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BukuSecond language writing research: perspectives on the process of knowledge construction
Author: Matsuda, Paul Kei (Editor); Silva, Tony (Editor)
Topik: Language and languages--Study and teaching--Research.; Rhetoric--Study and teaching--Research.; Second language acquisition--Research.
Bahasa: (EN )    ISBN: 0-8058-5046-5    
Penerbit: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates     Tempat Terbit: Mahwah    Tahun Terbit: 2005    
Jenis: Books - Textbook
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. On the Philosophical Bases of Inquiry in Second Language Writing: Metaphysics, Inquiry Paradigms, and the Intellectual Zeitgeist, halaman 3-16
  2. Uses of Narrative in L2 Writing Research, halaman 17-32
  3. Historical Inquiry in Second Language Writing, halaman 33-46
  4. Situated Qualitative Research and Second Language Writing, halaman 49-65
  5. A Multimethod Approach to Research Into Processes of Scholarly Writing for Publication, halaman 65-78
  6. Hypothesis Generation and Hypothesis Testing: Two Complementary Studies of EFL Writing Processes, halaman 79-92
  7. Talking About Writing: Cross-Modality Research and Second Language Speaking/Writing Connections, halaman 93-104
  8. Researching Teacher Evaluation of Second Language Writing via Prototype Theory, halaman 105-120
  9. Composing Culture in a Fragmented World: The Issue of Representation in Cross-Cultural Research , halaman 121-131
  10. Qualitative Research as Heuristic: Investigating Documentation Practices in a Medical Setting, halaman 135-148
  11. Mucking Around in the Lives of Others: Reflections on Qualitative Research, halaman 149-158
  12. Coding Data in Qualitative Research on L2 Writing: Issues and Implications, halaman 159-176
  13. Digging Up Texts and Transcripts: Confessions of a Discourse Analyst, halaman 177-190
  14. Using Concurrent Protocols to Explore L2 Writing Processes: Methodological Issues in the Collection and Analysis of Data, halaman 191-206
  15. Taking on English Writing in a Bilingual Program: Revisiting, Reexamining, Reconceptualizing the Data, halaman 207-220
  16. Tricks of the Trade: The Nuts and Bolts of L2 Writing Research , halaman 223-234

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