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Buku'Sorghum' systematics
Author: Spangler, Russell Edwin ; Donoghue, Michael J. (Advisor)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISBN: 0-599-77807-5    
Penerbit: Harvard University Press     Tahun Terbit: 2000    
Jenis: Theses - Dissertation
Fulltext: 9972498.pdf (0.0B; 13 download)
The generic concept for Sorghum is tested using molecular sequence data from the chloroplast gene ndhF and the nuclear gene waxy. Forty species from the grass tribe Andropogoneae were sequenced for ndhF, and Sorghum did not form a monophyletic group due to the inclusion of members of subtribe Saccharinae. Three Sorghum lineages were resolved, and are consistently recovered in molecular datasets, including some analyzed by other researchers. Length-variable regions of sequence from waxy introns were used to attempt to resolve relationships among the lineages. Methods to explore alignments of length-variable regions to avoid misleading results are discussed. Traditional subgeneric classifications were not supported by the data, particularly concerning subgenera Stiposorghum and Parasorghum. Morphological features of the leaf epidermis were examined to identify diagnostic features of Sorghum taxa, and to find characters that helped define the three molecular based clades of Sorghum Descriptions of leaf epidermal characters were generated and can be used via an interactive key generated by the DELTA program. Alternative classification schemes are proposed, contrasting the traditional Linnean-based naming system with the developing concept of rankless names. Three genera are proposed to reflect our actual knowledge of clades composed of Sorghum taxa. Descriptions of taxa with distributions and notes are provided following a classification scheme that treats three separate genera.
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