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BukuThe 55th TEFLIN International Conference, Jakarta, December 4-6, 2007: Human Resources Development in English Language Teaching
Author: Sumardi, Muljanto (Editor); Mahmud, Nasrun (Editor); Husna, Nida (Editor)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISBN: 978-979-17336-0-1    
Penerbit: Jurusan Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris UIN Syarif Hidayatullah     Tempat Terbit: Jakarta    Tahun Terbit: 2007    
Jenis: Proceeding
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  1. The "Good Language Teacher": Student Perspectives, halaman 2-8
  2. Good language Teachers", Whose Perception?, halaman 9-14
  3. The Implications of Effective School and Teacher Research for Teacher Training in Indonesia , halaman 15-20
  4. Increasing Prospective Teachers' Awareness of the Importance of SLA Theries To Support English Language Teaching Practices , halaman 21-27
  5. The Importance of a Change of Attitude Related To Teahers' Professionalism:a Case Study at St. Albertus High School Malang, halaman 28-33
  6. Developing Personality To Build Up Creative Language Learning as a Life Skill, halaman 34-38
  7. The Case of Manokwari English Teachers, halaman 39-43
  8. Ideas Toward Teachers Certification: Qualified Portfolio As An Assessment of Competency Test , halaman 44-46
  9. autonomous learning to promote teaching competency for teachers english in remote Areas , halaman 47-48
  10. Good Language Teacher in The Era of Globalization, halaman 49-53
  11. Scaffolding Teachers To Be More Professional Through An Action Research, halaman 54-59
  12. Teacher Development Through Teacher Community Learning: An Alternative Model for Focused Changes, halaman 60-63
  13. An Ideal English Teacher is The Answer To Increase The Students' English Mastery, halaman 64-66
  14. What is a Good Language Teacher? An Overview of Students' and Teachers' Reflection , halaman 67-73
  15. What is a Good Language Teacher Like Based on Students' Perception, halaman 74-77
  16. Teacher Professional Development , halaman 78-86
  17. Teachers Going Certification: Matters Over Mind?, halaman 87-90
  18. Setting Up Standards For Professional English Teacher: An Attempt To Promote ELT Professionalism, halaman 91-97
  19. Developing Teachers' Professionalism Through Action Research , halaman 98-103
  20. Lesson Study :a Promising EFL Teacher Development Plan, halaman 104-106
  21. Collaborative Internal Teacher Development Program, halaman 107-116
  22. Reflective Practice: An Attempt To Promote Teachers' Professional Development, halaman 117-122
  23. An Insight of the Teachers' Readiness in the KTSP Implementation: an Overview of the Teacher Trainer, halaman 123-127
  24. A Good Teacher of EFL Speaks the Language in the Class , halaman 128-132
  25. Exploiting Receptive Teaching Material for Teaching Productive Skills: Shifting from Teacher-Centered to Learning Based Modes of Instruction , halaman 133-137
  26. Learning Strategies of Successful Student of STP Bandung, halaman 138-140
  27. Critical Reading: a Skill to Foster Text Reading Comprehension Beyond the Line , halaman 141-144
  28. The Effectiveness of Accelerated Learning Approach in Teaching English Speaking Skills, halaman 145-149
  29. A Possible Teaching Method in Teaching English Based on the Competence Based Curriculum, halaman 150-157
  30. Efforts to Enhance The Quality of Learning Strategies in An English Department of Faculty of Education An Action Research Approach, halaman 158-159
  31. Ink Shedding As a Strategy To Prompt Students' Ideas To Express Their Thoughts in English , halaman 160-168
  32. Emphatic Listening: The Skills Required of Lecturers in Facilitating Student Learning , halaman 169-172
  33. Communicative Approach To EGL Vocabulary Instruction , halaman 173-183
  34. Multiple Intelligences Principles and Vocabulary Mastery, halaman 184-190
  35. The Use of Snowballing Strategy in Teaching Reading Literary Text(Short Stories), halaman 191-195
  36. Facing the Complexities of Writing: My Journey As a Learner and Teacher of EFL Writing in Indonesia (An Autobigraphical Narrative Inquiry) , halaman 196-200
  37. Task Based Approach of Facilitating The Speaking Practice for a Big Class, halaman 201-208
  38. A Constructivist Learning Approach To Improve The Students' Learning Autonomy and The Learning Significance of The English Structure , halaman 209-230
  39. The Effective Strategies in Teaching Grammatical Structures of English, halaman 231-233
  40. Promoting Students' Autonomous Learning in Corpus Linguistics Class, halaman 234-240
  41. Fun Class Receptive Skills (Listening and Reading) Activities for Adult Kinesthetic Learners , halaman 241-245
  42. Contextual Teaching and Learning: Students Learning from Implementations, halaman 246-250
  43. Teaching English Thuogh Film, halaman 251-254
  44. Holistic Lesson Design Application To Improve Students' Motivation in Learning English, halaman 255-261
  45. The Origins and Concerns of Pragmatics: The Teaching of Oral English, halaman 262-266
  46. Teachers' Feedback and Its Effects on Students' Writings , halaman 267-272
  47. The Quality of English for Young Children and the Quality of School Teachers, halaman 273-277
