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ArtikelSurvey of Recent Developments  
Oleh: Lindblad, J. Thomas ; Thee, Kian-Wie
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah nasional
Dalam koleksi: BIES: Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies vol. 43 no. 1 (Apr. 2007), page 7-34.
Topik: developments; Political Developments; Economic Growth; Financial Markets
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Isi artikelApart from the peaceful December elections in Aceh, many major recent news stories from Indonesia have been about disasters of some kind: the sinking of an inter-island ferry, the crash of a commercial plane, the continuing misery caused by a seemingly unstoppable mud flow in East Java, and severe flooding in and around Jakarta. The largely symbolic dissolution of the Consultative Group on Indonesia in January has helped neutralise economic nationalist criticism of the president. The rate of output growth rose to 6.1% in the December quarter, driven by a sudden surge in investment spending. Inflation was modest, at 6.3% in the year to January 2007; the exchange rate has been steady; and the Jakarta Stock Exchange has been booming. The budget deficit is well under control, and public debt continues to decline relative to GDP. At the same time, it is a concern that exchange rate and monetary policies have increasingly come to resemble those in the months preceding the 1997—98 crisis.
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