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BukuTEFLIN Fifty Fourth International Conference 2006: English language education policies: Responding to national and global challenges
Author: [s.n]
Bahasa: (EN )    ISBN: 979-1098-15-8    
Penerbit: Satya Wacana Christian University     Tempat Terbit: Salatiga    Tahun Terbit: 2006    
Jenis: Proceeding
Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Portfolios and learner self assessment
  2. Uan and its relevence to the new curriculum, KTSP
  3. Implementing KTSP curriculum requirements in the development of english teaching material in high schools
  4. The use of internet by lecturers and students of english department of semarang state university
  5. Teachers' self-efficacy beliefs and the development of ESL autonomous teachers' in Indonesia
  6. Developing competence based-reading materials for high schools
  7. Increasing the students' reading speed
  8. Designing english curriculum for education of mathematics teachers for international school
  9. An agenda for equipping EFL pre-service teachers with the practical curriculum inquiry paradigm
  10. STC: A model of english teachers training program
  11. Computer-based vocabulary teaching: the students' perception
  12. Portfolios: A misunderstood tool in formative
  13. Need analysis of bahasa inggris I for first year students at Hasanuddin university
  14. Teaching argumentative writing through weblog
  15. The implementation of self-assessment to improve students' achievement
  16. High school nglish teachers' voice in competency standard and professional development: Grounded research
  17. The 'continuous improvement learning program for english teachers: A case study of a local goverment policy
  18. Performance and personal-response: Alternative assessment of young learners in Indonesian EFL contexts
  19. Specific english instruction for muhammadiyah paramedic training schools
  20. The policy and implementation of international school in lampung province
  21. Adding human-centered elements to instant messaging design for enhancing university students' english communication ability
  22. Improving students' ability to negotiate the message of texts by teaching them appraisal system (Interpersonal meaning)
  23. Reading through the "Black Veil": American literature in the EFL classroom
  24. Current national english curriculum reform in Indonesia: Constraints, Prospects, and implications for teachers
  25. The behaviour of stress pattern on english word ending In - Ic
  26. Globalization to linguistic imperialism: A challenge for english language teachers
  27. Multilingualism, competitive power, and the forthcoming language law
  28. The need of assessment-influenced instruction: A journey to promote EFL competencies for the real world
  29. Gender, proficiency level of second language learners and their perceptions about teacher's oral corrective feedback
  30. Process-Based writing workshop: Teaching writing as a process
  31. Text deconstruction in students' writing
  32. Faculty's influence an the english learning motivation of Taiwanese university students
  33. Persuasion strategies used by students of english in expository writing
  34. Redesigning teaching reading in ESP contexts to improve Academic reading ability and to promote "Learning-How-To-Learn"
  35. Expanded dimension to film studies in ESL/EFL: An integrated approach
  36. The implementation of the 2004 english curriculum in a number of schools in Bandar Lampung
  37. Teachers' scaffolding talks in english classes of SMA Negeri 1 Ungaran
  38. Integrating holistic education into the EFL class
  39. English communication competency improvement on spoken and written narrative text through "VCD Cutting" media in Semarang 7 Senior High School
  40. Electronic mail (E-Mail): A variation in teaching and learning ESL
  41. Fostering teacher and learner autonomy in Indonesian High Schools
  42. Tips of developing learning materials fir the 2006 curriculum
  43. Describing teacher thinking in an EFL reading course: Moving towards teacher training program at Hasanuddin University
  44. A critical-thinking approach to material development for the teaching of english to elementary school students
  45. Incorporating argumentation study for taching critical thinking in EFL instruction: A proposal to EFL curriculum
  46. CTL for vocational school
  47. The implementation of CBT in teaching ESP in vocational education and training institutions
  48. Taiwanese university english faculty's perspectives on incorporating culture of english-speaking countries into english teaching
  49. The design of online modules for english language learning in high schools
  50. Publishing your teaching materials
  51. Issues in EFL provision, monitoring system on the implementation of the competency based curriculum
  52. Course management system in foreign language curricula: A step toward a more transparent learning process
  53. Chinese authentic materials for english teaching materials: problems and challenges
  54. Materials: As constraint and as empowerment
  55. Developing EFL learners' strategic competence in four EFL skill areas through flow-based classroom approach
  56. Journey-Oriented materials adaptation: Responding to change
  57. Responding to globalization: Ideas for creating classroom activities within the global context
  58. Prewriting activities for a course in english composition
  59. Using the range program to investigate the vocabulary of texts
  60. Using case studies to improve critical thinking in the ESL classroom
  61. Exploiting an authentic text into a reading material to help learners achieve multi-dimensional mental representation
  62. Communicative language teaching: Theory, practice and personal experince
  63. Strengthening right brain capacity in writing (a workshop)
  64. Teaching collacations using internet-based tools through collaborative learning
  65. Developing english listening materials for indonesia learners using podcast
  66. Creating a writing course utilizing class and student blogs

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