._-_Suppressed_Inventions_&_Other_Discoveries_--_547.pdf (5.71MB; 8 download)
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And that is what this book is about. It concerns itself with those inventions and ideas that have been developed over the last 100 years or so which, given enough encouragement, might well have led to a radically different culture and economics than the one in which we find ourselves today. Good—indeed, great—ideas have arisen and have been rejected by a society so mired in the dominant paradigm that it could not bestir itself to support its own survival.
Section I The Suppression of Alternative Medical Therapies: article 1-15
Section II The Suppression of Unorthodox Science: article 16-24
Section III The Suppression of UFO Technologies and Extraterrestrial Contact: article 25-35
Section IV The Suppression of Fuel Savers and Alternate Energy Resources: article 36-46
Appendices: A. A Selection of Alternative Energy Patents, 526; B. A Selection of Antigravity Patents, 531; C. Recommended Reading, 538
Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Does Medicine Have a Bad Attitude? , halaman 007-018
  2. The Great Fluoridation Hoax; Fact or Fiction?, halaman 019-030
  3. Deadly Mercury: How It Became Your Dentist's Darling, halaman 031-040
  4. The Alzheimer's Cover-Up, halaman 041-051
  5. Vaccinations: Adverse Reactions Cover-Up? , halaman 052-054
  6. AIDS and Ebola: Where Did They Really Come From?, halaman 055-072
  7. Polio Vaccines and the Origin of AIDS; The Career of a Threatening Idea, halaman 073-085
  8. Oxygen Therapies, The Virus Destroyers, halaman 086-090
  9. Oxygen Therapy: The Empire Strikes Back, halaman 091-103
  10. The FDA, halaman 104-113
  11. Harry Hoxsey; An Introduction to His Life and Work , halaman 114-116
  12. The AMA's Successful Attempt to Suppress My Cure for Cancer, halaman 117-125
  13. Royal Raymond Rife and the Cancer Cure That Worked!, halaman 126-143
  14. The Persecution and Trial of Gaston Naessens, halaman 144-168
  15. Dr. Max Gerson's Nutritional Therapy for Cancer and Other Diseases, halaman 169-176
  16. Science as Credo, halaman 179-185
  17. Sigmund Freud and the Cover-Up of "The Aetiology of Hysteria", halaman 186-190
  18. The Burial of Living Technology, halaman 191-206
  19. Egyptian History and Cosmic Catastrophe: The Ideas of Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky, halaman 207-214
  20. Archaeological Cover-Ups? , halaman 215-226
  21. Introduction to Bread From Stones, halaman 227-232
  22. Scientist With an Attitude: Wilhelm Reich, halaman 233-246
  23. The AMA's Charge on the Light Brigade, halaman 247-262
  24. The Neurophone, halaman 263-272
  25. Breakthrough as Boffins Beat Gravity, halaman 275-276
  26. Antigravity on the Rocks: The T.T. Brown Story, halaman 277-285
  27. Did NASA Sabotage Its Own Space Capsule? From NASA Mooned America!, halaman 286-308
  28. Extraterrestrial Exposure Law Already Passed by Congress, halaman 309-310
  29. The Stonewalling of High Strangeness, halaman 311-333
  30. UFOs and the U.S. Air Force, halaman 334-346
  31. UFOs and the CIA: Anatomy of a Cover-Up, halaman 347-352
  32. NASA, halaman 353-373
  33. UFO Phenomena and the Self-Censorship of Science, halaman 374-381
  34. Mars—The Telescopic Evidence, halaman 382-396
  35. Never a Straight Answer: A Book Review of NASA Mooned America! , halaman 397-406
  36. Nikola Tesla: A Brief Introduction, halaman 410-411
  37. Tesla's Controversial Life and Death, halaman 412-427
  38. Transmission of Electrical Energy Without Wires, halaman 428-437
  39. From the Archives of Lester J. Hendershot, halaman 438-445
  40. Gunfire in the Laboratory: T. Henry Moray and the Free Energy Machine, halaman 446-458
  41. Sunbeams From Cucumbers, halaman 459-471
  42. Archie Blue, halaman 472-475
  43. The Story of Francisco Pacheco and the Suppression of Hydrogen Technology, halaman 476-479
  44. Amazing Locomotion and Energy Super Technology and Carburetors, halaman 480-507
  45. The Charles Pogue Story, halaman 508-514
  46. News Clips on Suppressed Fuel Savers, halaman 515-520
  47. Appendix A; A Selection of Alternative Energy Patents, halaman 528-530
  48. Appendix B: A Selection of Anti-Gravity Patents, halaman 531-537
  49. Appendix C: Recommended Reading, halaman 538-540

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True stories of suppression, scientific cover-ups, misinformation, and brilliant breakthroughs;
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