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BukuTEFLIN International Conference 52nd: Cross-Cultural Communication: TEFL Concerns and Contributions, Palembang, December 7-9, 2004
Author: [s.n]
Bahasa: (EN )    
Penerbit: Tridinanti University     Tahun Terbit: 2004    
Jenis: Proceeding
Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Creating computer based learning materials using "Hot Potatoes"
  2. Improving learner's reading skill through advertisements
  3. The transcultural context in EFL education
  4. Using local culture as content in EFL courses: Benefits and limitations
  5. The 'Bajaj Bajuri' illustration: Pragmatics in intercultural communication
  6. Cambridge ESOL teaching awards
  7. NEW GENERATION TOEFL: The Indonesian International Education Foundation - IIEF
  8. Euphemisms as cross-cultural understanding for english learners
  9. The role of computer technology in english teaching
  10. Introducing culture in language teaching
  11. Genre analysis of the reading texts in the english text book for high school students
  12. Culture rolativity, linguistic relativity, and foreign language teaching
  13. Apology: A cross-cultural speech act relatization patterns (CCSARP)
  14. Globalisation and the de-Anglicisation of english
  15. Cross-cultural communication: Lingusitic and cultural dimensions-implications for the language classroom
  16. Literacy-based approach: A key to the implementation of the 2004 english curriculum
  17. The linguistic development of the fourth and sixth grades: The types and subtypes of their syntactic constructions
  18. What should teaching culture be about?
  19. Teaching english culture to indonesian students: What and how
  20. English language teaching material and cross-cultural understanding: Are there bridges or divides?
  21. Students learning and teaching about their own culture
  22. Language learning and culture: Movie viewing in listening classes
  23. Communicating successfully across cultures
  24. Strategic competence: Bridging the cross cultural communication
  25. Cross-cultural activities: Voice from EFL classroom
  26. The role of computer technology in english teaching
  27. 'The new next generation TOEFL 2005'
  28. Planning to teach speaking and writing by using teaching-learning cycle (an american poerty as a source of teaching material)
  29. The significance of classroom english for the students of english teacher trainings (setting standard for TEFL profession and practice)
  30. Using microsoft power point in teaching language skills
  31. Cultural bias in language testing
  32. The west java cultural aspects competence in english textbooks
  33. Cross-cultural pragmatic and the testing of communicative competence
  34. The students' perceptions towords the teaching of english at the non-english department, Faculty of teacher training and education, Inderalaya, Indonesia
  35. Correlation between cultural awareness and intercultural communication performance
  36. The feasibility of the establishment of an english language teacher training center: Problems and prospects

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