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BukuA forum anthology: selected articles from the english teaching forum 1984-1988
Author: [s.n]
Bahasa: (EN )    
Penerbit: English Language Programs Division     Tempat Terbit: Washington, D. C.    Tahun Terbit: 1989    
Jenis: Books
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Perspective and Theory: Artful Tasks: The Construction of Curriculums in ESL and TOEFEL, halaman 3-8
  2. Kultural Knowledge and the Teahing of Reading, halaman 9-12
  3. English Departments in Third World Universities: Language, Linguistics, or Literature?, halaman 13-20
  4. From the Whole Discretely, halaman 21-24
  5. Interaction and Communication in the TESOL Classroom, halaman 25-31
  6. Life-Saving Techniques for the Foreign-Language Learner Lost at Sea, halaman 32-35
  7. Teaching Reading through Assumptions about Learning, halaman 36-40
  8. Teaching Strategies for Developing Oral Language Skills, halaman 41-47
  9. The Linguist and the Language Teacher: Love at First Sight or the End of the Honeymoon?, halaman 48-54
  10. Teaching Basic Integrated Skills: A More Integrated Approach to the Teaching of Reading, halaman 55-61
  11. A Student-Centered Report-Writing Program, halaman 62-66
  12. Developing Aural Anticipation Strategies, halaman 67-70
  13. Developing Paragraph Organization Skills at the College Level, halaman 71-80
  14. Different Techniques for Teaching Listening Comprehension, halaman 81-85
  15. Teaching Listening Comprehension, halaman 85-89
  16. The Cloze Procedure as a Teaching Technique to Improve Reading Comprehension, halaman 90-96
  17. Teaching Children EFL: An Alternative Drilling Strategy: The Use of Picture Box Drills in the Primary ESL Classroom, halaman 97-100
  18. On Teaching Before and After to Children, halaman 101-104
  19. Puppetry in the TESOL/EFL Classroom, halaman 105-106
  20. Suggestions for Teaching Reading to Young Second-Language Learners, halaman 107-109
  21. Teaching English to Children, halaman 110-112
  22. Using Children's Literature to Teach ESL to Young Learners, halaman 113-120
  23. Teaching English for Specific Purpose 9ESP): An Approach to Reading for Academic Purposes, halaman 121-126
  24. Developing Reference Skills, halaman 127-130
  25. How to Read Scientific and Technical English Understandingly, halaman 131-135
  26. Integrating Library Skills into ESP/EAP Courses, halaman 136-140
  27. Teaching Research Paper Writing in EST: Content, Language, and Communication, halaman 141-146
  28. The Dictionary:Which, When, and How in Advanced Reading, halaman 147-152
  29. Teaching for Communication: A Guide to Using Students' Drawings in the Language Classroom, halaman 153-157
  30. An Imaginative Approach to Teaching Writing, halaman 158-160
  31. Descriptions: A Funny Game, halaman 161-162
  32. Pair Work-Some Practical Hints, halaman 163-172
  33. Pronunciation Activities with an Accent on Communication, halaman 167-172
  34. The Communicative Approach: Helping Students Adjust, halaman 173-177
  35. The Teacher, The Student, The Classroom, and Communication Activities, halaman 178-181
  36. Thirty Short Fun-Filled Games, halaman 182-186
  37. Using Pictures Creatively, halaman 187-190
  38. Using the Discussion-Group Technique in the ESL Conversation Class, halaman 191-198
  39. Tecahing-Grammar: A Functional Approach to Seven Future Tenses, halaman 199-201
  40. A Rationale for Mixing Tenses in Beginning English Courses, halaman 202-204
  41. A Teaching Grammar of the English Relative Pronoun, halaman 205-207
  42. Teaching the English Article System, Part I: Countable/ Uncountable and Indefenite/Definite Distinctions, halaman 208-215
  43. Teaching the English Article System, Part II: Generic vs. Specific, halaman 216-221
  44. The Dictogloss Method of Language Teaching: A Text-based, Communicative Approach to Grammar, halaman 222-228
  45. Teaching Literature: All Coherence Gone: Literature and EFL, halaman 228-235
  46. Since Feeling is First: Thoughts on Sharring Poetry in the ESOL Classroom, halaman 236-239
  47. Tecahing Literature at the University Level, halaman 240-244
  48. Teaching Literature of the United States to Nonnative Speakers, halaman 245-254
  49. Preparation and Evaluation: A Preliminary Checklist for Materials Development, halaman 255-257
  50. Introducing Communicative Activities Gently to Reluctant Teachers, halaman 258-279
  51. Language Testing: Some Fundamental Aspects, halaman 260-265
  52. Observation and Teachers Evaluation, halaman 266-268
  53. Teacher Development: A Continuing Process, halaman 269-273
  54. Towards Self-Evaluation: A Framework for Teacher Development, halaman 274-282
  55. Technology in Language Teaching: Can Computers Teach?, halaman 283-286
  56. Computer-Assisted Instruction: Non-Human but Not Inhuman, halaman 287-290
  57. The Australaskan Writing Project: A Computer-based Intercultural Exchange Program, halaman 291-295
  58. The VCR in the EFL Classroom, halaman 296-302
  59. Translation: A Communicative Use of Translation in the Classroom, halaman 303-306
  60. Adding Variety in Translation Courses, halaman 307-311
  61. Semantic Notes on Translation as a Method of Language Presentation, halaman 312-314
  62. Teaching Translation in the Advanced EFL Class, halaman 315-318
  63. Index, halaman 319

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