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ArtikelGambaran Sumber Stres, Tingkat Stres, Self-efficacy, Dukungan Sosial, dan Coping with Stress Siswa Kelas 5 Sekolah Dasar di Jakarta Utara dan Jakarta Selatan  
Oleh: Suryani, Angela Oktavia ; Shanti, Theresia Indira ; Tulus, Hedwig Emiliana ; Yuliastini, Natalia ; Taharani, Ramadhiana
Jenis: Article from Proceeding
Dalam koleksi: Prosiding hasil penelitian: Jakarta in focus 2005, page 83-102.
Fulltext: Infocus 2005 - p83 text - plus cover optim.pdf (5.2MB)
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Isi artikelIt is still uncommon understanding that children also experience stress. Unfortunately, research about stress is still rarely conducted in population of children, and usually employs adult version as its instrument, which is reasonably irrelevant. This research aimed at identifying stressor, stress level, perception on social support level, type of coping, and also self efficacy on children. 831 elementary school students obtained randomly from North and South Jakarta district. Research results showed that not only been significantly dominant stressor, home also leading significantly to highest stress level compared to other stressor. There are significant difference about perception on social support level and self efficacy among elementary school students from North and South Jakarta district. Respondents with high and low stress level show the same type of coping, that is active coping, social support and distraction. Avoidance type of coping only exist among respondents with high stress level.
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