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ArtikelClimato Economic Roots of Survival Versus Self - Expression Cultures  
Oleh: Vliert, Evert Van de
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology ( vol. 38 no. 2 (2007), page 156-172.
Topik: CLIMATE; cultural adaptation; thermal climate; survival values; self - expression values
Fulltext: 156.pdf (150.15KB)
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Isi artikelThe circumstances under which societies adapt their cultural values to cold, temperate and hot climate include the availability of money to cope with climate. In a country - level study, collective income, house - hold income, and economic growth were conceptualized as moderators of the climate - culture link because money is primarily used to satisfy homeostatic needs for theormal comfort, nutrition, and health. The results demonstrate that members of societies in more - demanding climates endorse survival values at the expense of self - expression values to the extent that they are poorer (n = 74 nations), that household incomes in these lower - income societies are lower (n = 66 nations), and that they face more economic recession (n = 38 nations). In addition to theoretical implications, the findings have practical implications for the cultural consequences of global warning and the effectiveness of financing for human development.
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