  48. The Effectof Teaching Listening Strategies on EFL Learners Comprehension, halaman 278-281
  49. The Implementation of Active Learning in Teachers Training Program at Teaching Cross Cultural Awareness, halaman 282-285
  50. Effectiveness of English Teaching and Training Program in Private Universities: Observation on Selected Institutions In the Jakarta Region, halaman 286-289
  51. The Effectiveness of Brain Web Storming in Writings : An Experimental Research at the TEFL Department of FKIP UHAMKA 2006/2007, halaman 290-300
  52. Language Learning Style Preferences, Learning Strategies, and Their Implication for Students' Motivation , halaman 301-306
  53. Students' Competence of Reading in English of Primary School in Semarang, halaman 307-312
  54. Students' Belief About the Difficulty of Language Learning and The Language Learning Strategies The Emloy at Magister Management Program , halaman 313-317
  55. Some Basic Principles of Teaching English for Children in Indonesia, halaman 318-321
  56. Community Approach: A Collaborative Strategy To Enhance Students' Learning Achievement in An English As a Foreign Language (EFL) Class Taught in General School in Indonesia , halaman 322-326
  57. A Study on Language Laboratory Program Development , halaman 327-347
  58. Meanings Realized in Students' First Writings: Sentence Based Writing , halaman 348-359
  59. Errors Correction Practices: A Way To Improve Learners' Language Accuracy and Enhance Autonomous Learning A Case Study, halaman 360-366
  60. A Road To Academic Writing, halaman 367-369
  61. Interlanguage Discourse of "Acknowledgements" Section: Carving Out a Potensial Area of Research, halaman 370-376
  62. Learners' Negotiation Strategies in Carrying Out Casual Conversation, halaman 377-385
  63. Quantum Teaching:: The Teaching of Speaking for Instructional Purposes , halaman 386-389
  64. Self Assessment in EFL Intruction: Why Does It Matter?, halaman 390-395
  65. Portfolio Assessment for Developing Student Writers , halaman 396-402
  66. Building Up English As a Foreign Language Autonomous Leaning Habit, halaman 403-407
  67. Portfolio in EFL Classroom: An Alternative in KTSP , halaman 408-411
  68. Language Assessment The Persistent Problems and Solutions , halaman 412-418
  69. Language Asessment for Young Learners, halaman 419-422
  70. Language Classroom Assessment , halaman 423-428
  71. Reading Comprehension Assessment Through Retelling Different Types of Text, halaman 429-438
  72. Working With Students To Promote Autonomous Learning: Empowering EFL Learners To Self Regulate Writing, halaman 439-445
  73. Maximizing Alternative in Assessment, halaman 446-448
  74. Assessing English Communicative Competence, halaman 449-460
  75. Some Techniques To Develop Communicative Activities in ESP, halaman 461-462
  76. Comparing Rhetorical Patterns in Research Articles of International Journal Across Different Fields of Study, halaman 463-468
  77. ESP in Indonesia: Who Is Responsible?, halaman 469-478
  78. Identifying and Compiling English Terms of Law in Newspapers To Improve Students' Vocabulary, halaman 479-487
  79. Never Overvalue English: The Things ESP Learners Need To Know When They Read Scientific Texts in English, halaman 488-493
  80. A Closer Look at Strategy Based Intruction Model on ESP, halaman 494-498
  81. Teaching ESP Based on Learning Styles in Vocational Education and Training Institutions , halaman 499-500
  82. Teaching English for The Students of The Economic Faculty: Problems and Solutions, halaman 501-511
  83. English Language Teaching Materials for Hotel Food and Beverage Services, halaman 512-514
  84. Developing English Learning in Universities and Collegesfor Aviation Proficiency, halaman 515-527
  85. English Language Training for Islamic Schools, halaman 528-535
  86. Task Based Materials Development for ESP in SMA, halaman 536-548
  87. Going Digital, Why Not?, halaman 549-555
  88. The Second Generation of the Internet Tools in EFL Context, halaman 555-560
  89. Developing Electronic Courseware To Help Students of YPPI Elementary School Learn Motion Prepositions, halaman 561-575
  90. Blogging in English Writing , halaman 576-583
  91. Developing Learners' Competencies Through Multimedia Approach: a Tentative Research on Listening and Viewing Comprehension , halaman 584-588
  92. Web Based Literature Displaying Students' Response To Short Story, halaman 589-591
  93. Shift To The Future: The Prospects of Improving English Through Information Technology Based Library, halaman 592-597
  94. Adopting TV Shows To Compose Teaching Material, halaman 598-605
  95. Response Centered Literature Class: A New Paradigm To Teach Literature, halaman 606-628
  96. Discourse on Polygamy, halaman 629-641
  97. From Learning English To Building Academic Literacy: The Paths of ESL College Students Literacy Learning, halaman 642-651
  98. Developing and Using Reading Materials Based on Multi-Dimensional Approach , halaman 652-657
  99. A New Outlook Language Curriculum , halaman 658-666
  100. Introducing Teaching Journal To Teachers To Be: What This Professional Aspect Reveals, halaman 667-676
  101. Cohesion of Reading Passages Usedin English Textbooks For The First Term, Eleventh Year of Senior High School, halaman 677

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