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BukuConference on English Studies 2 (CONEST 2), Jakarta, 29-30 November 2005
Author: [s.n]
Topik: English language; Linguistics
Bahasa: (EN )    
Penerbit: Pusat Kajian Bahasa dan Budaya Unika Atma Jaya, Jakarta     Tempat Terbit: Jakarta    Tahun Terbit: 2005    
Jenis: Proceeding
  • Perpustakaan PKBB
    • Nomor Panggil: 406 CES 2
    • Non-tandon: 1 (dapat dipinjam: 1)
    • Tandon: 1
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Discourse Topic in a Communicative language Task, halaman 1-5
  2. Neologism in the Novel Invinitive Jest: Processes of Morphological Productivity, halaman 6-10
  3. Indonesian English: Another variety of English or Repertoire of Fossilized Errors?, halaman 11-15
  4. Metaphors used to Express Stance in English, halaman 16-20
  5. Reflections on Four Writings of Silint Way Teaching and their Impact in the Classroom, halaman 21-25
  6. Learner Language Analysis: A Systemiotic Perspective, halaman 26-30
  7. The Iconicity of English Detached Participle Clauses, halaman 31-45
  8. Syntactic Criteria (by Linguist) vs. Native Speakers' Judgement for Distinguishing Phrasal Verbs from Prepositional Verbs, halaman 36-40
  9. Exploitation of Cooperative Principle MAxims to Produce Verbal Fun: A Study of Conversational Exchanges in Romantic Comedies, halaman 41-45
  10. A Study of English Conditional Centences, halaman 46-50
  11. [Cy]-clusters in British English and American English, halaman 51-55
  12. Pitfall of Legal English the Analysis of Style Complexity, halaman 56-60
  13. Aspect of Culture in the Indonesian Language and Those of English Commonly Encountered in Cross Cultural Communication, halaman 61-65
  14. Culture and Spoken Narrative Styles, halaman 66-70
  15. Request Strategies Within American Family Interaction: A Case Study, halaman 71-75
  16. Some Principles for Grading English Grammatical Features, halaman 76-80
  17. Deceptive Transparency: Another Source Affecting the Complexity of Words' Learnability, halaman 81-85
  18. Text Selections: Problems in the Implementation of Appropriate Authentic Texts for the Role model of High School Students' Material Development that Meets the Standard of 2004 National Curriculum, halaman 86-90
  19. Cross-Cultural Discourse: The ssociative Meaning in Indonesian and American Political Euphemism, halaman 91-95
  20. Case rolkes in English PP Complements, halaman 96-100
  21. Why Me- + English Words?, halaman 101-105
  22. Interlanguage Phonology: Stress Shift of English Utterances Made by Indonesian Speakers of English, halaman 106-110
  23. Some Ppossible problems for Indonesian Research Articles (RAs) when Submitted to International Journals, halaman 111-115

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