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ArtikelThe Flexible Executive Mindset : How Top Management Should Look at Tomorrow’s Markets  
Oleh: Laczniak, Gene R. ; Lusch, Robert F.
Jenis: Article from Bulletin/Magazine
Dalam koleksi: The Journal of Consumer Marketing (lihat ProQuest Online) vol. 14 no. 1 (1997), page 60-81.
Topik: MARKETS; competitive strategy; environmental scanning; forecasting; strategic marketing
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Isi artikelThe need for management to better anticipate the future is the urgent message currently being advocated by consultants in strategic market planning. Uses a survey of high - level managers from Fortune 1,000 corporations to illustrate the advantages of cultivating a flexible mindset concerning environmental trends and their strategic marketing implications. Reviews projected developments in the economy, technology, ecology and the social / political environments that are expected to occur by 2005. Discusses appropriate marketing responses to these trends.
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